Thursday, August 1, 2019

Bruce Ohr 302s--This Should Be Interesting

Not much to say about this. My understanding is that the 302s were supposed to have been written up by the elusive Joe Pientka, formerly Peter Strzok's right hand guy. Pientka also took notes for Strzok during the frame up--er, interview--of Michael Flynn. He's said to be cooperating, which I suppose explains why he's so elusive:

BREAKING: FBI Will Produce Bruce Ohr 302 reports on his contacts with Clinton-DNC-FBI spy Christopher Steele to @JudicialWatch. @RealDonaldTrumpTom Fitton added,
3:26 PM - 1 Aug 2019

OK, I'll say something more: Maybe Joe diGenova was right when he said we'd be seeing a lot of declass soon.

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