Sunday, June 6, 2021

Wheels Coming Off?

The Dems cheated like hell in Election 2020, but to what effect? The great statesmen in the 50-50 Senate--Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema (but perhaps fronting for a few more)--are blocking the Dem agenda. Latest:

Dem Meltdown Incoming: Joe Manchin Announces Decision on Voting Bill

But it's worse than that, as the article goes on to detail Manchin's plans to block repeal of the filibuster and to block a pure-Dem "infrastructure" bill.

Meanwhile the audits continue--and look to spread. And the bad Fauci/Covid hoaxes continue to metastasize while Election 2022 draws nearer. Leftist craziness grows unabated, the murder pandemic in Blue cities shows no signs of going away, and inflation burgeons. 

More bad news stories:

Fauci crony Peter Daszak got Covid stimulus money--and lots of it:

Why Did Peter Daszak's EcoHealth Alliance Receive Over $1 Million In COVID Relief Funding?

It seems Daszak wasn't really doing much in the way of research--he was the fixer who arranged the government grant money and then spread the largess around:

Peter Daszak and EcoHealth Alliance have found themselves at the center of a very disturbing story, a story that may lead to implicating Daszak and EcoHealth Alliance in the deaths of millions around the world. We know that EcoHealth Alliance received tens of millions of dollars in research grants from the NIH and NIAID, and, in a chilling revelation covered by my colleague Shipwreckedcrew, $39 million in grants from the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security, some part of which funded bioweapons research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

As we’ve reported, EcoHealth Alliance has been awarded over $123 million in grant funding through the United States Government, which includes funding from the NIH, the NIAID, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Homeland Security. Despite that insane amount of funding from a single patron, EcoHealth Alliance, an international nonprofit, is not about to leave any money on the table.

On May 3rd, 2020, just weeks after the Trump Administration revoked grants to the organization (they were restored in July 2020), EcoHealth Alliance was awarded $751,569 in Paycheck Protection Loan Program (PPP) loans for COVID-19 relief from the Small Business Administration. These funds, intended for small businesses (not those raking in hundreds of millions of dollars) struggling to make ends meet during the COVID-19 pandemic, were abused by many companies that did not need this funding to bridge that difficult gap. EcoHealth Alliance’s name can now be added to that list.

Then, on February 18th, 2021, a year to the day that the Daszak-orchestrated Lancet letter denying the lab-leak theory was published, EcoHealth Alliance was again awarded $719,570 in PPP loans. Again, this was after their funding was restored by the Trump Administration in July 2020. EcoHealth Alliance has been prohibited from conducting research related to the grants that were ended then reinstated since April 2020, but they’ve received full funding – which means that researchers’ paychecks have been protected. So why do they need PPP funding?

How many times could this next story be replicated around the country? Think about it. 25% off in mortality reporting--that's a lot, but they call that "some". Worse, that's 25% off the CA guidelines. Who thinks the CA guidelines--or the guidelines for virtually any state--were realistic? The reality is that those mortality figures are probably off by a lot more than 25%. Of course it was a scam, right from the start. It cost the taxpayers money, but it also was used to cost the economy far more. The point is that the drumbeat of revelations of fraud seems never ending:

California county cuts COVID-19 death toll by 25% after finding some deaths 'clearly not' caused by virus

County previously included deaths of anyone infected with the virus, regardless of whether it was a direct or contributing cause of death

All this is pretty much owned by the Dems.


  1. "All this is pretty much owned by the Dems." And their media and big tech co-conspirators. And if the AZ Maricopa audit turns up massive fraud which seems likely, and with other states following along, the potential for a devastating rebuke in future elections is substantial - particularly with Manchin and Sinema's rejection of nationalized elections and neutering the filibuster.

    This has the potential to explode unlike the strictly controlled FISA spying under the DOJ and FBI where anonymous leaks were prevalent to shape the news. In an earlier post you mentioned where DIA kept a Chinese national defector with inside Wuhan lab information hidden from the FBI and CIA. I don't recall any agency or department breaking ranks like this during the Russian escapade.

    Then, as Ted Cruz stated in his Maria Bartiromo appearance this morning, Facebook may well be in legal jeopardy for its censorship of those attributing the virus to the Wuhan lab, seemingly at the behest of the government.


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    1. Yeah, I read that when it first came out and it sure is interesting.

  3. If Denninger is right, all this may be overshadowed by a collapsing infrastructure, see e.g. :

    "... An absolute nightmare scenario is, to manage to tamper with the reconnection algorithm, then split off some part of the grid. The tampering deliberately ****s the reconnect algorithm, so when it closes, it does so 180 degrees out of phase.

    The damage resulting from that would be unbelievable. Done in a number of places at once, it could be catastrophic, as much of that gear is more-or-less bespoke, with few spares. Nail enough of it, and they can't fix it, as the spares don't exist; producing those components takes months.
    Exactly how bad that could get is unknown, but if it happens, it's not going to be fun."

  4. Adam Housley has been reporting for a while now that California is facing audits that show at a minimum $30 billion and probably up to $50 billion in Covid fraud, much of it going overseas.


  5. Speaking of rigging the election and interference by Big Tech: Good discussion of the extent of it, here:

  6. Part of our problem here and at other patriot sites is that we are just too...normal. Too imbued with law and order. Unfortunately, understanding the scope of the criminal miasma we inhabit requires an imagination that few of us possess. We have to imagine the world where the oligarchs and their allied Nomenklatura have all the tools and levers of power in reach. So, for example, There was the penultimate goal of removing Trump from office no matter the cost and plans were launched and spun and propelled. Within that goal, however, were myriad opportunities for the Oligarchy to print and spread around enormous amounts of money to myriad projects and secret bank accounts. These people figured out long ago that the old mechanisms for exposing and punishing this kind of massive theft no longer function. Imagine their world then where you can invent a fortune for yourself at government expense without jeopardy so long as you are part of the Oligarchy. This is why hitherto good people get elected, sent to DC, and then become Swampies. They are initiated into the Club with carrots and sticks. Play along or else.

    We cannot vote our way out of this level of corruption.