Tuesday, March 26, 2019

William Barr Has Made This a Win for Moscow

I laughed out loud at this title. Really.

But, seriously, anyone who thinks this is sincere--even if addled--needs a reality check. On the other hand, you have to ask yourself: Whom does he think he's kidding? And this was actually published in the leading newspaper of our nation's capital.

William Barr Has Made This a Win for Moscow
RealClearPolitics - Homepage by Dana Milbank , Washington Post

Barr's summary squandered Mueller's heroic efforts to investigate election interference.

On the other hand, Kevin Brock, a retired former assistant director of intelligence for the FBI, has an article out that speaks to me. Sadly. I would have pitched it much stronger, because I don't for a moment belief that the FBI was somehow fooled by Russian "active measures."

Mueller has exposed James Comey
The summarized results of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation have been released and you have a right to be angry, America. 
The dossier was blinking “Russian active measures” in bright neon lights. But an FBI director and deputy director chose to ignore the obvious and instead use this Russian farce to open an investigation into a presidential candidate and his campaign. It was a staggering abuse of the FBI’s legitimate authorities.
Such a move never would have been considered by experienced FBI counterintelligence agents operating in field offices. They would’ve immediately recognized the dossier for what it was.  

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