Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Brief Sentencing Updates

First: General Flynn's sentencing was put off for another 90 days. Flynn requested the delay so he could testify in the trial of "Bijan Rafiekian, who faces charges of conspiracy and acting as an unregistered foreign government agent for Turkey." Team Mueller did not oppose the request and specifically noted (paragraph #3) that, in their view, Flynn's cooperation with Team Mueller is complete. In other words: Ain't no collusion.

Second: Paul Manafort was sentenced by Judge Amy Berman Jackson. Again, there was no hint that any of this related to Russia or "collusion." Based on the Zerohedge account it appears that, while she gave Manafort a tongue lashing, she also gave him a relatively lenient sentence that was in sharp contrast to what Team Mueller was asking for:

During the hearing, Manafort asked Judge Amy Berman Jackson for leniency during Wednesday's hearing, ... 
Jackson agreed with Manafort that the original 19-24 year sentencing guideline "overstates the seriousness of this offense."  
In response, prosecutor Andrew Weissmann suggested that Manafort should be given no quarter.  
"I believe that is not reflective of someone who has learned a harsh lesson. It is not a reflection of remorse," said Weissmann.

Of more interest: Tomorrow the depositions of Christopher Steele are set to be made public. It has been reported that in the depositions Steele attempts to distance himself from the dossier.

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