Wednesday, August 14, 2019

UPDATED: Google And The Power Elite

Earlier today in The Power Elite I provided a synopsis of Patrick Deneen's view of the unholy alliance between the cultural and corporate elites. That was background for Sara Carter's important article (reported elsewhere, as well): Google Insider Turns Over 950 Pages Of Docs And Laptop To DOJ. What's important about Carter's article is that she provides quotes from the whistle blower that tie in with the idea of a corporate and cultural Power Elite, and also tie in with the Russia Hoax and its aftermath--the plot to never let another Trump happen again. These are all among Deneen's themes. 

So, with that brief intro, here are key excerpts:

A former Google insider claiming the company created algorithms to hide its political bias within artificial intelligence platforms – in effect targeting particular words, phrases and contexts to promote, alter, reference or manipulate perceptions of Internet content – delivered roughly 950 pages of documents to the Department of Justice’s Antitrust division Friday.
He told this reporter on his recent trip to Washington D.C. that the documents he turned over to the Justice Department will provide proof that Google has been manipulating the algorithms and the evidence of how it was done, the insider said. 
“... People can hear that it is bad but that can be bias. But when they see what Google has actually written with the documents, this will actually be taught in universities of what totalitarian states can do with this type of capability.” 
He said he’s asked himself many times if he’s overreacting “and every time I simply look back at the documents and realize that I am not.” 
“It’s that bad,” he said. “Disclosing Google’s own words to the American public is something I am, must do, if I am to consider myself a good person. The world that google is building is not a place I, or you or our children want to live in.”

UPDATE: American Thinker is reporting that they were blacklisted by Google. The article has good discussion:

 Google blacklists American Thinker


  1. From the Russia Hoax to Epstein to Google, this is a time of great unraveling. So much depends upon Trump being re-elected. One additional point; There is a good obstruction of justice case against Biden. He even boasted of getting the Ukrainian prosecutor fired, omitting that his son's company was being investigated. Maybe Barr could look into that as well.

    1. I'd like to see that. OTOH, Trump is probably hoping for Biden so he can hammer him. There's a China angle as well as the Ukraine angle, although there's no OJ angle that we know of re China.

  2. A couple of comments. Yesterday, I switched to DuckDuckGo (DDG) as my search engine of choice. I've been seeing sites like the Gateway Pundit recommend it and I'm trying it out. So far, so good. I have already today had to go back to Google for the maps and satellite services but that's a small price to pay. My hope is that DDG will create or license another provider to improve their offerings. But for searches, if DDG delivers, I will stay with them.

    Now for Google. I'm tired of their emphasis on obscure minority scientists, artists, authors, etc., who are acknowledged on their birthdays, deaths, etc. These people are generally non-white, not Christian, female, etc. It's as though Western civilization has made no contribution to mankind. And to acknowledge Christmas or Easter with their actual names and any kind of religious symbolization? That's not going to happen.

    It's their page and they have the right to choose whom to honor. I, on the other hand, have the right to take my business elsewhere.

    I'm concerned about their de-platforming of conservative voices, selling my privacy data, what they know about me based on my searches, etc. We in this country need to demand a return to our privacy rights.

    I will also say that Google shades their results when I search and gives me results that skew to the liberal side. Their returned suggestions bring up NYT, WaPO, ABC, etc., far more than they'll bring up Fox News, Daily Caller, etc.

    I think that Google knows that they've gone too far and are trying to get ahead of scrutiny via minor changes. One example is that up until about one or two months ago, when I searched Google for "gateway pundit", they would bury Gateway Pundit's URL to about the fourth or fifth entry down the page. Now Gateway Pundit comes up at the top of the suggested list, as it should.

    Another example that Google seems to have stopped is when I searched for Fox New, National Review, Conservative Treehouse, The Markets Work or Meaning in history and other conservative sites. When I typed in one of the above sites, Google added "bias" behind it's suggestions. It would show "Fox News bias." I experimented and tried liberal sites. Once in a while the word "bias" was returned as in "CNN bias", but it appeared that they gamed the system in order to not be too obvious. The word "bias" seems to have been curtailed in Google's results.

    These little tricks that Google plays, when practiced over billions, if not trillions, of transactions, add up.

    I hope that the reckoning is coming.

    1. "I switched to DuckDuckGo (DDG) as my search engine of choice. I've been seeing sites like the Gateway Pundit recommend it and I'm trying it out. So far, so good. I have already today had to go back to Google for the maps and satellite services but that's a small price to pay."

      Yes. I use Startpage. But google for maps.

    2. Go to duckduckgo and search the phrase

      bill clinton with jeffrey epstein

      Then do the same using google. Go ahead, just don't be drinking your coffee at the same time.

  3. Not sure why this was delivered to DoJ. Is there an investigation underway? Don't know that there is a law concerning search results. If you ask Alexa for an apple pie recipe and it whistles the 'Internationale' don't know that any law has been broken. Also I would be dubious of delivering it to DoJ and expecting it all to not "oops" inexplicably disappear; Mr. Barr is, after all, just one man and cannot be everywhere at once, as Mr. Epstein has demonstrated. Not saying this isn't interesting/important, but unsure why going to the DoJ was wise/smart.
    On another note we have this:
    Would seem the buzzards have gone to roost, awaiting a new day in the sun. I don't think Deneen would be surprised by this or how all these seemingly unrelated things have a certain commonality - Elites, fixers, control, etc.
    Tom S.

    1. "Not sure why this was delivered to DoJ. Is there an investigation underway?"

      Yes, DoJ is looking into antitrust issues. Barr said he'd do it, and he is doing it. And that isn't going to get lost.

      Yeah, I saw the foxnews article. The Deep State looks out for its owns. Hopefully Barr will indict some of them.