Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The Soros, Ukraine, FBI Connection

John Solomon has a detailed and important article out regarding the ways in which the Obama administration exerted influence on its post-coup client regime in Ukraine: US Embassy pressed Ukraine to drop probe of George Soros group during 2016 election. The influence was exerted on behalf of George Soros and Soros supported groups, and the FBI's pursuit of Paul Manafort was part of this activity. The groups supported by Soros fronted as "anti-corruption" organizations--a strange characterization for groups that appear to be proxies for the world's largest Superpower and the world's most politically active Moneyman. And those Soros supported groups even petitioned the US Government to lean on Ukraine to provide them with funds derived from asset forfeitures. That's how "anti-corruption" works.

Here's how far that US influence extended:

Lutsenko [Ukraine's prosecutor general] told me he was stunned when the [US] ambassador “gave me a list of people whom we should not prosecute.” The list included a founder of the AntAC group and two members of Parliament who vocally supported the group’s anti-corruption reform agenda, according to a source directly familiar with the meeting. 
It turns out the group that Ukrainian law enforcement was probing was co-funded by the Obama administration and liberal mega-donor George Soros. And it was collaborating with the FBI agents investigating then-Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s business activities with pro-Russian figures in Ukraine.

The result was a symbiotic relationship between Soros and the US Government, in which Soros was able to call upon Democratic forces within the US--all the way up to President Obama--to assist in his plans for shaping the New World Order. In return, of course, Democrats received large cash infusions for their US projects. And Ukraine is only one country where Soros is active.

Here's another small picture of how this worked, but I encourage you to read the whole article Understand that "anti-corruption" is no more than a euphemism:

Internal memos from Soros’s umbrella charity organization, Open Society Foundations, describe a concerted strategy of creating friendships inside key government agencies such as State, DOJ and the FBI that can be leveraged inside the countries Soros was targeting for anti-corruption activism. 
“We have broadly recognized the importance of developing supportive constituencies in order to make headway in tightening the global web of anti-corruption accountability,” a Feb. 21, 2014, memo states. “We first conceived of this in terms of fostering and helping to build a political environment favorable to high-level anti-corruption cases.” 
That same memo shows Soros’s organization wanted to make Ukraine a top priority, starting in 2014, and planned to use the Anti-Corruption Action Centre as its lead. 
“Ukraine: Behind the scenes advice and support to Ukrainian partner Anti-Corruption Action Centre’s efforts to generate corruption litigation in Europe and the U.S. respecting state assets stolen by senior Ukrainian leaders,” the memo states. 
The memo included a chart of Ukrainians the Soros team wanted to have pursued, including some with ties to Manafort. 
Senior U.S. law enforcement officials confirmed to me that the early kleptocracy collaborations inside Ukraine led to highly visible U.S. actions against the oligarch Dmitri Firtash, a major target of the Soros group, and Manafort. Firtash is now represented by former Hillary Clinton lawyer Lanny Davis and former U.S. Attorney Dan Webb.

It strikes me that the flow of information we've been receiving regarding the Ukraine may well represent a positive benefit resulting from the definitive collapse of the Russia Hoax that we have now witnessed.

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