Friday, August 2, 2019

Two Provocative Reads: Perfidious Albion

One of the most eye opening aspects of the entire Russia Hoax has been the revelation of the remarkable extent to which the UK has interfered in US politics. The idea that Chris Steele was a singleton UK agent is pretty obviously ridiculously naive. The larger question that needs to be asked is, Was this interference a one off? Was this simply one incredibly reckless attempt to wag the dog, or was this boldness born of decades or more of successful manipulation?

Zerohedge is carrying an article that addresses that provocative question. Obviously I can't vouch for everything that's said. Nevertheless, this is an article that IMO repays a careful reading: The "Special Relationship" Is Collapsing... And That's A Good Thing.

As it happens, Lifesite (banned by Google!) carried a similar article yesterday. It focused, again, on British diplomacy but this time on the role the Brits played in getting Jorge Bergoglio elected. Sound far fetched? Not so much: ‘British coup’: Author claims UK gov’t may have helped in Pope Francis’ 2013 election.

Read them both and see what 1+1 adds up to in this case. To what extent was the Russia Hoax also a "British Coup"?


  1. The last paragraph of the Zerohedge article betrays a deep bias in favor of the Chinese (at least):

    "If you’ve made it this far, you shouldn’t be surprised that the collapse of the special relationship is a very good thing, since America now has a real opportunity to rediscover its true anti-imperial nature by working with Russia, China, India and other nations under the new cooperative framework of space exploration and the Belt and Road Initiative."

    That makes me doubt a lot of the rest of it, and claiming British involvement in planning 9/11 is another red flag to me.

    -Chuck M.

    1. The author appears to be a Larouchie--my guess. For those types all evil stems from Britain, so yes, gotta be careful. Nevertheless, there's also reason to be careful of identifying Brit interests with our own. And, yeah, Larouchie or not, that plug for the Belt Initiative definitely took me by surprise, too.