Friday, March 15, 2019

Oh My! Meet The "Meticulous" Chris Steele

You may recall that Christopher Steele was sued for defamation by a Russian, Aleksej Gubarev, for allegations about Gubarev that appeared in Steele's infamous "dossier." The deposition of Christopher Steele's deposition in that case--which was released to the public yesterday--turns out to be a bit disappointing, in that only the parts that related directly to Gubarev were released. You can read what's available here.

Nevertheless, that limited glimpse of Steele's methodology should utterly destroy any residual credibility he may have--if, indeed, any remains at this point. It should also have the same effect on the entire FBI/DoJ Russia Hoax operation.

If you want to see the detailed analysis, check out Undercover Huber's thread. To give you some flavor of what just this limited glimpse reveals about Steele's research methods--and FBI vetting of his reliability--I'm providing some snippets. You can also refer to a post from August, 2018: Just How Reliable Is Christopher Steele?

And remind yourself as you read: This is the type of stuff the whole Russia Hoax is based on. Chris Steele--and his principals at Fusion GPS--used this stuff to keep our politics in a perpetual uproar of anti-Trump hysteria for the past two years. Aided and abetted by a media and political class that knew better.

Chris Steele used an article from “CNN iReports” to “verify” one of his dossier memos alleging Webzilla hacked the DNC Except “iReports” are posted by the public & not vetted, fact checked or screened before posting **Which he could have found out by clicking “About”**

Steele is asked if he knows that the article he’s using has no connection to any real CNN reporters. “I do not”

REMINDER: An “official in the US (Obama) administration” described Steele as “meticulous” and “consistently reliable” in an anonymous quote to The Guardian newspaper on Jan 10 2017



  1. What's the betting the Guardian article of Jan 10, 2017 was written by one Luke Harding.

    1. LOL. I haven't checked, but I won't bet against that. Clearly Steele is simply a charlatan. And the higher levels of the FBI were desperate to buy what he was selling.