Wednesday, July 7, 2021

One People, One Party, One Leader

Don Surber has a nice post today that conjures up the slogans of totalitarianisms past: One People, One Nation, One Leader. That, of course, Hitler's Nazi slogan: Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuehrer! For my title I substituted "Party" for "Nation" as befits a globalist part of the Left--the Dems. Surber's post addresses Dem attempts to delegitimate all opposition in our two party system, reducing it to a One Party system by labeling non-Dems with the "T" word:

Now they call being a Republican treason

Here's how he begins:

Abe Lincoln was the first Republican president. A Democrat assassinated him. Now Democrats and Fake Republicans are using Lincoln's name to assassinate the Republican Party.

The Lincoln Project recruited and hired Joe Trippi, a longtime Democrat activist, to derail Republican efforts to win back Congress next year. His conservative credits include Ted Kennedy's 1980 presidential bid and John Edwards in 2008. 

Trippi wrote in USA Today, "There are no longer two healthy parties in America. The catastrophic mistake for our nation is to continue to see the fight as Democrats vs. Republicans, left vs. right. We are at war with an authoritarian movement fueled by former President Donald Trump. It includes many of the 147 Republicans who signed on to treason with their Jan. 6 votes objecting to Joe Biden's win, and it has grown since then."

Trippi is calling for One People, One Nation, One Leader!


"Every American, every corporation, the news media and the social platforms need to understand that there are no longer two functioning political parties in our country. Straddling between them is failing to understand our circumstances and the threat of an authoritarian movement that seeks to take power by any means. It’s time for all Americans to join this fight. Not one party over another. But all Americans against an authoritarian movement and its poison until it dies and another generation of Americans ensures that our democracy lives."

What Trippi is calling for is an authoritarian government to coerce Americans into having but one political party with no opposition.

There's more to this than just the false charge of treason--that type of name calling is a tactic within a larger overall strategy. Trippi is phrasing his call to action in pretty overtly Marxist-Leninist terms, although the Fascist element of Corporatism is also evident. 

Consider these examples of typical Bolshevik strategic thinking:

In the context of the theory of Leninist revolutionary struggle, vanguardism is a strategy whereby the most class-conscious and politically advanced sections of the proletariat or working class, described as the revolutionary vanguard, form organizations in order to draw larger sections of the working class towards revolutionary politics and serve as manifestations of proletarian political power against the bourgeois.

And, yes, Neocons largely came from a Trotskyite background, and they are the ones behind the "Lincoln Project". It's a typical Bolshevik strategy.

Read that brief passage again. It's easy to substitute "Dem" for "class-conscious and politically advanced" and "GOP" for "Bourgeois". The idea is to lure useful idiots into accepting the social-political leadership of the Bolshevists and their party through a variety of front organizations, each org tailored to attract specific social groups. All united under Bolshevist leadership against any effective opposition.

Trotsky harps on the same theme:

the development of the revolution precisely consists of this, that the relationship of forces keeps incessantly and rapidly changing under the impact of the changes in the consciousness of the proletariat, the attraction of backward layers to the advanced, the growing assurance of the class in its own strength. The vital mainspring in this process is the party, just as the vital mainspring in the mechanism of the party is its leadership. The role and the responsibility of the leadership in a revolutionary epoch is colossal.

Or consider this:

The communist party is the organizational and political lever which the most advanced section of the working class uses to direct the entire mass of the proletariat and the semi-proletariat along the right road. ...

One implication of the vanguard of the proletariat was settled the party was to be the sole tolerated spokesman of the proletariat ...

Trippi very obviously sees the role of the Dem party in terms of Bolshevik "vanguardism". This is what we're up against. All public issues are co-opted by the Party in this revolutionary struggle--even, as an historical first, a disease. It's an extension of the twelfth of Alinsky's Rules for Radicals on how to demonize any and all opposition:

RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)

The anti- and never- Trumpers play right into this.


  1. Another Don Surber comment that is deeply insightful and troubling…

    ITEM 11: Newsweek reported, "Former Clinton Aide Praises Donald Trump For Attacks on 'Disastrous' Joe Biden Policies."

    It's Dick Morris.

    He said, "There is no other national figure dissenting from Biden's policies and laying out how disastrous they are. Whether it be immigration, or his inflation policies, or his welfare policies. There's only one person that's really making that case. And that's Donald Trump."

    Fact check: YEP.

  2. And folks wonder why Trump is still seen as a savior to this nation to this day.

    Gotta ask, though, why did Trump do this? He didn’t have to. He was an official Democrat darling, a real life epitome to the American Dream and the spirit of American tenacity and perseverance.

    Even if you want to attribute ill to his motives, you cannot deny he attempted to fight as best he could what is expressed in this post.

    That is why I support him.

  3. From , a vid of DJT responding with a suit vs. Sil Valley firms.

  4. And still some of us refuse to name "Democrats" as our enemy. Democrats were the enemy of America in 1861. They still are.

    1. So true, @dfp21. To the extent that they have acted to subvert our founding form of government, the Dems have acted treasonously. Yet when it comes to them, "None Dare Call it Treason" is as true now as it was 50 years ago.

      Despite the clear voices and warnings of Soviet dissidents such as Solzhenitsyn over the years, and the insight and historical facts brought to light by the Venona papers and a few intrepid authors such as Diana West, no one in the public arena (MSM, politics, government) has yet stood up and proclaimed the truth about the Dems and what they have perpretrated on this country - how their ideology and goals align with Marxism/Communism and totalitarianism. Republicans, where have you been all this time? Educators, where have you been? Parents, where have you been?

      And now the Dems and people like Trippi turn around and call those who are against any aspect of the Dem program "treasonous." Do Trippi and the Dems realize how transparent their use of Marxian strategy is?: “Accuse Your Enemy Of What You Are Doing, As You Are Doing It To Create Confusion.” Funny also how the term "gaslighting" has come into vogue recently. How about that "defunding the police" story line put out by the White House Residency?

      Sun Zu (the strategic godfather of one DJT) stressed the importance of knowing your enemy and knowing yourself. It's urgently needed for all of us who wish to see this country survive as intended take his advice and spread the truth. OK, sermon over /

    2. I submit that GOP silence implies something other than Marxism as the ultimate goal. The Dems are just one head of the establishment hydra.

  5. It baffles me that the Opposition always plays for small potatoes. CRT’s language and principles, for example, could be transposed almost word-for-word from Leninist literature or from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. (Or from various mid-19th century race essentialism articles in academia and beyond). Why are parents obsessing over homework assignments or the “politicization of education “ when we see racist bigotry as spoon-fed for grades.

  6. And tying in with the march of the Party is this ominous plan by Pelosi to start up branch offices of the Capitol Police in Florida and California under the ruse of protecting members from threats in their home districts

    Now what do you suppose the Oligarchs will do w their own federal police?


    1. I am not clear as to what the Capitol Police’s authority is outside of the Capitol and Washington DC. Perhaps Mark knows?

    2. It's not clear to me what "authority" they would have, except to serve in a coordinating function, accepting information from other agencies and passing it on. My understanding, open to correction, is that they have no arrest authority except on the Capitol premises. That being so, I can't believe they would have investigative authority beyond those limits, since the two go hand in hand.

    3. @mark bebe

      Well, first, why would you assume that they will be limited in any way by the law or statute? If Pelosi is pushing it the default assumption is that they will not be used in a lawful manner.

      If you read the article and the comments that post the establishing statute it appears that they can pretty much do whatever they do in DC anywhere else that the Capitol Police Board tells them to.

      Use your imagination. If you wanted a way to hire a bunch of Blmtifa thugs, ex military, or unsavory people and pit put them on the federal payroll while being under control of Pelosi, this suits. What might she use them for, especially in coordination with rotten DOJ and fed agencies?

    4. Anonymous (and which Anonymous are you? There are several who identify themselves in their comments…):

      What you say is a given if you assume that what Pelosi wants, Pelosi gets.

      I was playing it straight, wondering what their stated authority amounts to.

  7. Joe Trippi is such a tattered old Dem hack. Didn’t even know he was still alive… That the Lincoln Project hired him for a key role shows how off the rails that failed group was...