Thursday, April 11, 2019

Briefly Noted: Barr's Questions; Nunes Speaks Out

Mr. Barr told the Senate Wednesday that one question he wants answered is why nobody at the FBI briefed the Trump campaign about concerns that low-level aides might have had inappropriate contacts with Russians. That’s “normally” what happens, Mr. Barr said, and the Trump campaign had two obvious people to brief—Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie, both former federal prosecutors. 
It wasn’t only the Trump campaign that the FBI kept in the dark. The bureau routinely briefs Congress on sensitive counterintelligence operations. Yet former Director James Comey admits he deliberately hid his work from both the House and the Senate. And the FBI kept information from yet another overseer, the judicial branch, failing to tell the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee had paid for the dossier it presented as a basis for a surveillance warrant against Carter Page, a U.S. citizen. 
Why the secrecy? Mr. Comey testified that the Trump probe was simply too sensitive for members of congressional intelligence committees to know about—an unbelievable statement given the heavy publicity he gave the investigation of Mrs. Clinton’s improper handling of classified information. 

Undercover Huber:

Undercover Huber

@DevinNunes just called the Mueller report a “Mueller dossier” on @seanhannity radio show & said people like Andrew Weismann don’t get special treatment and “will be held accountable” 
Also: zero chance Mueller didn’t know there was No Collusion “the day he walked in the door” 
1:37 PM - 11 Apr 2019

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