Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Does The Left Have Barr On The Run?

CNN is reporting that Bill Barr is coming under fire from ethics experts. Or should I say ethics "experts"? Or maybe "ethics experts"? Come to think of it, it could actually be "ethics" experts.

It seems Barr is planning a holiday bash at his boss' hotel in downtown Washington. His boss, of course, being Donald Trump.

The party at the Trump International Hotel, Washington, DC, could wind up costing more than $30,000, according to The Washington Post, which first reported on the party and its details. A Justice Department official told CNN that the party is not an official Justice Department event and will be paid out of Barr's pocket. 
Still, it is raising concerns from ethics experts and comes as the Justice Department defends President Donald Trump's businesses in court over claims that they're benefiting unlawfully from his position. 

I'll bet!

"On the letter of the law, this isn't a violation, however it doesn't look good. That's not nothing when we're talking about the chief law enforcement officer of the country and his private activity," said Liz Hempowicz, the director of public policy at the Project on Government Oversight, a watchdog group. 

Nope, but when did that stop the usual suspects?

"It contributes to this idea that you have to be putting money into an entity that will benefit the President -- if not today, then down the road -- personally to stay in his good graces," Hempowicz said. 
Barr consulted career ethics officials at the Department of Justice, who determined that ethics rules did not prohibit him from hosting the event at the Trump hotel, the Justice Department official said.

And there's more! For example:

Barr, a longtime advocate for strong presidential authority, has had his independence as the country's chief law enforcement officer called into question by the left throughout his tenure.

No kidding! Barr's likely response?

Classic Transgressive Behavior

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  1. There can't be any ethics violation because there is no Federal Holiday titled "holiday." I do know of a Christmas Holiday, but apparently that isn't the holiday that they are talking about.

    CNN should clarify the matter and then maybe then I'll get worked up about it. While they're at it, can they search their archives for any outrage at the pay-to-play routinely practiced by the Dems?