Tuesday, July 27, 2021

IMO: People Are Catching On

Selected tweets:

Please read and then reread this one. It confirms what Karl Denninger has been saying. The gene therapy masks the infection, which festers and gets worse.  When you undertand this you also understand--if you doubted--that you're being lied to about the Dread Delta affecting 99.5% unvaxxed. And it's all very bad news for the vaxxed:

For all the dumbass "follow-the-science" liberals--but they're impervious to actual scientific knowledge:

IMO, there's a price to be paid for dementia in high places, and Dems won't like it--but what's their excuse?

ER goes yard--twice!


  1. Well, I can't help but point out that the overwhelming majority of federal workers are... public-unionized Democrat voters. I don't wish ill health--or worse--on anyone, but you must admit that there is a pretty healthy helping of just deserts on Biden voters' plates right now. Talk about uninformed consent.

  2. Biden-watchers over the last 40-some years have observed that this very insecure man has used the nasty punishing putdown for all that time. It apparently makes him feel better about himself when he angrily tears into someone, particularly someone who questions him.

    One of his many pathologies...

  3. With data pouring in starting to indicate mRNA treatments are not only not effective but permanently compromise the immune system.

    Given the unprecedented, globally coordinated messaging and push for forced, mandated, compulsory jabs..."The Great Reset" takes on a whole new level of scary.

  4. I'm in Scotland and am the mother/legal guardian of my 35 year old son...he has disabilities but no comorbidities. I have just been reported to The Mental Health Commission by the NHS because I will not let my son be "vaccinated" with the m-rna jab. I have been called "a stupid woman with a serious case of internetitis" much for my Ivy League degree in Anthropology ! Socialists always seem to win by denigration not debate.