Monday, July 19, 2021

Briefly Noted: Schools, Cops, Super Spreading Dems

I have errands to run today, but here are two worthwhile articles that point toward the future--November, 2022.

The first appeared in the NYPost yesterday. It's basically a simple anecdotal recitation of the attitudes of increasing numbers of parents in New York City. The point is, however, that if NYC parents are getting this fed up, if NYC parents are increasingly asserting their rights as parents against the diktats of the State apparatus, then imagine what parental sentiment across the country must be like.

This is something that I emphasized before Election 2020, and return to regularly. Nothing hits home with parents and thus with voters like matters that affect their children. We're seeing this with the revolt against CRT imposed indoctrination in schools, and the revolt against unscientific masking is also gaining momentum. Candidates and political parties who ignore this reality of human nature do so at their peril:

Fed-up NYC parents demand an end to masking in schools

Fed-up New York City parents are demanding no masks in the classroom when school reopens in September.

Calling the coverings cruel, needless and detrimental to learning, some say they are even mulling homeschooling or private education options.


The mask debate comes as US health officials have warned that local governments across the country might start reimposing indoor face-covering requirements to combat the spread of the highly contagious Delta variant that is driving up case numbers in some areas.

Count on it. The government teachers unions will attempt to leverage a ginned up scariant panic into renewed school lockdowns. Parents whose children were herded into government schools are learning what the price is, for submitting to this union led regime.

Another article addresses the situation with police. For most of us, daily life goes on and slowly returns to something approximating reality. Not so for cops:

Chicago Police Describe ‘Total Burnout’ After Canceled Days Off And 12-Hour Shifts

First a pandemic and scrutiny over police brutality. Now, police say long hours are hurting efforts to improve officer mental health.

There's a lot that could be said about the role of police--at all levels--in the modern progressive and authoritarian state. Nevertheless, the police remain an essential service in modern society, as the Defund the Police movement and BLM/Antifa--not to mention the January 6 Event--continue to drive home.

This article is too long to excerpt at length, but is a compelling read:

For the past year, as violent crime has spiked in Chicago, the Police Department has been regularly canceling officers’ days off, mandating 12-hour days and sending police officers to neighborhoods they’ve never policed before.

In interviews with WBEZ, officers say this has sunk officer morale to new lows — and it comes after an extremely difficult year marked by the pandemic, civil unrest and intense scrutiny of police for their treatment of Black residents.

Mandatory overtime isn’t uncommon for CPD officers in the summer, but the frequency has increased this year and last.

“People are so tired … it’s total burnout … working murder after murder, shooting after shooting,” one long-time Chicago Police Department sergeant said. “There’s no reward for some of these young guys coming on to do their job and be professional, because they keep dogging them, and it’s like, you can only do so much before you’re burned out.”

The sergeant, like the nearly 10 Chicago police officers from different parts of the city interviewed for this story, spoke on the condition of anonymity. They fear getting in trouble for speaking candidly about the Police Department and CPD leadership.

This situation, too, isn't going away and points toward the upcoming elections.

Meanwhile, the fiasco of Super Spreading renegade and diseased TX Dems traveling the country continues to unravel. Will Zhou emerge from the home he occupies to pronounce: They're killing people? Will Mis-Information be forced to address this in the same terms: They're killing people?

What a world! What a country!


  1. 86/46 because he ain’t

  2. OT: about Immigration

    Red State has an article about Joe Biden's fears about immigration with the following premise:

    "This is not a president who is going to look at a problem and solve that problem. Rather, he’s so compromised that he looks at a problem and immediately thinks “how does this affect me?""


    This premise is IMO totally wrong. To Biden/Harris, the border situation is an overwhelming success, the more migrants cross over the better. Changing the demographics of America is the goal (this is the long game). The Cloward-Piven strategy implemented.

    Instead of "America First" we see "Democrat First"
    You bring them in en-masse, provide either some kind of amnesty or dilute the voting requirements (Pelosie's for the People Act), so they'll be able to vote legally or not, if there are no audits, no one will find out

    This will be Biden's crowning legacy, he told us he was going to open up the border during the campaign.

    Conservatives should stop talking as if Biden could fix the problem if he wanted to, and is catering to the left and that it shows incompetence. He is executing a highly competent strategy of "Democrat First" forever. Biden/Harris/Pelosie are fixing the border crisis. It comes down to your understanding the meaning of is is (here the meaning of fixing)

  3. What’s significant is WBEZ actually covering the police issue.

    I find Second City Cop useful, I wish their blog was still going. They post occasionally at Chicago Contrarian.
    On Chicago: SCC Discusses Lightfoot's Appeals for Help, Windy City Nearing Four Homicides a Day

    Hey Jackass is the site for Chicago Murder Statistics. I wish we had something similar in LA.

  4. O/T, but days ago, Nunes told Sarah Carter that Durham’s report, likely w/ criminal charges, could come “as early as next week.”
    Wishful thinking?

    1. Prove me wrong, but until it happens I refuse to take such talk seriously. Note that in none of these stories is there any substantial attribution to sources. It's pure opinion, unless I've really missed something.

    2. Well, by making such a statement - & if in fact nothing comes of it - Nunes risks setting himself up as a total & complete buffoon.


    3. "Nunes risks setting himself up as a total & complete buffoon."

      Pretty sure he passed the Buffon marker several years back.

      This is his 40th+ rendition of "Durham next week". At this point, it's like Graham telling us he's going to fight whatever legislation.

      Durham's got a few more important statue of limitations mile markers to surpass. Barr said we could expect something "towards the fall", he just didn't specify the year.

      Also, this subject makes me want to punch kittens!!

    4. @dm

      ??? I thought Nunes was one of the few heroes who doggedly exposed the Russia Witch hunt. What has he done to earn your derision?

    5. Perhaps Nunes is simply telling Durham that he is not letting him off the hook despite everyone else giving up on seeing justice done. Perhaps more of us should do the same rather then just take our bat and ball and go home. Nunes is a leader and therefore doesn't have the luxury to just give up.

  5. Regarding masking:

    I realize many of us (including Fauci) have known this for a long time. Thankfully many more are becoming aware. But think about the implications of governments having known this and yet pushing and enforcing mandates, even to the present day.

    When doctors and hospitals continue to impose their own illogical COVID-19 masking rules, is it any wonder trust in the medical profession has dropped 7% in the last year?

    1. Think of being arrested for it.

  6. Taibbi today on police brutality incidents:

    "It’s usually also about political stupidity, greed, and laziness, and a host of other problems our habit of reaching for *simplistic* explanations prevents us from understanding.

    Saying it’s all about race or white supremacy isn’t just inaccurate, it lets bad actors off the hook — especially city politicians and their *upscale yuppie donors*, who vote for these interventionist policies, and are all too happy to see badge-wearing social janitors from middle-class towns in Long Island or Westchester take *the rap* when things go bad."