Thursday, March 14, 2019

Strzok Interview Released

Developments coming hot and heavy today. Read it here. 312 pages. Should be interesting. And we're getting more Nellie revelations as well. My work is cut out for me.


  1. Just a quick note on the Strzok interview, which I have started reading- Strzok claims to have no idea how the MYE team was chosen or even who chose it (but he mentions a man named Coleman as being possible), but then states definitively that the team wasn't selected with political biases in mind.

    This sort of casual....dishonesty or illogic really annoys me personally. Strzok can't know this last assertion is true if he doesn't even know who did the selecting, and it is shocking that he doesn't really know who constructed the MYE team. I sense lies throughout this section.

    1. The reality is that people learn about political attitudes of co-workers everywhere, including at the FBI. Strzok can get away with that sort of casual dishonesty that you point out because it's unlikely that there would be any sort of paper trail. Except, nowadays, texts and emails do lend themselves to ... casual honesty!

      The process by which the FBI became top heavy with non-agent lawyers started under Webster and then really took off under Mueller. That, IMO, was a significant part of the liberal takeover of the FBI. Before that most of legal posts were held by agent lawyers. Recall that, under Mueller and Comey, Weissmann served two tours at the FBI! That type of incestuous back and forth at the top levels had not occurred years ago. Previously the FBI had been more independent and guarded that independence. With the practice of slotting in former DoJ prosecutor types as Director that all changed.

    2. Yeah, Strzok knows the admin stuff, but he attempts to stiff some former prosecutors and makes an ass of himself.