Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Barr Notes: Prefers To Lead Investigation of FBI/DoJ Himself

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As I've said in the past, I had questions about Barr's attitude toward the Special Counsel as an institution--even though he appointed Special Counsels the last time he was AG. So it's not altogether surprising that Paul Sperry is reporting:

BREAKING: I'm told AG Barr not fan of institution of the special counsel/prosecutor & feels public corruption cases should be dealt w inside DOJ by the attorney general, making chances of his appointing special counsel to investigate Obama FBI/DOJ officials in SpyGate scandal slim

I think this is overall very good news. Barr has strong views on "what's been going on" and even went on record with the NYT, back in 2017, that the Hillary investigations seemed to him to be more important than anything to do with Trump:

"Of 10 former attorneys general contacted Tuesday, only one responded to a question about what they would do in Mr. Sessions’s situation.
“There is nothing inherently wrong about a president calling for an investigation,” said William P. Barr, who ran the Justice Department under President George Bush. “Although an investigation shouldn’t be launched just because a president wants it, the ultimate question is whether the matter warrants investigation.” 
"Mr. Barr said he sees more basis for investigating the uranium deal than any supposed collusion between Mr. Trump and Russia. “To the extent it is not pursuing these matters, the department is abdicating its responsibility,” he said."

Jack Posobiec is reporting the same, noting that

1) the investigation will look into how the Russia Hoax began;
2) any choice of a Special Counsel would be controversial--so Barr is ready to shoulder it himself; 
3) Barr has NO conflicts that would require recusal; 
4) Barr knows he can appoint HIS OWN team to investigate and that team would report directly to him; 
5) the investigation would "be conducted in parallel" with IG Horowitz's continuing investigation into the FBI handling of the Hillary email case; 
6) Horowitz, of course, would also report directly to Barr, which would be an advantage given the intersecting cast of characters in both investigations.

It seems very clear to me that Barr is determined to get to the bottom of the Russia Hoax and intends to be AG in full--he will call the shots. He wants this. Badly.

If you don't think that's good news, pay attention to what Barr told Congress today:

AG Bill Barr: The Office of the Inspector General has a pending investigation of the FISA process in the Russia investigation and I expect that that will be complete sometime in May or June I am told. So hopefully we will have some answers from Inspector General Horowitz on the FISA warrants.

Then, Barr went on to say:

"More generally, I am reviewing the conduct of the investigation [that led to the Carter Page FISA] and trying to get my arms around all the aspects of the counterintelligence investigation [Crossfire Hurricane] that was conducted during the summer of 2016." 

IOW, he's wasting no time, and he's not confining himself to the FISA question. He wants to get his arms around "all the aspects" of Crossfire Hurricane.

He'll also be releasing a color coded, redacted version of the Mueller report next week. Again, Jack Posobiec:

BREAKING: Barr announces Mueller report will be redacted in 4 color-coded categories: - Grand jury material - Classified information - Material tied to ongoing cases - Information that could harm peripheral third parties

I like that business of "ongoing cases," especially because Barr has obvious plans for ongoing investigations. Anyone, like Schiff and Nadler, who think Barr can be bullied otherwise, is delusional.

Finally, Paul Sperry is teasing this intriguing bit of news:

DEVELOPING: Trump associates have received death threats thanks to the Russia collusion hoax and one target victimized by Mueller's anti-Trump witch hunt will be cleared later this month to finally tell his story of being set up after a year of silence

Some are already speculating that it could be General Flynn, which wouldn't surprise me. However, given the timing, my bet would have to be on Carter Page. Nevertheless, Flynn could come later, but that would have to be coordinated with Judge Sullivan.


  1. You know that blindfolded lady holding the scales of justice who got thrown into the ditch? Looks like Barr is going to be a man and pull her out himself.

    1. I think you're very right. He said when nominated that he wanted to "help in this circumstance." He didn't say he wanted to hand things off to someone else to see if they could help, a la Sessions. Lots of people in DC must be quaking, as the enormity of the information and resources he'll have at his disposal begins to dawn on them.

  2. As you hoped and surmised, Barr is looking and sounding good, very good. My one caveat is the IG. If Horowitz isn't slow-walking his investigation, please, give me another verb.

    I see IG Horowitz as the weakest link. I know CTH places a lot of hope in him, but so far I've seen nothing to justify it.

    If anyone is going to deep six an attempt by Barr to get to the bottom of this turgid swamp, my money is on IG Horowitz, who's taking so long I'm beginning to think something might be up.

    What's the holdup? Everything he needs to know, from what I can see, has been out in the public eye for over a year.

    1. Isn't it a pleasure to watch Barr smack the Congressional Dems to the side? Doesn't raise his voice, makes faces, just sticks it to them. People are starting to notice this.

      Re Horowitz, I'm not really worried. Rosenstein used Team Mueller as an all purpose excuse to not only stonewall Congress but also handcuff Horowitz. Horowitz is freed and I expect good things from him. If we don't get indictments from the FISA fraud, THEN I'll be pissed.

  3. From Fox News.

    "Comey memos contained far more sensitive info than previously known, FBI filing reveals"

    I'd say that AG Barr has taken full control of the DOJ.

  4. Wasn't Sundance skeptical of Mr. Barr?

    1. Yeah, he keeps flipping back and forth. My assumption is that sundance is kinda like the frontman for a group in Congress who don't entirely know their own minds. He reflects what they're thinking at any given time, and there's (understandably) an element of paranoia there.