Thursday, April 25, 2019

UPDATED: Tres Amigos Agree: Barr's The Guy To Do It

Mike Huckabee had three smart lawyers on his show last night to talk about how the "collusion tables" were going to be turned on the Dems: Rudy Giuliani, Robert Ray (former Whitewater Special Prosecutor) and Joe DiGenova.

DiGenova, among other claims to fame, was "there at the founding" of the FISA court (FISC). All three agree that Bill Barr, with his deep experience in the legal world of the CIA and his time at DoJ during a turbulent period of politics, is the perfect guy to take on the job of draining the Swamp and that he has the will to do it. Despite the focus, below, on the FBI and James Comey, they also agree that John Brennan at the CIA was at the center of the whole coup attempt.

Perhaps as importantly, DiGenova outlines some of the investigative behind-the-scenes events that tell us that Barr has the tools in place to do this. All this takes place during a seven minute segment of a longer video, from roughly 14:00 to 21:00.

To highlight, here are some of the important things that DiGenova notes. Much of this has already been discussed at various times, but DiGenova lays it out fairly succinctly so it's a good refresher:

  • For four YEARS the Obama Administration conducted an illegal spying operation, via access to NSA databases;
  • The mechanism for the spying was through the FBI, which provided four private contractors illegal access to NSA databases;
  • Adm. Mike Rogers, former head of NSA, personally went to the Chief Judge of the FISC and worked with her for months during 2016 to explain to her how this happened;
  • The FISC has already ruled that this operation violated the law, that Sally Yates and John Carlin at DoJ knew about it and lied to the court;
  • The FISC has already been told by DoJ who lied to the court, and that report has already been given to Bill Barr--he knows;
  • IG Horowitz will produce his FISA report in late May or early June;
  • IG Horowitz will produce another, separate, report focused on  James Comey alone; that report will be a "bombshell" that will produce criminal referrals.


Paul Sperry‏


BREAKING: The next hoax to fall -- that the Russians interfered in election "to help Trump win." Stay tuned ...

12:41 PM - 2 Apr 2019

Paul Sperry‏‏


BREAKING: FBI agents Joe Pientka and Mike Gaeta, along with DOJ official Stu Evans, are figuring prominently as witnesses in IG Horowitz's investigation of department FISA abuses. The findings in the forthcoming IG report are said to be "devastating."

11:36 AM - 25 Apr 2019

George Papadopoulos


Replying to @paulsperry_
I have been told that Michael Gaeta was Joseph Mifsud’s handler in Rome.

12:24 PM - 25 Apr 2019

Paul Sperry‏


DEVELOPING: It is now looking as though there is more evidence that Obama had a heavier hand in interfering in the 2016 election than Putin

1:12 PM - 25 Apr 2019


  1. Encouraging, but also a reminder of how intense the struggle.

    I hope someone tracks the whereabouts of Messrs. McCabe and Comey. It's not outside the realm of possibility they become flight risks. Hanssen didn't have the chance, but Howard, Blake and Snowden did. Philby was the consummate establishment insider--the man of good breeding with a higher loyalty--who masked the Communism of his school years.

    It's rational risk assessment, not paranoia.

    1. Does it sound strange that, now you mention it, I'm torn between what I'd prefer: imprisonment or defection? Think about it.

  2. Imprisonment. Perhaps I see your point. A defection of a former FBI Director might lay bare the actual peril we're in, but it would it also ignite bitter, divisive controversy over when the treason actually began. That wilderness of mirrors would run for a half a century, ala JFK.

    1. Nevertheless, he would still be an Obama appointee and would have fled to escape a wronged Trump who he tried to frame on behalf of Obama/Hillary. Very delicious.

  3. You're not alone in wanting that justice. But it would destroy the Bureau, devastate our CI for decades. The Stansfield Turner emasculation of the CIA would look mundane by comparison. The traitor would be coddled as an adviser to all aspects of Washington's apex. I am a Christian, and this is also one of the rare instances I would sanction a kill shot. Imprison him in a hole so deep he can look up often and ask "So many questions."

    1. How would you assess the damage done in the Hanssen and Katrina Leung cases? Devastating to our CI?

      This is mostly academic, however. Realistically, IMO, our best hope is for prison time.

  4. When Snowden perpetrated what I was then calling his treason, I wanted him put up against the wall. I still don't approve of what he did (having worked in military intelligence myself in the USAF), but I begin to understand his reservations about going up the chain of command.

    Does anyone think his complaint about systematic intelligence gathering abuses would have gone anywhere?

    I'm backing off my original assessment. I won't say I've done a complete 180, but some of those programs he exposed needed exposing. Snowden's still a weasel, but maybe a weasel with good instincts.

    As you (and CTH) point out, this didn't begin with Trump. This has been going on. NSA, CIA, FBI have systematically gamed the system. They broke the law. They spied on citizens--not just Trump.

    I'm enraged. A trust has been betrayed. What to do? Repeal a good bit of the Patriot Act (that name). Get rid of in their entirety the FISA courts. Do something about the FBI & maybe the DOJ. The law either means something, for everybody, or it means nothing.

    Seems to me the danger represented by terrorism is right now significantly less of a threat to our freedoms than the actions of these self-appointed guardians.

    Many people need jail time.

    1. These are tough questions, but I tend now toward your view. I've had too many shocks over the last couple of decades to my "faith" in our intel agencies.

    2. Speaking of intelligence, I've gotten more good information from you and sundance than a bunch of news sites.


    3. Thanks very much. I can tell you that I value the comments here--a lot.