Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Evil Genius?

Obviously, if Trump has been able to evade all the slings and arrows--not to mention the snares and strategems--of Team Mueller's Russia Hoax dragnet, pulling off something like this should be child's play: A Volcano That Could Completely Cover Mexico City With Volcanic Ash Just Erupted 200 Times In 24 Hours.

It seems pretty obvious that Trump did this to stop migrant caravans--ever try walking through choking clouds of volcanic ash, or running ahead of 60 MPH super-heated pyroclastic mudflows? Just in case you're wondering, Mike Snyder via Zerohedge helpfully explains the problem:

No human on the entire planet can run that fast.  If people are able to get to their vehicles in time they would have a chance, but in reality the highways would quickly become completely clogged as thousands of escaping vehicles all converged at the same time.

So honking your horn wouldn't help, either.

How bad is this, potentially? This bad:

Authorities are saying that the odds of more volcanic activity at Mt. Popocatepetl are “immediate to high”, and if a full-blown Plinian eruption were to occur it would be the worst natural disaster in the modern history of North America.  Approximately 26 million people live within 60 miles of Popocatepetl’s crater, and so we are talking about the potential for death and destruction on a scale that is difficult to imagine.  In ancient times, Mt. Popocatepetl buried entire Aztec cities in super-heated mud, but then it went to sleep for about 1,000 years.  Unfortunately for us, it started waking up again in the 1990s, and now this is the most active that we have seen it ever since the volcano originally reawakened.

Await further details, developing details, from Rachel Maddow, Adam Schiff, and Jerry Nadler. Nancy Pelosi says this violates the principles of her "Catholic" faith. Chuck Schumer? He says not to worry--the Intelligence Community has "six ways from Sunday" of getting back at Trump for this evil scheme. Reached for comment, James Comey cryptically responded: "So many questions."

Trump? He be laffin'.

Evil Genius.

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