Wednesday, July 7, 2021


I'll be busy doing grandpa stuff this morning.

A reader writes re my use of "Zhou Baiden" to refer to the Resident of the White House:

may I suggest that you use

the Pinyin spelling "Zhōu Bài-dàn", which is pronounced pretty much

the way your original spelling was, but which has a meaning:

"(Joe) Rotten Egg".

Zhōu Bàidàn it is. However, for the sake of search engines, I'll retain "Baiden" in some situations. Or Baidan.

Reading recommendation: Singapore to scrap daily COVID counts, treat COVID like the flu.


  1. Enjoy the break, Mark. Consumers of your site know you surely deserve it. Speaking of the rotten egg, the rot is pervasive.

    At Revolver, a riveting video of a Chinese professor speaking to a Chinese audience about exactly how their elite controls our elite:

    The audience's amused delight illustrates their appreciation of a shared joke.

  2. New Codeville piece, it’s infuriating…

    Things not mentioned:
    - Senate gop leadership hated Trump
    - House Gop leadership hated Trump
    - Democrats in Senate went scorched earth on Trump
    - Obama left sleepers that sabotaged Trump from day one
    - Never Trumpers sabotaged Ttump from day one on his agenda
    - Supposedly safe gop nominees turned out to be against Trumps agenda
    - Gop leadership filtered who could get confirmed. Dead horse, but DNI Example
    - military generals that should have been safe appointees, were anti Trump
    - Russian Collusion, aided and abetted by the gop leadership, hamstrung Trump got the first two years. Followed by the Mueller investigation.

    Besides that the article is good.

    1. What is up with Am Greatness? Maybe this is why Michael Anton hasnt posted there in a while.

    2. Nope. Not American Greatness. It has regulars like Debra Heine, Roger Kimball, Julie Kelly, Victor Davis Hanson, Selena Vito, Conrad Black, and other right types too numerous to mention. Codevilla manages to walk a fine line and is (I believe) affiliated with the organization that publishes American Greatness. He also seens to be an authoritarian who would like to be an influencer with those in power.

      If you read the comments below his piece, you’ll notice that most are lengthy - drivebys are not drawn to AG - and not all are applauding Codevilla. As for Anton, he wrote one blockbuster piece during the 2016 election, ended up joining the Trump administration for a while, left, and pretty much went silent. He was never a prolific writer, as I recall.

  3. Have you seen the Tucker Carlson dirt? Hunter Biden emails are out. Links off Zerohedge

  4. If you forget something, you can say you had a 'Biden moment'...