Tuesday, April 16, 2019

UPDATED: The Elites Mourn Loss Of A Tourist Attraction

Did you hear? Notre Dame in Paris burned yesterday. And the world mourns the loss of a "cultural and historical site"--but not so much of a house of worship. Nor will you hear any of the Western liberal elite stating the obvious: While the fire at Notre Dame appears to have been a tragic accident, the rising tempo of attacks on Christian faith--whether on the faith of nominees before the US Senate or the widespread and increasing attacks on Christian faith throughout the West--are no more than the predictable, and largely desired, results of the policies of those same elites who fuel the hatred. The efforts to ban Christian believers from public life, from education, from government and the courts, increase daily in virulence. But the globe trotting elites want a few tourist attractions preserved. That the barbarians they have enable care little for such niceties should not come as a surprise. The history of Notre Dame tells us all we need to know in that regard. The rage and hatred that was everywhere apparent was part and parcel of the founding of the modern liberal West as well as of the Marxist movement that in its various forms has succeeded it.

UPDATE: Lifesite News has a story about a former reporter for the BBC who speaks of the anti-Catholicism and crushing ignorance of Christianity at the BBC. The reporter blames this for the inability of the the network "to appreciate Monday’s tragedy as more than the “destruction of a particularly well visited tourist attraction.”

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