Tuesday, April 2, 2019

UPDATED: Lull Before The Storm?

I think so. For right now, post Mueller Report - Barr Summary, things are somewhat quiet. What I mean is that for right now there are no major factual revelations that add significantly to what know, no apparent changes in the tactical lay of the land since Barr has taken charge--and shown that he means to be in charge.

I don't think this will last long. The House Dems are can't help themselves. They are courting a major electoral backlash with their all-conspiracy-theory-hate-hoax-all-the-time strategy. They are stiffening the resolves of GOPers, who can have no doubt that it's them or us and now know they have a leader in Trump and a field general in Barr. This should lead rational Dems to adopt a cautious approach, but rationality is in conspicuously short supply on the Left. Perhaps by definition, Leftism is a defiance of reality. In that regard it was interesting to listen to Devin Nunes yesterday, who is just as interested in any Dem to see the full unredacted Mueller Report, but for very different and far more cogent reasons (see update below).

So we should see overt developments soon, followed by Trump's counter offensive of investigations, reports, hearings, declassifications, and, yes, prosecutions.

IG Michael Horowitz' FISA report might signal the counter offensive.

UPDATE: Ah, I see George Papadopoulos is thinking along the same lines--Dems are delusional:

George Papadopoulos
The democrats have absolutely no idea what they are wishing for in terms of releasing the full Mueller report. It will detail all the western intelligence operatives and US allies (UK, Australia, Italy) involvement in trying to set up Trump and his guys. Nothing Russia!

9:00 PM - Apr 1, 2019


  1. It will be interesting to see whether Mueller report exposes the history of the accusation that Trump and Russian Intelligence were using Alfa bank as a conduit.

    Yesterday, The Gateway Pundit published an interesting article on that subject.

    1. Yes, it's something that people forget about. But that's not really news. That needs to be exposed int he context of a deep investigation into Glenn Simpson's activities generally.

  2. Barr should announce that he will publish the Mueller report after he will publish the Inspector General's report about FISA abuses.

    1. It's a shrewd idea and it could happen. You may have noticed already that Barr doesn't waste words and doesn't signal his actions without purpose.

  3. Replies
    1. Tx Mike. Just got back, I'll have to check that out. Of course he's selling a book--who can blame him? But his case IS very interesting from the standpoint of how he was targeted by FBI informants and then from the standpoint of prosecutorial abuse. There's something fundamentally wrong with our justice system if he and Flynn aren't cleared.