Tuesday, July 6, 2021

The Scoop On The Zhou Regime

Apologies. I'm still catching up on things, after some distractions.

In recent weeks there has been a steady stream of articles appearing at conservative sites, all detailing the continuing mental decline of Resident Zhou--a parable, it seems, for the degradation of a once proud republic. The latest Dem tactic seems to be to send Zhou out to the hinterlands to order ice cream cones, presumably in an attempt to convince Americans that this demonstrates Zhou is capable of handling his residential duties. Duties that include the rigors of eight day overseas trips--or was that ten days, or twelve days?

American Thinker today offers up two sample posts along these lines: President Dementia is getting worse and Video evidence suggests Biden is a Potemkin president, without real support. However, for my money, Jonathan Turley takes the Baked Alaska in two recent articles. Both articles are serious in intent, but the prof also indulges his sense of fun--because, one supposes, if he didn't laugh he'd cry.

All the way back in May Turley was on to this ice cream scam:

Hunter Baiden Is Back In The News. . . So The Media Goes Again For The Scoop

Here's Turley's intro:

It seems like whenever Hunter Baiden is in the news, the Baiden staff screams, the media screams, “we all scream for ice cream.” On October 19, 2020, the Biden campaign and its protective cocoon of media faced the discovery of Hunter’s presumed laptop with details of his (and his uncle’s) influence peddling while Joe Biden was Vice President. The solution? Joe Biden went for ice cream and the media peppered him with questions about his confectionary choice (Spoiler: he ordered a two-scoop chocolate and vanilla combo) Then they went away.

Now, Hunter is back in the news as new emails surfaced that directly contradict what Zhou Baiden has said to those every same reporters. Baiden and the media seemed to make a beeline for the nearest ice cream shop. It turns out that now Baiden now prefers . . . (wait for it). . . chocolate chip.

The only indication that there were still any reporters present was a soft scoop question “Mr. Resident, what is your message to Republicans who are prepared to block the Jan. 6 commission?” Baiden responded “Eat some chocolate chip.” It summed up the state of journalism in America perfectly.  The media got their intended scoop.

Turley then proceeds to offer details on the latest revelations of the Baiden crime family's dealings. Which is all really very ho-hum stuff that I can't take seriously. I mean, it's not as if the entire world wasn't aware long ago that 1) Trump, against all odds and in the face of the most concerted investigative effort in recent US history, is perhaps the cleanest public servant ever to hold high office, and 2) Zhou ranks high up the list of the most corrupt US officials--perhaps an all time list. Everybody knows this--the media, Congress, DoJ, the federal courts. How can I take it seriously, then? And then his putative back stop is Kama Sutra. Folks, this is America, and Zhou and Kama Sutra are a parable for where we are as a nation. Convince me otherwise and I'll take the Baiden corruption seriously.

As for the ice cream thing, I really don't think that's intended to distract the media. The media already knows all about Baiden family corruption. For them that's just not the point, and they're not gonna cover it. I really think ordering ice cream is a pathetic attempt to convince Americans that they have a functioning Resident in the White House. The problem is, hardly anyone is paying attention, judging from page views, likes and dislikes, etc.

Anyway ...

Turley is one of the those weird guys who's serious, in his own way, but thinks America is still not a Banana Republic and can somehow be restored by an anti-corruption campaign of the sort that the PRC indulges in occasionally. So, just before the Fourth of July shootings began in earnest, he penned another article on the Baiden crime family. Turley is incensed, but it's unclear to me just who he's trying to convince:

It is clear that Hunter Baiden was selling access and influence. It appears that Zhou Baiden was aware of that effort. That is very serious. If these emails are false, this is a major story. If they are true, this is a major scandal. 


I'm sorry. I can't take this seriously if no one else does. This stuff is simply symptomatic. It's the disease that interests me.

New Emails Raise New Allegations of Influence Peddling By Hunter Baiden And Direct Knowledge Of Resident Baiden

We have previously discussed the concerted and often embarrassing blackout in the media on stories involving Hunter Baiden’s influence peddling during his father’s tenure as Vice President. That includes the burying of the laptop story and the growing contradictions over his father’s denial of any knowledge or involvement in his shady business dealings. Even recent reports that Hunter may have paid prostitutes with his father’s account were blacked out by mainstream media which exhaustively pursued any story related to the Trump children and their dealings and life styles. Now, however, there is a major allegation that Hunter used access to his father to seal previously unknown deals with Mexican businessmen, including Carlos Slim. A picture shows Hunter with the businessmen in the Vice President residence with his father.

As in the past, Americans interested in such stories have had to rely on the foreign press or a couple domestic sites for such information.


... Presumably, however, this story will result in another run to the nearest ice cream shop for breathless coverage on the current frozen delights of the Resident.

This is all just tip of the iceberg stuff, the kind of thing the Election Hoax was supposed to cover up. The Election Hoax and what made it possible is the serious story. Until there's progress on that front I just can't bother with corruption stories. Professor Turley needs to get some perspective.


  1. Well, we're certainly getting to the bottom of Nov 3. The Michigan GOP just released their 34 page report about how everything was actually very good there--there are only a few things that need to be tweaked and then MI elections will be the gold standard. I read through it quickly and may have missed the part where they addressed the observers being kicked out and the cardboard covers put on the windows. Perfectly normal stuff that. Don't worry, their review of all the affidavits and data and interviews with Dominion personnel convinced these GOPers that there was no there there.

    I for one am completely mollified by this report--never mind that it is shorter than almost every term paper I wrote back in my college days. Time to move on.

    1. I seem to recall that in 2016 Jill Stein was given full access to the Detroit election material, minus of course the books that were missing, and when she couldn't make head or tail of things she gave up on her election recount. Fantastic how much progress they have made since then.

  2. I’ve been very lucky and made a bunch of money. Much more than Joe Biden’s reported income over the course of his life, we are the same age. I can’t claim nearly the life style he had before he became VP and was fraudulently named President. He and his family have been scamming for years.BTW I made mine legally and paid my taxes as well.

  3. Turley along with others of his 'profession' are just turning out words for payment at this point. Watching the two-faced justice system being thrown in our faces while the media giggles about ice cream is par for the course after the Hillary Clinton, Comey, McCabe, etc., etc. crap shows where not even one has been charged with a single crime. Meanwhile they go after Trump and any who chose to be associated with him on the most pusillanimous of assumptions.

    I have more respect for the 'oldest profession' than I do for these 'reporters...'


    1. Turley isn't a reporter. Also, in fairness to him, he testified against the impeachment so I don't think you should group him with those who "go after Trump and any who chose to be associated with him on the most pusillanimous of assumptions."

    2. Not a reporter, but a practitioner of the SECOND oldest profession. The one that rhymes with Liars. But, as Mark makes clear, Turley’s a “weirdo” among that crowd for his idealism and naivete, which can irritate even those of us fighting for what’s right.

  4. Trump needs to drop the MAGA theme , and commence the counter revolution ( really the true revolution) -- needs to recruit the rainbow , get all up on stage with him at every rally and play "everyday people" as the cri de Coeur. It's main street vs DC and we just have to all face up. The sooner the better, let's have out with it. Mark A

  5. Thinking about what to do (other than send $$$ to the on-the-ground fighters Matt DePerno & Sidney Powell) about all this...
    Not much. Lawyers need to attack the election fraud. Then next year's election (assuming a clean election) may remove enough Pa/Az/Mi/Wi/Ga RINOs complicit in the fraud to turn the tide of the battle.
    Then 2 years later it's Trump II. At which point enough Republicans will be in Congress to allow Trump II to remove/fire/expel/shutdown the Democrats in the DoJ & DoD. (The Civil Service rules sustain the D.C corruption. Ignore/Eliminate those rules and Drain The Swamp)

    1. Civil Service is a perfect example of the fact that systemic 'fixes' often lead to even bigger problems than the problem they were intended to fix. Something to do with human nature.

    2. I’m not giving another penny to the rnc. Judicial Watch is getting those funds right now.

    3. @df

      Color me skeptical. If your optimistic take is going to happen we will see just who actually prevails in the state primaries. My guess is that the GOPe won't let any of these crooked state pols be unseated by anyone who won't play along.


  6. Mark, as much as we all know the MSM is covering for the Zhou regime, Turkey’s calling them out. He alludes to this specifically… pretty much putting them on notice IMO. Talk order for sure but he’s at least taking a crack at it. Respect him a lot to keep hammering at the Hunter Biden laptop stories. Someone has to keep it relevant.