Saturday, March 23, 2019

UPDATED: Mark Meadows Swings, It's Way Back, It's ... Gone!

Yep, it's a home run for Mark Meadows--of course. Isn't this what we've talking about here for two years? Isn't this what the Russia Hoax has always been all about? The key documentation is the opening of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation. Without CH, there's no Carter Page FISA but, more importantly, there's no Team Mueller. Why? Because, according to Rod Rosenstein, Team Mueller is simply a continuation of the "Enterprise Witchhunt" that was CH. Now that Team Mueller is done, there are all sorts of things that may come out. Including documentation on exactly what CH was all about.

And that raises some very interesting questions about what the Mueller Report actually says. I'll get into that a little later, because I want to put some ideas out before Barr speaks for the record. Hey, at this point, why not go out on a limb. Hint: I'll be relying on Rod Rosenstein's letter to Chuck Grassley. In the meantime, idle speculation is welcome!

But, one final word below the tweet.

I find it interesting that my Democrat colleagues immediately demand the full release of the entire Mueller report, yet they spent 2 years blocking the public from seeing the underlying documents that “justified” the investigation in the first place. Why not release all of it?

Why not release all of it? I think CTH is right about that. Releasing ALL of it should be a non-starter of an idea, and I don't expect Barr to fall for that--it's nothing but a distraction tactic. CTH:

With the investigation spanning 22 months, over multiple continents, that full investigative file would be like a massive grand jury library of evidence.  Likely millions of pages of documents, multiple reports, interviews etc. 
Keep in mind this file also would include wiretaps, electronic intercepts and physical/electronic surveillance.  Most of that file would be innuendo, supposition, suspicion and investigative lines of inquiry.   That file would hold the seeds for weaponizing unfounded accusations etc; that’s why Pelosi and Schumer would want it. 
Also keep in mind Mueller’s team is almost guaranteed to have been telling their allies about all of the juicy accusations they were investigating. 
It’s highly likely Pelosi, Schumer and the Lawfare community already know, in summary, what is deep inside the Mueller Team’s investigative file.  The majority of that file is unfounded speculation that was researched; but it would be the holy grail of opposition research for weaponization; including the possibility of wiretaps inside the White House.

UPDATE: Undercover Huber gets it, too:

I think Mueller feared getting shut down before he even got started, as the original predicate for the investigation was going to unravel as soon as those FISAs and related docs were turned over If Muller ever testifies to Congress this is a crucial time period to explore /ENDS

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