Sunday, June 13, 2021

Potpourri Of Videos/Links

 This one from Cornwall is priceless--such a buffoon:

In case you didn't get it, here's the transcript courtesy of TGP:

Boris Johnson: And welcome to those who just joined us… President Ramaphosa (South Africa), President Moon (South Korea)…

Joe Biden: And the President of South Africa.

Boris Johnson: And the President of South Africa as, as, as I said.

Joe Biden: Oh, you did?

Boris Johnson: I certainly did.

Room: Laughter

Imagine if Trump had done anything remotely like that.

In this next one Dan Bongino makes an obvious point, but one that always bears repeating--and he does it well. I couldn't find the video on Youtube so follow the link:

Petition calls for NJ school board members to resign after holidays removed from calendar: 'Cancel culture'

And my Dutch friend tipped me to this--Americans Got Catfished In 2020:


  1. I love Jesse Watters! His programs are always worth watching. And this “catfished” one last night was outstanding...

  2. Another worthy link is at Taibbi's , w/ Federalist's Jashinsky:

    < "Interview on "Rising": On Elite Politics and the Possibility of Left-Right Dialogue.
    In a discussion with Rising's Emily Jashinsky about the Substack article, "Congratulations, Elitists: Liberals and Conservatives Do Have Common Interests Now" >

  3. I've been wondering for the last 6 months about the "vote-switching" that you could see on the CNN election night screens, yet I never see that being mentioned by anybody as obvious proof that fraud was occurring. It was right in front of your eyes.

    Finally someone with a good explanation. It seems the computer math is outdated, and creates data anomalies.

    from one of the comments on Neo blog


    1. Yeah, Frank, good details from Neo's readers.
      For related view of the broader picture, see Kunstler today, on how the "Obama" Admin is facing more pressure, from the risk of exposure of 3 Big Lies: covid-19 deceits, the 2020 election games (esp. in AZ), + the pseudo-recovery of the US economy, exacerbated by e.g. "more social distress... aggravated by the racial provocations ginned up by the Woke...."

      His prognoses involve such options as "some military caretaker administration... to interrupt the 232-year-long cavalcade" of stable governance.

  4. Joebama wore aviator shades to meet the Queen. Jill went bare-legged with a bandaid on her shin.

    Do they have no advisers?

  5. O/T

    The 'latest' on Durham?

    When I think about it, one consequence of the discovery of undoubted evidence that Trump was illegally spied on and the subject, literally, of a Deep State coup attempt, is that, whether or not Durham ever indicts, none of the Conspirators will ever find meaningful work in their chosen fields again.

    And this is no small matter. It is work that sustains us, and for ambitious folk like senior government officials in the FBI, DoJ and CIA, being pushed permanently to the sidelines -- cancelled, really -- has to hurt.

    I would put Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page and Clinesmith in this category, and John Brennan, too. Commenting from time to time on barely-watched CNN or MSNBC is no job. There are undoubtedly many more in the same category of essentially unemployed. Take a look at this summary of the Russia Hoax from the Epoch Times,, and ask yourselves how many of these folks can ever work in government again?

    I know some are back, like Victoria Nuland, but many have seen their reputations ruined and are now essentially unemployable. How many law firms want to hire Bruce Ohr?

    Like Thomas Lifson in the American Thinker article I've linked above, I am not holding my breath for John Durham to deliver criminal accountability. But I do take some satisfaction that many of the culprits have been brought down and taken out.

    1. Be sure to read Lifson's other article:

      I sent Lifson an email congratulating him on the nice article and suggesting:

      1. That the insertion of a middleman (Daszak) helps protect Fauci re funding GOF--obfuscates, and

      2. Any time there's a middleman whose basic job--as I've maintained re Daszak--is to distribute money, investigators should also be looking for kickbacks.
      I.e., the Chinese Dr. Shi probably wouldn't have known how much money flowed to Daszak, only how much came to her. But we should look for kickbacks from the Chinese to Daszak and maybe kickbacks involving Daszak and Fauci--and others. One shouldn't expect obvious kickback arrangements but perhaps through front companies and individuals.

      You'll see why I'm saying this when you read Lifson and see that the grant money being disbursed by Daszak is less than half of his "revenue". The full reporting to IRS (linked in the article) is fairly sketchy.

    2. None of the Conspirators will ever find meaningful work in their chosen fields?
      Maybe not smack-dab in their chosen fields, but, book it, they'll be well taken care of, in cushy retirements etc.

    3. I don't really disagree with you, Mouse, that they'll be 'taken care of', except to express my personal feeling that being fired and exposed can be soul-crushing to an ├╝ber-ambitious man (woman). Bruce Ohr didn't bust his tail majoring in physics at Harvard, and graduating near the top of his class at Harvard Law School, and climbing his way up through the Justice Department to the position of Associate Deputy Attorney General...only to be publicly disgraced, demoted and pushed out. He may be a hero to some, but I bet not in his own eyes.

    4. I bet not in his own eyes?
      The Wokesters will slobber all over him, esp. if this Regime does him a Hennessey.