Saturday, April 13, 2019

Rudy On A Roll: Pay Attention To Ukraine

Rudy Giuliani was on Fox News last night, as DC waits for Barr's redacted Mueller reported. As one would expect, he had some choice words, but also some possibly significant words. Of course he teed off on Comey (I've done myself to simply reproduce the flow of Rudy's comments):

[Comey] probably perjured himself with regard to the FISA applications.
He presented the Steele dossier as if it was a piece of intelligence.
Never did anything to corroborate it.
Coulda asked Steele, When was the last time you were in Russia?
He'da told ya nine years ago.
Or ya coulda looked at his passport documents.
There was a specific allegation that Michael Cohen was in Prague on a certain date. I can't imagine FBI agents on their own not checking out with the Passport office.

Where it got even more interesting was when Rudy was asked: "Are you going to have a rebuttal ready if there's information that suggests that they came close to obstruction?"

I've been waiting for the time to do that for almost a year now. So, yeah, we're ready and we'll be ready for anything they throw at us. I suspect it'll be nothing we haven't prepared for, haven't thought of, or the President hasn't thought of. And we were ready three months ago. 
It was a joke, but it was worse than a joke. It was a setup, a specific conspiracy to frame him. I think the facts are starting to come in on that. Pay attention to Ukraine--something the mainstream media won't cover, the scandal going on there, the investigation by the Ukrainian government of Ukrainians who possibly conspired with the Clinton campaign and the DNC to create the Manafort dossier or Manafort blackbook and possibly ... if Comey had looked and seen that Steele wasn't in Russia for nine years, he mighta asked, well, where did this come from? I think there might be an answer to that in a week or two. 
How can you obstruct when there's no underlying crime? Anything else he did, this is an innocent man defending himself. 
What they're trying to take away from us, Weissmann and Mueller's gang, these deranged Democrats, is our ability to defend ourselves.

My sense is that Rudy wouldn't be going out on a limb with regard to Ukraine--especially giving a time frame for new information--if he didn't know that there's some there there.

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