Monday, August 12, 2019

Michael Egnor: The Evidence against Materialism

I hope you'll find this video as fascinating as I did. I should explain that my father was a professor of clinical psychology who introduced me to the work of psychologists who were educated in the Thomist type of philosophical anthropology--the philosophy of human nature. I majored in philosphy as an undergrad, specifically focusing on Thomist thought generally.

Here you can read about Michael Egnor.


  1. I thought it was well argued and persuasive.

    A materialist is inclined to "intellego ut credam" (I think so that I may believe).

    I put more credence in St. Anselm's insight, "credo ut intelligam" (I believe so that I may understand), recognizing that fundamental aspects of existence show teleology and purpose. I believe the proponents of this view have the deepest insight into reality and science.

    And then there are the Progressives, who don't think at all.


    - LM

  2. That is cool. I had never heard of "free won't". I'm going to ask around this week if anybody's heard of "free won't".