Monday, June 7, 2021

Rant: America A Serious Country? You're Joking Me!

Peter D'Abrosca engages in a bit of a rant this morning at American Greatness, but it's hard to dispute his major points. Because it really is this simple:

A Serious Country Would Jail Anthony Fauci

A false narrative was carefully crafted by the press to humanize a man who was, at the time, committing crimes against humanity for the apparent purpose of helping Democrats win an election

As usual with these types of rants, it's amusing but also profoundly sad in what it says about modern America:

A serious country would jail Anthony Fauci. It wouldn’t even be a question. ... 


... He was the underdog hero back then, and he was an underdog hero during the pandemic, facing down the Bad Orange Man and the ignorant, science-denying Republicans. This narrative was carefully crafted by the left-wing press to humanize a man who was, at the time, committing crimes against humanity for the purpose of helping Democrats win an election. 

That is not an exaggeration. Lockdowns took a real-world toll on the mental health of those who were, against their will, forced to partake in them. Our children were among those who struggled the most with lockdowns. Overdose deaths skyrocketed during the pandemic, while vulnerable Americans struggled with never-before-experienced isolation. 

Lockdowns did not “stop the spread” of the virus, and Fauci knew that. But lockdowns worked fantastically for the purpose of implementing vote-by-mail and “no-excuse” absentee voting, which helped Joe Biden rake in an incredible 81 million votes—and I’m using “incredible” in the true sense of the word. Not. Credible. 


..., the simple fact is this: in a sane and serious country, betraying the public trust would be considered the ultimate crime. It would be considered worse than murder, assault, or any other violent crimes. 

Serious countries understand that if a significant portion of the population loses faith in the people in charge, disaster is a probable, ... 

But we don’t live in a serious country. 

In fact, about half the population has fallen so deeply for the propaganda that Anthony Fauci is infallible, that it will completely ignore these new revelations, and unquestioningly continue to push pro-mask, pro-lockdown lies until every last human being on earth is hunted down and stabbed in the arm with Pfizer’s mystery juice. 

ADDENDUM 1: Victor Davis Hanson, in The Lethal Wages of Trump Derangement Madness, reminds one and all that, in addition to the economic and mental health toll taken on the American public by the lockdowns, the knowing suppression of effective medications for Covid (Ivermectin, HCQ) led to (by careful and credible estimates) easily more than 100K unnecessary deaths. "Crimes against humanity" is far from an exaggeration.

ADDENDUM 2: This gets us very near the heart of the crisis of the American constitutional order, the spiritual crisis affecting We The People--not just our rulers.


  1. I understand what he means when he uses the colloquialism "serious", but I question if it's the correct usage in this piece.

    Seizing and keeping power is a serious business. Half the country is happy that they have power, whether or not it's legitimate, and they're serious about it.

    I think some more accurate terms the author could have used would be "an honest country, a not-a-lying country, a rational country".

    Probably nit-picking here, but call a spade a spade.


    1. I have to push back here, Frank. I don't see any credible reason to believe that half the country is happy w Chairman Zhou or the gangster government. The actual number is much smaller.

      For one, look at how many votes Trump got, at least 75 mill or so. That's just the number that can be officially tallied and admitted by the Gangsters. We know, however, that the actual number of votes he received is *much* higher because: a) we now know that the Gangsters have been undercounting Republican votes for years; b) they've been shifting Republican votes to Democrats as well; c) they've been destroying Republican votes. Not just in those handful of precincts that put Zhou into power but everywhere they had their criminal ops set up. So figure Trump's actual vote total is over 80 million, well over.

      Now add in all those millions of citizens who decided not to vote, either due to Gangster propaganda or just disgust at the system. Most of these are generally supportive of the patriotic message but like abused spouses they can't stand up for themselves.

      Now look at the absolute con job that the Gangsters have been pulling for decades. It's one big fat psy op to convince all patriots that they are a crazy, ever shrinking minority of opinion and the Maoists are the vanguard and invincible. To that end they swamp us with fake news ,fake polls, fake politicians, etc... Look around you. How many true marxist believers do you know? I can't think of any. Instead we see a few people who are sympathetic or go along to avoid trouble. That is far different than a crisis of people happy to join the Marxist death parade.

      Now look at history. The marxists have never been a majority anywhere they take power. They are always a vocal minority that infects and controls levers of power, counting on the majority of people to ignore everything and acquiesce until they have their hands around our windpipe.

      I submit that WE are the vast majority if only we realize it. Not going to be easy but they have the tiger by the tail. Eventually it will get them.

  2. Via, the Republican party is being is being taken over by serious Patriots:

  3. If your are a serious Patriot, check out Be part of the Right Revolution, it's not hard.