Monday, April 1, 2019

BOMBSHELL: Mueller Goes Public, Releases Unredacted Report

Robert "Bob" Mueller, the highly respected former Special Counsel has gone public with the release of an unredacted copy of his report that totally validates the Steele "dossier", Adam Schiff, and Rachel Maddow. Full details: Leaked '401'-Page Mueller Report Proves Barr Lied, Collusion Theorists Vindicated. Impeachment to follow as soon as this afternoon.


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, I'm surprised there haven't been more like that.

      I almost thought this morning that Nadler's "ultimatum" to Barr to turn over the unredacted report by tomorrow or be subpoenaed was an April Fool's story. Even CBS radio that my wife listens to said, Barr is under no obligation ...

  2. So as a matter of idle speculation do you think possibly Mr. Barr is showing Mr. Mueller what his tactics feel like on the other side of the table:
    "Bob, I can call you Bob can't I; Bob, there are some, well, peculiarities in all this cluster. The general consensus is that someone, probably several someone's, is going to prison. That would be unfortunate, but it seems inevitable, nonetheless. You wouldn't want your name on that list, now would you Bob. I didn't think so. So, how about we sit down, all friendly like, and redact this mess of an investigation, together, and get it over to the Hill all ship-shape and squared away. What-ya-say Bob?"

    1. I wouldn't be surprised. I'm sure Barr has seen Rudy's 87 page catalogue of Team Mueller's abuses. He's probably heard first hand Trump's concerns about the innocent people who have been hurt. Giuliani pioneered some of the prosecutorial tactics that Mueller, Comey, and Weissmann have made notorious, but they've gone well beyond Rudy. Things weren't like this when Barr was last at DoJ so I'm sure he's very concerned about the practice culture there--has to be be high on his list of to do's.

      Here's another thing. Everyone who's thought about the Russia Hoax knows that it was pretty much a seamless op, continuous from its origins in late 2015, through the election, and then through the Team Mueller op. I'm speaking in terms of the abusive--even criminal--tactics, but also personnel. Several top members of Team Mueller (Weissmann, Ahmad, Strzok, Page) were involved with the first FISA, before the election, then joined Mueller's team. To me it doesn't make sense to only look at one or two aspects--FISA, for example, important as it is--without looking at the full range of what was going on at FBI/DoJ. Barr's smart. He knows this. Can he come to grips with it? I hope so.

      Also, interesting that Graham publicly spoke of how concerned Barr is about the FBI handling of the Hillary investigations. 1) That shows he IS looking at the big picture, and 2) that has to be a message he's sending. You know that Graham coordinated with Barr before speaking like that.