Thursday, July 29, 2021

Dems To Attempt A Pivot To Trump?

That's what multiple sources are reporting, on good sourcing. The idea is, the Dems have finally realized what a trainwreck their Covid policy is becoming and they'll try to blame it all on Trump, as the developer of the vaccine.

Three points on this:

1) Yes, Trump mishandled the Covid Panic and shares some of the blame. I said at the time that he didn't have much choice or room to maneuver, but that's the way life goes.

2) However, the Dems have done so much to own this, have lied so much, that it'll be difficult to shuck all the blame--and, of course, there's plenty to go around. They have more problems with voters, even though this is a big one. 

3) If you want a list of stuff the Dems own, start with Fauci and all his lies and flip flopping on policy, then pivot to school and business lockdowns, then let's talk about Wuhan and the China Flu. I'm gonna bet that voters will be of the fool-me-once mindset.

Moving on.

A few days ago Karl Denninger wrote a post that bears directly on what is happening--I Hate Being Right. Of course, this is all the stuff that Yeadon and Bhakdi and Vanden Bossche have been warning about. Still, read this excerpt, bearing in mind that he's talking about the Dread Delta, even though he doesn't name it. Also keep this clear--"low Ct number" = Bad:

The pattern here is one you ought to pay very close attention to.

The Ct numbers being seen in vaccinated "breakthrough" cases are materially lower than that seen in unvaccinated.

This makes sense and it is pure mechanistic proof of why using non-sterilizing vaccines in an active outbreak is stupid, even leaving mutational pressure and evasion aside (which we also know happens.)

A person who has a low Ct (higher infectiveness) without becoming symptomatic is a super-spreader because they have no idea they're infected.  If a non-sterilizing vaccine causes you to delay becoming symptomatic by as little as one Ct point you are twice as infective to others before you know you're dangerous and thus decide to stay home.

If "on average" you would become symptomatic at Ct30 but if vaccinated you get to Ct25 now you will be 32 times as infectious before you know you're sick.

The person who took the shot needs a label on them because they are far more dangerous to others if they become infected -- vaccinated or not.  In point of fact using a non-sterilizing vaccine during an outbreak, or accepting one, is criminal negligence for which those who are jabbed, if an infection is traced to them, should be prosecuted because they have deliberately made themselves unable to distinguish that they are dangerous until they are far more likely to infect others.

A hospital or other medical facility that employs jabbed people thus is committing gross malpractice in that the institution is deliberately causing their employees to be unaware of an infection they contract until they are far more-dangerous in terms of viral spread to others.  This, standing alone, is depraved indifference to human life since these institutions are allegedly professionals and thus should be held to a professional standard of conduct.

Just as with the original outbreak last spring in which I was able to trivially identify medical workers as the largest single vector and, I remind you, successfully predicted a huge explosion of civilian cases in Minnesota on that basis (which subsequently verified) I believe it is going to happen again and once again it will be the health care workers, who have all been "urged" or even "mandated" to take the jabs that will be the vectors into the general population and will end up killing people by the score.

Short version: Vaxxed people are dangerous potential superspreaders, especially of the Dread Delta. However, the Dread Delta could very well be a threat to the vaxxed, because the vax suppresses their symptoms while the disease develops ... and develops. That's why the regime has been telling vaxxed people to act as if they were never vaxxed. Of course, the regime is also trying to blame it all on the Dread Delta, but the truth is that Dread Delta isn't much of a threat to the unvaxxed, because they'll quickly become aware of their symptomatic infection. 

This is about ADE--Antibody Dependent Enhancement. Experts have been predicting this from the beginning and urging the regime to abandon the vax the world campaign. If you need to refresh your recollection on ADE, go here.

Now compare Denninger's warning to what Rochelle Walensky is telling the NYT:

New research showed that vaccinated people infected with the Delta variant carry tremendous amounts of the virus in the nose and throat, she said in an email responding to questions from The New York Times.

The finding contradicts what scientists had observed in vaccinated people infected with previous versions of the virus, who mostly seemed incapable of infecting others.

That conclusion dealt Americans a heavy blow: People with so-called breakthrough infections — cases that occur despite full vaccination — of the Delta variant may be just as contagious as unvaccinated people, even if they have no symptoms.

Walensky is still trying to soft peddle the whole thing, but Denninger gets it.

Not only may these vaxxed people be contagious, they may also be at risk of serious virus related injury or even death.

Now, here's an interesting table that sundance posted this evening. It's taken from the study that Dr. Robert Malone flagged, and that I referenced this afternoon. Recall that Malone drew attention to the fact that:

There do appear to be patients that were dropped from the study and analyses.  This is an odd paper - not standard.

That's a pretty broad hint that the results may be even more negative for Pfizer than this paper and table show. 

So, here's the table:

As sundance notes, in this study

44,000 patients were studied. 22,000 were given the vaccine and 22,000 received the placebo. The results amid both groups was almost identical.

Two COVID deaths in 22,000 for non-vaxxed (death rate of .0009%), and one COVID death out of 22,000 for the vaccinated group (death rate .00009%). In essence, COVID is not that dangerous and has a very high survival rate depending on co-morbidities or pre-existing medical issues.

So what's going on with the vax the world campaign? Except that Big Pharma gets super wealthy and spreads the wealth around the political class a bit, in the form of investments and campaign contributions and etc.

You have to wonder just how bad the situation is if it's come to the pivot to Trump.


  1. It was Mike Pence who appointed Fauci and Pence is tilted in the Democrats back pocket. After all, he helped Nancy Pelosi to orchestrate the Janurary 6th "Insurrection" and thus facilitate her coup.

    1. Good point. Pence, cocaine Mitch and purple state GOP governors undermined Yrump and 70 million Americans.

  2. Dems will pivot to Trump? Good luck with that. The man's genius is on full display. Who precisely is going to blame Trump for the vaccines? Do you think anybody who doesn't implicitly trust what the Dems say? How many true believers is that. The mea culpa is too easy, Fauci lied people died. I was misled by Fauci. They can try to pivot but the medical establishment is simply too big to hide behind the Donald. Oh and big tech suppression? And anti vaxxers are all repubs? Skeptics are right wing conspiracists? The lab leak what did fauci know and when did he know it? That's a hell of a pivot. Mark A

  3. In other words, if they pivot to Trump, they put him back in the news, make it all about him (when it is not, and everybody knows its not), and give him all the overton window shifting power he wants with approximately fourteen soft spots in the narrative to attack (rhetorically). They will never learn.

    Mark A (Gina and John and Black Rock: you had better up your game!)

  4. Mark,
    An aesthetics point: I can't get over how much more pleasant a reading experience your formatted version of Denninger's work is. Somebody really should tell Karl that the formatting of his posts and his syntactic quirks are not just ugly, but they actually detract seriously from the message. Whenever I link to his posts, people feed back to me that they had trouble reading his work. Pity, because he's a very knowledgeable guy. Stylistically it's a train wreck and that really matters in the real world of effective communication. It's not enough to be smart.

  5. The finally explained what ADE is:
    Antibody-dependent Enhancement (ADE) and Vaccines

    Covid Status:

    This helps me guess what is going on.

    1. Covid is adapting, and the protein spike is become smaller so the existing vaccines are less effective over time. This is part of ADE.

    2. It seems the vaccines have reduced the death rate.

    3. All the existing Covid vaccines have side effects, clotting and heart issues frequently in younger adults. These side effects are being under reported deliberately and suppressed in the print and online media.

    4. Some of the side effects can happen months later.

    5. The mRNA effect / production was supposed to be short term, but it was not.

    5. A booster shot is now being administered in Israel. A third shot.

    6. People who are vaxed are like Typhoid Mary.

    7. The widely used PCR Covid test can’t distinguish between the Flu and Covid, and will be phased out by the end of the year. A high cycle count was used to skewer results.

    8. Immunity due to having Covid is being ignored.

    9. Early treatment options for Covid are being suppressed by the establishment, media, and big tech.

    10. The establishment is pushing vaccination, and even making it mandatory.

    11. The experts credibility on Covid has been severely diminished, especially Fauci. The masking flip flop is an example of this.

    1. That's pretty one sided, Ray. Why didn't you include the good news? :-)

      BTW, I would question #2. History has shown that stricter application of basic hygiene standards often turns the tide against widespread diseases. Think: nursing homes, where a huge proportion of Covid deaths occurred. Was it the gene therapy that helped that situation, or was it better hygienic practices? I'm not buying facile MSM assertions--or even some medical "authorities"--regarding the effectiveness of the therapy isn't good enough for me.

  6. Replies
    1. I agree Ray, what's dying is CDC credibility not people so much. They've lied about lethality, and about the effectiveness of natural immunity, and about the efficacy of treatments, so they are trapped. If they come out and say the vaccines don't work then a tidal wave of "well, CDC, what does work? What have you got for us, to protect us from this deadly infectious virus?" And what are they going to say, we have nothing, mask up and stay in your house and don't come out? Meanwhile private groups, entire nations are using ivermectin and HCQ and zinc and vitamin D to effectively fight the virus? Where's the science now? That limb they've crawled out on is about to snap. Mark A

  7. Denninger today, in "Fauci *ADMITS* I Was Right In Spring of 2020":

    < : Fauci has now admitted, on live camera, that a person with a breakthrough infection is just as dangerous, as someone who was never vaccinated and gets infected.
    This was expected by anyone who has ever studied anything about viral disease, and the use of non-sterilizing immunizations, when infections are active in a community.
    We have known this all the way *back to Polio*, and is why we insisted on a *sterilizing* vaccine (OPV), following the *inactivated* injected vaccine (IPV) in the United States, until 20 years after we were declared polio-free.

    In addition it is exactly what is expected, if a non-sterilizing vaccine produces both binding and neutralizing antibodies, and we know, scientifically, that all the existing jabs do exactly that.
    When levels wane, you *still have* binding antibodies, and when the neutralizing level *falls below* the threshold to protect, you now have an enhancement of the disease, rather than protection.
    A person who was never infected and not vaccinated does *not have* the binding antibodies, and thus, while at risk, *doesn't get* the enhancement.
    Now we have real-world evidence, that in fact the jabs produce risk *as immunity wanes*, and that said risk may exceed, on a personal level, what someone has who never been infected or vaccinated is exposed to. >

  8. I have doubts on sundance's math:
    "Two COVID deaths in 22,000 for non-vaxxed (death rate of .0009%), and one COVID death out of 22,000 for the vaccinated group (death rate .00009%).

    My sense is, that one COVID death out of 22,000 gives a rate of .000045, and two COVID deaths out of 22,000 gives a rate of

    1. Your math is correct. Also, it means that the vaccinated death rate is about 45 deaths/million and that the unvaccinated death rate is about 91 deaths/million. The vaccine makes will claim that this is a 50% relative risk reduction, and that the vaccine therefore is highly effective.

      On the other hand, the absolute risk reduction is 0.00009 - 0.000045 = 0.000045 (=0.0045%.)

      In layman's terms, taking the vaccine lowers your risk of death by 0.0045%. Or, alternatively, you might say that your risk of death from covid is extremely rare, and that taking the vaccine makes it slightly more extremely rare.

    2. "slightly more extremely rare."


  9. I still don't see how Trump emerges from this unscathed. The Regime strategy seems smart to me, albeit desperate. They are facing a bursting dam of info about the jab injuries and deaths as well as resistance to the jab. They will attempt a new narrative something like,"OMG, we are just now seeing very disturbing data that Trump's experimental drugs are killing and injuring tens of thousands, hunnerds even! As a result we are temporarily halting injections of Trump's failed drugs. Unfortunately...this means we will have to go back into lockdowns, masking, and rule by decree until the virus is totally eliminated. If Trump hadn't been so hasty and intent on reelection, sacrificing established safety protocols for his Operation Buzzsaw or whatemever, we would be well on our way to defeating this virus. He betrayed us all and now we must shut down again. And maybe impeach him again too."

    I am a big Trump supporter but he's in a bad spot here. He did the best he could with the 2020 CCP bioweapon attack but he bungled it nonetheless. We have to face it. He can maybe try blaming Fauci for lying and Pence but he comes off looking bad no matter what. Remember, Democrats don't have to convince people that Dems are good, only discourage Trump voters and make them give up.


    1. Knock it off. These aren't "Trump's drugs". He didn't develop them, he didn't give them Emergency Authorization. He--no more than any president--was not a One Man Chief Executive, or CEO-in-Detail of the entire country. Give it a rest, "big Trump supporter."

    2. Mark, if you read my comment, i put that in quotes, the imagined words of the Democrats saying Trump's drugs, not me. Of course I don't believe they're his drugs. That's their argument not mine. What I am asking in all seriousness as a Trump supporter is the effective rejoinder Trump can make to what *might* be an effective smear by Democrats as they try to pivot (as you put it) to blaming Trump.

    3. I read all comments, but it looks like I misunderstood your first comment. I think an effective rejoinder would include the withholding of information on effective medications, covid origins, etc.