Friday, April 5, 2019

Is There Another Special Counsel In Our Future?

We know that AG Bill Barr has no constitutional problem with appointing a Special Counsel--he actually had extensive experience with the office the first time he was AG. Now the question is, Will he appoint a Special Counsel to get to the bottom of the Deep State plot to steer a presidential election and/or oust an elected President?

Paul Sperry reports that the decision is being run through a process inside DoJ. This should come as no surprise, since Trump and Barr are really all about restoring constitutional and legal procedure in decision making. None of which means that Barr will feel bound by the recommendation he receives. He made it clear in his confirmation testimony that he'll do what he thinks is right. Sperry:

I am told that AG Barr has to wait on US attorney Huber's report recommending (or not recommending) a special counsel before moving on a special counsel. Hurry up and wait!


  1. Any evidence that Huber is investigating DoJ corruption?
    Victoria Toensing says Huber is a sham.
    AG Barr doesn't seem like the kind of guy who'd tolerate a sham, but that's what Huber is, apparently.

    1. Yeah, I wondered about that, too. Here's a possible explanation of what was going on ...

      Rosenstein used the Special Counsel thing as an all purpose justification for both refusing cooperation with Congress as well as preventing any other investigations from proceeding as long as Team Mueller was operating. So, as well as stonewalling Congress' documentary requests on the claim that there was an ongoing investigation that disclosure would interfere with, he also prevented IG Horowitz and Huber from proceeding except in a rudimentary way.

      All that should be changed, now that Team Mueller has been shut down.

      If we don't see results--or at least movement--in a month or two I may have to come up with another explanation. One good sign is that you're not hearing a peep out of Barr about all the interview transcripts that are being released, and the guys doing the talking--Jordan, Nunes, Meadows--all seem pretty happy with Barr. There is a difference of opinion with Graham re strategy--they want prosecutions NOW, and Graham wants another SC. That's what we're told Barr is trying to sort out. But IMO the two approaches aren't really incompatible.