Sunday, August 11, 2019

Did Epstein Ever Fly To Finland?

He seems to have flown all over the world in search of young girls, so maybe he went to events like this one in Finland. Or maybe Ghislaine Maxwell would have gone to scout for him:


  1. I lived in Folsom with my wife & 5 school-age children for a few years. The environment allowed kids to be kids. Just the real world with other families of real people who self-segregated ourselves from the freak-shows of L.A. & SanFran.

    There is a real world of healthy people out there. It's a "boring" world. Like Finnland appears to be.

    1. Boring is good. In fact, it's probably better than good. People spend an inordinate amount of time and energy trying to have "fun" and doing "exciting" things--and usually find they're disappointed that "it" didn't live up to the expectations or the hype.

      As I once explained to a girlfriend, fun is something that happens, it's not something you do.

      There are a lot of enjoyable and amusing experiences in life--if you let them happen--like spending time with family and friends, rather than being constantly "on the go" to the next event or trip.

    2. I think it starts with the family having dinner together and just talking with one another.

    3. Like Tom Selleck's character in Blue Bloods. I wish I had his dinner-table attitude 25 years ago. You can learn a lot at a dinner table.

    4. That's the way I grew up--sitting around the table, discussing, arguing, laughing, etc. That's the way we raised our kids.