Thursday, September 26, 2019

UPDATED: Just A Reminder: Yes, The Ukraine Hoax Is A Soros Op

Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing were on Hannity tonight, and they offered the useful reminder--this is very much about George Soros and his Open Society Foundation. If you do some searching you'll quickly learn that Soros' involvement in Ukraine runs very deep. Here's an article from two years ago that will give you a flavor for that: Soros-Funded Groups Undercutting Ukraine, Helping Russia. There's lots more out there--it's a big topic.

I got this Joe and Vicky and Sean video from GP. Here's the video and a fuller transcript (I omit Hannity's minimal portion). Toensing's portion is very condensed. What she's saying is that Soros funds a variety of NGOs that are supposed to be corruption watchdogs in Ukraine, but what they really do is smear Soros' competitors.

Joe diGenova: Here's the deal, Sean. Joe Biden shook down the Ukrainian government. It’s very simple. It's not complicated. And they lied about Victor Shokin being corrupt. And Joe Biden's lawyers come in, after Mr. Shokin is fired, and apologize--from records obtained from that law firm--to Mr. Shokin and his representatives for having lied about him. This was a setup and what we’re now seeing is the Democratic party trying to cover that up and therefore you have the whistleblower in the White House come forward--who actually knows nothing--and has created a document with the help of lawyers from other people. This whistleblower needs to go to prison. He doesn’t need to be feted. He needs to go to prison. 
Victoria Toensing: Sean I want to jump in here too. On these false statements how did that work? US and other people made false statements about him. Yeah, that was George Soros funded NGOs who were also in bed with the State Department. They were in bed with each other at the time, in the name of "anti-corruption"--and it [i.e., anti-corruption] really means that Soros goes after his competitors. Now let me bring this full circle. This is my last point here. The whistleblower sprinkles throughout his document footnotes referring to a publication with the initials OCCRP. One guess, Sean, who funds OCCRP. George Soros.
Joe diGenova: Soros’s dirty money is all over this story.

OCCRP stands for Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project and  is funded by the Soros Open Society Foundations.

UPDATE: Here's a link to a Breitbart article that gives quite a rundown on the Soros connection, to Ukraine generally and to the current Ukraine Hoax specifically:

Dossier 2.0: ‘Whistleblower’ Complaint Relies on Soros-Funded ‘Investigative Reporting’ Group that Partnered with BuzzFeed



    Excellent Maria Bartiromo/Devin Nunes interview this morning. The parameters of the Ukraine Hoax are becoming clearer and clearer.

    1. Yeah, it was good. Interesting that Nunes said he thinks this is fueled by fundraising needs for the Dems.

    2. "...this is fueled by fundraising needs for the Dems."

      Good pick up, Mark, and good point by Nunes.

      Common sense suggests (notwithstanding Tom S's fears) that there is no way the Schiff/Dem (Lawfare/CIA/Deep State/Soros/Omidyar/Steyer) narrative attracts 67 votes in the Senate. So this is for show, and, yes, bucks

      As Nunes suggests the current coup installment will provide all-day, every day TV for the MSM for weeks? months? During which time Trump will be continually smeared and confused Americans will be implored to contribute to the Dem cause.

      Which the Dems need to do because Warren (or whoever) will have no chance in November 2020 unless the Dems can match or beat Trump's fundraising machine.

      I don't know about you but I'm getting atleast one email a day from the President asking for money. 2020 is sure to be an all time record breaker.

    3. I forget where I saw this, but within the last week I read that Trump is projected to raise--if I recall correctly--about $2 billion dollars. I know the number was in the billions. Absolutely genormous amount. The article talked about how he was outspent 2-1 in 2016 but the situation could be reversed in 2020. Just this week he raised $5 million in one 24 hour period.

  2. When all is said and done, I hope to see Soros wearing a t-shirt that says "All I got for my $8 billion donation (or whatever he has spent) is 23 convictions that were overturned, acquitted or pardoned, a prison term and this lousy t-shirt.