Saturday, August 10, 2019

UPDATED: ABC Says Epstein Dead--Suicide

Hmmmm. He attempted suicide in July and no precautionary measures taken? Or what?

Aaron Katersky 
Jeffrey Epstein is dead. Sources tell @abc Epstein committed suicide at MCC Manhattan 
7:54 AM - Aug 10, 2019

Hanged himself.

I assume most of you saw the reports yesterday that exonerated Trump.

UPDATE 1: Greg Jarrett on Fox:

Gregg Jarrett: Given evidence of an attack most recently against him they’re going to want to conduct an investigation that this was indeed self-inflicted, that this was suicide. But the fact that he was in a solitary cell most recently and on suicide watch I agree with Deroy that it is baffling how somebody on suicide watch who is routinely checked every hour and usually there are cameras, could manage to accomplish a suicide. And not only that, when you’re on suicide watch in a jail cell, under normal protocol they remove absolutely everything in the cell that could be used for hanging. It’s always problematic about bedsheets that they use weaker sheets that wouldn’t sustain the weight of an individual. So I’m not quite sure how he managed to accomplish this unless they violated their own protocol.

The world is a mysterious place.

UPDATE 2: Predictably, "the Russians" are being blamed.

UPDATE 3: Will the FBI regard you as a conspiracy theorist--and therefore a potential domestic terrorist--if you doubt the "official" or "prevailing" explanation? Is former FBI agent Jeff Cortese treading on thin ice?

Jeff Cortese
This is a frustrating turn of events. Justice for the allegedly enslaved girls and accountability for the monsters who abused them just died with Jeffrey Epstein.

8:23 AM - Aug 10, 2019

Jeff Cortese
It is certainly getting harder for people to say they’re just conspiracy theories.
8:34 AM - Aug 10, 2019

But Cortese corrects my supposition:

Jeff Cortese‏
“Suicide watch” does not mean watch him commit suicide. 
7:06 AM - 10 Aug 2019

UPDATE 4: Bill Barr is reportedly "appalled":


  1. Replies
    1. Heh. He was said to be on "suicide watch" after the earlier attempt. This gives a new meaning to that term.

    2. My blood is boiling like a mudpot in Yellowstone. I told my wife the other day that a lot of powerful people needed Epstein dead and gone and that I'd be surprised if he made it to trial.

      She gave me the eye roll, you're a right wing kook look.

      I am flabbergasted. This tells me the authorities in the NY prison system are incompetent. No surprise there. Or was it incompetence?

      We must assume he should have been on some sort of suicide watch. Who was on duty when this happened?

      How did he do it?

      So what happens now? Will there be pressure to drop the investigation? Or will it continue?

      Days like this.

    3. First the Brits corrupt our Intel agencies and intervene in our elections, then they contract hits in our prisons against people who know too much about the "royal" family? Is that what you're saying? :-)

    4. Ah, the young prince in that photo. Epstein, whom the more we found out about the more he should have been melted down into wax first time around, could not be stopped from killing himself?

      I'm curious to see how this was accomplished. This makes the prison authorities look like monkeys, if it simply turns out that--this is my bet--the single person who was on watch left to grab a cuppa.

      But I can't get the more nefarious angle out of my head. So, we await the explanation.

      These days, you have to actively work against becoming a conspiracy-minded wing nut.

    5. If not the "royals," then "the Russians." I mean, who else could it be?

    6. As Yul Brenner would say, "Is a puzzelment."
      Tom S.

    7. Also the Clintons on 8/8: "Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest*?"
      (* aka. jailbait pimp)

      We all know how this is going to roll:
      "The case is dropped because the person being charged is deceased."
      "The records are being sealed to protect the victims (who want to file charges)"
      "It was the Russians, etc."
      "Obviously OrangeMadBad!"
      "The Clintons had no involvement."
      "Prison warden newest partner at Perkins Coie"
      "An unrelated sequence of fires and random hard drive failures have resulted in the loss of all records from 8 law enforcement agencies and legal firms"
      It is all so very convenient.

      Sorry this is ranty but how many of us are actually surprised by this turn of events? It seemed likely from the start unless extraordinary measures were taken to protect his safety (NY prison system does not qualify)

  2. Notorious prisoner, already tried suicide once, widespread public speculation that he'd die in prison before trial ...

    What me worry?

  3. Epstein was under 24-hour video surveillance. Maybe the video monitor stepped out for a cup of coffee. I remember in 1975 when Giancana was killed. His home was under 24-hour surveillance, but he was killed, the newspapers reported, during "a 20-minuye lull in police surveillance." At least Bill Clinton is breathing easier today.

    1. I like that! "We pause our surveillance for a 20 minute, er, lull ..."

  4. There are reports going around NBC that he had been taken off of suicide watch. Don't know if they are accurate, but it would be interesting to see who ordered that change if it is.

    1. I saw that, too. Are you gonna fire a guy for what, with 20/20 hindsight, looks like an honest mistake? Heh!

  5. I imagine some reporters or Epstein's lawyers wanted to get a statement from Epstein after his first "suicide" attempt. I never saw any such statement. WTF.

  6. This was inevitable, and that it took this long is a testament to the few honest cops that were still working at the lockup.

    Once again, this is political warfare, not an episode from the TV series Law and Order. You cannot win by being the most clever attorney on the show. This is bare knuckle, life and death, playing for keeps survival of the fittest.

    In it's desperation, the Deep State is escalating beyond political gamesmanship, corruption, criminality, and congressional blackmail. They are now intent upon turning over the game table, and casualties be damned.

    It's only going to get worse until the Good Guys strike back and make a fight of it.

  7. I don't mean to make light of the victims and the allegations, but Jeff Cortese's characterization of "enslaved" girls was a new one for me. It seems the further one gets from the events in question, the more gruesome the alleged crimes become.

    One wonders how Alex Acosta made it through the Senate confirmation process, much less serving for two years as labor secretary with all the purported evidence and notoriety of Jeffrey Epstein's supposed criminal conduct. Puzzling.

    1. I understand what you're saying. To say that they were victims doesn't necessarily absolve them from culpability as well.

  8. To clarify, re Forbes' comment ...

    I deliberately avoid reading much about Epstein's activities, because I don't want to drag myself down. However, from what I have read it sounds like he was running a major international operation. Given the likelihood, then, that he was bringing young girls into the country from all over the world, there would probably be varying degrees of consent involved. Some might be fully complicit, others perhaps not to the same degree.

    It's all very troubling, and beyond the obvious moral considerations, the amount of money involved points toward a degree of corruption that is quite staggering.

  9. Barr is about to come face-to-face with an ironic conundrum. He has asked the FBI to conduct an investigation of Epstein's death, but no matter what they report, it is unlikely to be believed by most people. This is a lose-lose for everyone involved. The FBI will continue to bleed out whatever credibility they may still possess, everyone will take pot shots at them endlessly, and cynicism will abound. Then comes the IG report and the FBI will be fully broken.

    I hope Barr has a plan for what to do after that.

    1. I'm content to let it happen. Let time heal things by proven integrity.