Monday, March 4, 2019

UPDATED: Bill Barr Will Not Recuse Himself From Russia Hoax--DUH!

As being reported right now. I mean--did anyone seriously think he would?

That is all.

UPDATE: I was going to leave it at that, but Conrad Black had a few things to say this morning that seemed very much on point. Black is talking about 2020 and impeachment, but these are topics that are going to be--or should be--very much about Bill Barr:

As the Democrats take to the lifeboats from their foundering ship of impeachment, the unsinkables who have eschewed life vests are still declaiming on the tilting deck. Jerry Nadler is claiming the president’s 1,100 public references to the Mueller inquiry as a witch-hunt constituted obstruction of justice, and the unstoppable talking head Adam Schiff is still repeating the existence of evidence of Trump–Russian collusion (that he can’t identify and no one else has seen). Their fallback position, when they finally take the order to abandon ship on Russian collusion, is to make Trump’s entire career their province and try to paw through everything he ever did commercially, back to childhood lemonade stands. Of course, this will be a complete failure. The president can ignore these subpoenas and restrict compliance to specific issues, and endless trips up the court ladder could easily retard the progress of this nonsense until the public has entirely lost interest. These are not the same Nadler and Schiff of two years ago, who had thin lines of foam and saliva at the corners of their mouths as they solemnly announced that they had cornered the president. 
... We’re only 20 months from the next election and the Democrats, with no show-stopper to disqualify Trump, are scrambling to the left like lemmings to mount a radical alternative to the incumbent. If one of the few Democratic moderates can’t get control of the runaway bus, it will go over the cliff. If they can, it will still break down on its axles as the long-delayed inquiry into the skullduggery of the politicized Obama Justice Department and intelligence agencies oozes into the public’s nostrils. The Democrats have had their long turn at mudslinging. Now professionally and discreetly, it is time to unearth the real scandal from the last election.

Barr has been to the SCOTUS before. Unless I very much mistake the man, he won't hesitate to return. I simply can't imagine Trump's tax returns being turned over without the Mother of All Legal Battles, in which the Dems will almost certainly be required to convince five justices that they're engaged in some legitimate oversight, and not a fishing expedition.

As for draining The Swamp, Barr will have the resources to do that even as he contests every demand from the Dems--who will also have their hands full with their increasingly Leftist base, which won't be happy at the way AOC is being taken out. Again, I suspect that the House Dems still don't realize what a difference there is likely to be between dealing with Jeff Sessions/Rod Rosenstein and dealing with Barr's DoJ.

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