Monday, July 26, 2021

Spike This!

Important spike protein news out today. Keep two things in mind: 1) The Covid spike protein is a known pathogen; and 2) it's supposed to disappear from the body in about 2 weeks. At least that was the official story. Also, you don't want spike protein persisting in monocytes, but ... here's a highly technical abstract that talks about exactly that. Malone comments re this article:

Recommend that you pay attention  to this.  Same group as the new data on presence of spike in the same monocyte population in vaccinated asymptomatics.

The point is ultimately about spike caused inflammation and the damage that inflammation causes to all sorts of parts of the body. This is why the idea of using gene therapy to trick human cells into producing unknown quantities of spike proteins is so dodgy. 

The idea was that that whole process would wind down in about two weeks, but we've been finding out differently. Woops! If this study shows spike protein in vaxxed people circulating 5 months after being injected, now you understand why they're finding (as Peter McCullough reported) vax damage nine months after the injection. Which is apparently after the injection has lost most or all of its "effectiveness" anyway. But not its "side effectiveness."

OK, so this: 

Robert Malone has said you need to measure 1) duration, 2) distribution, and 3) amount for the spike protein. FDA never did this; one of our researchers did. They found spike protein is still circulating 5 months from vaccination in 100% of patients tested (6 people; random pick).
And yes, they plan to publish this. But I wanted to give our followers advance notice. 
One of the 6 had spike in 15% of his monocytes!!! This is NOT limited to 5 months out... This could last for years, we just don't know yet.

The 6 were randomly picked. They wanted to use them as "healthy controls." Then the researchers freaked out when they found this. Whoa. 
Anyone can verify this but nobody in academia will attempt to do this. The results will be too embarrassing. It will prove Malone was right the whole time about importance of measuring those 3 things. He said this on the Darkhorse podcast that was censored on YouTube. 
The antigen (in this case spike) is SUPPOSED to disappear in 2 weeks. So this can explain long-term vaccine symptoms (along with permanent or temp damage from the inflammation and blood clots caused by the vaccine). Permanent damage is from scarring caused by inflammation. 
Anyone can replicate this if they have the proper assays. Will anyone? Will they be able to get it published? That's the big question. Journals censor by deeming unfavorable research as "out of scope" for the journal. 
The 6 had Pfizer and Moderna. Malone said "that should NOT be happening." So MAJOR problem.


  1. They're going to take cover behind the notion that the wild virus put the spike proteins there and who is going to prove otherwise. They'll obfuscate and attempt to escape the Nuremberg trials, or blame it all on Trump. This is gallows humor. I have no idea what I'm going to do if my wife and child perish as a result of this "oops". Mark A.

  2. I may have figured out the bad guys' game on this injection madness. Here it is:

    The mRNA injections are intended to manufacture spike proteins, not because that's some super boffo way of *protecting* people from the virus (which we all see as ludicrous) but as a way to prolong the Scamdemic and ensure constantly renewing emergency orders and endless booster shots (which can be modified with all sorts of nefarious genetic experiments over time).

    Here's the tell. People who got the jab seem to be *more*likely to get the Rona (or its variants) not to mention spin off ever newer variants as the virus evades the shot. In other words, the vulnerability of jabbed zombies to new strains and as factories of new strains is not a bug, it's a feature baby.

    That explains why the gangsters are so hot to jab everyone in sight, even people who have zero risk of Rona hospitalization. They need people to keep getting sick in sufficient numbers to keep the hysteria going and justify their authoritarian controls.

    Time is short for them though. If half of us refuse the jab and it becomes apparent that mostly jabbed people are getting sick, the jig is up. Same with Florida and Texas and others. If jabs aren't mandated it will eventually become clear that it's the genetic mutants who are getting sick not the ones with normal immune systems. Can't allow that. Thus the enormous pressure on Desantis, Abbott, et al to encourage jabs.


    1. Well... it's one thing to accuse the Moderna and Pfizer CEOs of this intent, but quite another to imagine that the researchers and scientists up and down the chain have this intent.

    2. What? You mean the researchers and scientists up and down the chain whose livelihoods are 100% dependent upon funding from government, non-profits (e.g., EcoHealth), and for-profits? Do you really think it requires some kind of conspiracy for people to identify their own rice bowl issues? Especially in the face of virulent attacks upon any researcher or scientist who raises his/her head above the foxhole?

      I think you might have missed one of the most significant facets of this story over the past 18 months: the amazingly forceful interventions against free speech and scientific independent thought by the herd of jackals in the press and the health bureaucracy.

    3. Yeah, virulent attacks upon any researcher or scientist, or anyone else, who prominently who raises his/her head above the foxhole.

  3. The "researchers and scientists up and down the chain" don't need to have this intent. Their job was to develop a vaccine post-haste. That job is done and now the ones running the show are people miles above their pay grade, both in and out of government.

  4. “But here’s where the problem comes. In a virus, in a Coronavirus, that spike protein becomes part of the viral capsule. In other words, the cell wall around the virus, called the viral capsule. But it’s not in the virus. It’s in your cells. So it therefore becomes part of the cell wall of your vascular endothelium. Which means that these cells that line your blood vessels, which are supposed to be smooth so that blood flows smoothly, now have these little spikey bits sticking out.”

    This is an hypothesis by Dr. Charles Hoffe describing how trillions of lipids containing the mRna escape into the bloodstream where they travel until the blood slows down in capillaries. It is here where the lipids enter the cells lining your blood vessels and these cells produce the spike proteins which then roughen the cell walls causing blood clots.


  5. I went and read not only the "I hate when I'm right" commentary on that you referenced Mark, but went back and read all the other related posts in the previous week and this one stuck out: "Here it comes*" 7-22-21

    "We deliberately did not look at the thrombotic profile of the trial participants in the vaccines; specifically, we did not pull d-Dimer and troponin tests (both cheap) on the participants before the jab, and then sequentially on intervals (e.g. 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks) to detect whether we were in fact inducing damage similar to the disease. The drugmakers did not look because quite-obviously they did not want to know; if that showed up in the trials in any sort of statistically relevant percentage of the enrollees it would have instantly shut down the trials and freaked out the thousands in said trials who put themselves at risk. I remind you that in September of 2020 the first scientific paper was published indicating that the "Spike" was quite possibly the direct cause of the serious damage and virtually all Covid-19 deaths. Several papers followed starting in December of 2020, prior to mass-distribution of the jabs, confirming that the spike was directly capable of causing pathology -- that is, severe damage -- without the rest of the virus being present at all."

    I'm glad that my kids didn't take even though my daughter thought it would be a good idea. My concern now is that my parents in their 80's took the Moderna one and so far, no complaints. @#*&!!! (bad word)

  6. Covid is just the excuse, the reason.

    A fortunate event that hastened the inevitable.

    Mankind is all about being lorded over. We had a good run that extended to Europe to an an extant, but the reality is humankind can not handle freedom of any kind.

    1. Hahaha, not without a fight.

    2. TD, I prefer to look at it the other way around, and find it helpful to do so: Mankind is all about needing to feel needed (it gives our lives meaning when we're needed), when other human beings are dependent on you, (as young children are dependent on their parents) then you get a powerful shot, perhaps a continuous intravenous feed of feeling needed. Hence meaning. When you don't have children or they have grown independent of you (as children will do) then you have to go elsewhere to get the feeling of being needed back. Maybe you find it in taking care less fortunate family or friends, maybe you find it in advocating for or running a lavish government program of handouts. The people who are more amenable to being lorded over, I would suggest we'll find, are most likely in general getting that feeling of being needed by children or family or friends. Or they have faith or some other way to fill the need for meaning. I don't think we should blame them. Mark A

    3. Truly, one way of viewing history is a never struggle between the soul crushing tyranny of collectivist rulers and people yearning for the freedom to live in God's truth.


    4. Yes. Go back and read "The Grand Inquisitor" chapter of The Brothers Karamozov. That was the inquisitor's point to Christ: man doesn't want freedom. He would much rather be told what to do. The Leviathan was all too willing to serve that function. Now the new leviathan is government.

  7. In other news, Dell is no longer shipping top of the line Alienware gaming PC's to five states.

    "This product cannot be shipped to the states of California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Vermont or Washington due to power consumption regulations adopted by those states. Any orders placed that are bound for those states will be canceled."

  8. Mark,
    Continued thanks for the hard work and original thought you obviously put into this blog, the insights and thought you lead us commenters to further engage and discover are paying big dividends, it's clear from the commenters input.
    And for the commenters, keep at it - the feedback and links you all provide allows us each to further the digging and discovery, we all need to work at this together.
    To that end, you can all do something to put sand in the gears, go to voterga (Garland Favorito) and donate to their effort - we here in Ga are fighting the good fight but it takes $, and the other side is well funded (with our tax money no less).

    Tom from Georgia

    1. Thanks, Tom. Yes, the contributions of commenters has added a lot of value for me as well as for others.

  9. Slightly OT, but is it true, as Sundance is claiming, that the current PCR test (before the latest CDC move) is unable to distinguish between Covid and the flu?

    1. Not entirely clear. It sounds like it's not so easy to differentiate with PCR--which likely means that the attempt isn't even made, since these tests are supposed to have a quick turnaround. To that extent, he's likely right. Here's the actual CDC wording:

      "CDC encourages laboratories to consider adoption of a multiplexed method that can facilitate detection and differentiation of SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses. Such assays can facilitate continued testing for both influenza and SARS-CoV-2 and can save both time and resources as we head into influenza season."

      The Nobel winning inventor of the PCR test was notoriously outspoken in saying Covid testing with his test was an inappropriate misapplication, mostly invalid, not to be used for diagnosis.

  10. Now comes Biden & Co. with their Dem bought-and-paid-for DoJ:

    Department of Justice Declares COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates Legal

    Even I can see some massive holes in their using EUAs as a basis for this “opinion”. The “no alternatives” requirement for EUA clearance doesn’t hold up when the injected material will not keep the person from getting the virus, but hopefully will reduce its effect on the body. And then there are the missing followup items like keeping track of outcomes, safety, etc. But when you’re aiming for full control, free imposition of your will, you’ll try anything.

    Will any court smack this “opinion” down?

    1. My suspicion is that most judges are too timid and deferential to do the right thing. However, I suspect that there will be a reckoning for the Dems in 2022. People are seeing through all the craziness. IMO.

    2. On judges being timid, it may be a bit more complex, see below, on how/why lower courts "narrow" SCotUS rulings: , and .

    3. I haven't read the links, but I'll just say: 1) I'm talking about basically conservative judges (think: Amy, Brett), and 2) DoJ opinions are nothing like SCOTUS opinions.