Friday, June 4, 2021

Adam Housley's Scoop: True - Not True?

Yesterday in a comment exchange I expressed reservations about sundance's theory regarding Fauci being hung out to dry. That didn't mean that I didn't read his post with interest, nor that I disagreed with all of it. For example, Fauci is surely not at the top of the Covid cover-up food chain, so from that standpoint he should be eligible for being hung out. However, Fauci unquestionably knows an awful lot--not facts or science or stuff like that, but the people involved and their overall motives. So, just as in the Russia Hoax, where Comey and McCabe may know too much to be made scapegoats, the same may be true regarding Fauci.

But, then, what about sundance's very valid point--all the leaks lately, don't they point toward a scapegoating role for Fauci. My reservation in that regard is that--for now--the occupants of the White House seem to be circling the wagons to protect Fauci from these devastating reservations. Fauci himself appears to be returning to his original position--hadda be a natural origin for Covid, couldn't have been Gain-Of-Function experiment released by accident from a lab in Wuhan. Of course, it's possible that the White House occupants are still assessing the risks involved in making Fauci a scapegoat, so Tony can't rest easy.

My point is raising these issues is to simply exercise some caution. There are other things going on, too, and those developments may point in a slightly different direction--a direction that could be difficult for the White House occupants to control. It may prove impossible to protect Fauci for the long run. Those "other things" may also shed some light on the leaks we're seeing.

Before we get there, to Housley's scoop--if it is a scoop--let's review a few important bits of information.

The other day when the Fauci emails came out I--and, of course, others--put a lot of emphasis on Fauci's email exchange with a top level virologist at Scripps Research, Kristian Andersen. That exchange took place very near the the beginning of the Covid panic--Jan 31 - Feb 1. What Andersen wrote to Fauci--citing support from several other scientists--blows the "natural origins" argument out of the water. Now, later Andersen--who is associated with Peter Daszak, a major promoter of GOF at Wuhan--tried to walk back his original view, to make it conform with the official "natural origin" narrative. But now we have his original email, in which he states categorically:

... Eddie, Bob, Mike, and myself all find the genome inconsistent with expectations from evolutionary theory. ...

That appears to directly contradict what, by May 2020, had become Fauci's first line of defense, which you can hear in this excellent video of Tucker Carlson. Beginning at around the 4:45 mark we hear Fauci trying to claim that the genome "sequencing" of mutations is exactly what you'd expect in a natural evolutionary scheme. 

But we now know that that narrative was the one being propagated by Peter Daszak with some behind the scenes manipulating. Daszak, again, was the guy funneling money to Wuhan. Other scientists with some for real creds--Nobel winning virologist David Baltimore, for example--remained adamant that the Covid genome contained "smoking gun" features (the now famous Furin cleavage) that made a lab engineering origin for the virus the only possible explanation.

These conflicts can't be walked back at this point.

Carlson also raised a fascinating point that may (or may not) be relevant to Housley's scoop. On June 2 Carlson observed that much of a particular Fauci email is redacted. The redaction comes under FOIA Exemption B7(A): "records or information compiled for law enforcement purposes." Watch that segment here:

Law enforcement purposes? FBI purposes? That's interesting. And watch the rest of the excellent monologue here:

So, finally, to Adam Housley's scoop. I'll insert the first tweet in the series, then include other following tweets. The first tweet is the money one, because Housley states point blank:

1. The FBI has obtained specific information from a defector that the Wuhan flu resulted from gain of function engineering in one of the Wuhan labs. Further,

2. FBI agents withheld the results of their debriefing of the defector in this regard from Director Chris Wray--until they were sure they had got all the relevant information from the defector recorded.

Here's Housley:

Then he continues (with some editing):

Also...US intelligence believes China is trying to produce variants that suggest it came from bats to cover up that it originally came from a lab. The belief is still that it escaped accidentally, but was allowed to spread.

Remember...much of what the mainstream press is now reporting about China and Coronavirus...a few of us have been reporting since last March. With details. All of that reporting is being completely verified.

This is true. This isn't "out of the blue" information. It's confirmation of what other investigators and scientists--scientists not under Fauci's control--have been saying. 

My sources still believe it was out [the lab leak occurred] in August 2019.

Note, this is a "belief". Presumably there is evidence, but it's not proof at this point. 

The belief of my sources....allowed to spread so that the economic impact and overall impact wouldn’t be just on China.

Very few [FBI agents] do [trust Wray] ... outside of DC.
@JohnBeason13 Replying to @adamhousley
They don’t even trust the [FBI] director?

... [Presence of Covid "in the wild," outside the lab] Proven to December and some show November. My sources think August. I don’t mean the U.S. in august...I mean my sources suspect it got out in China then...late in the month.

Again...what I reported tonight. US intelligence has a Chinese defector with Wuhan info. AND China is trying to produce variants that suggest it came from bats to cover up that coronavirus originally came from a lab.

Thanks and yep.
@fleaflicker44 Replying to @adamhousley
China owns us, and nothing will come of it. Cool scoop tho, nonetheless.

It's all very interesting, but unconfirmable at this point. Still, I don't think this story is going away.


  1. New intelligence coming in the way Adam Housley suggests does explain a lot about what we are seeing. There is no way in hell that all the mainstream media turns on a dime like they have on this story without there being a green light from somewhere in this administration. And that recent Vanity Fair writeup about the lab escape theory has been in the works for some time.

    Now, one possible explanation for all the stories coming out at the same time would be if an element within the FBI who was working this case knew that their information would be tossed in the memory hole, they seeded the press with some leading information in order to ensure what they had would not be ignored. Adam can't be the only person who talks to sources with this information.

    1. Yes, the Vanity Fair piece requires some reading between the lines, but it's a blockbuster. And it didn't happen over a week. Or even a month.




  3. Maybe they should put Fauci on suicide watch.

    1. There are 2 guards who might be helpful.

      Rob S

  4. Way outside my wheelhouse, but, if this was an intentional leak, would that not be considered a weapon of mass destruction by the world? Is not biological equated with nuclear when it comes to weapons? That was my thinking when I saw Xi’s reported comment about preparing for nuclear war because Biden’s handlers want to look into the origins of Covid 19.

    1. @mr

      Interesting point. My guess is that the press account of china prepping itself for possible nuclear war is a not so subtle hint to Chairman Zhou not to get any funny ideas about trying to pin the WuFlu on the CCP or take punitive measures. I.e., here's where that line of inquiry ends, so don't go there.

    2. Yep, very astute observation. My guess is the CCP will understand that Xiden needs to "save face" and therefore will allow sham investigation(s) that conclude natural causes. But it will not allow the truth to be revealed and will not abide "unfounded accusations" or associated sanctions. Here is a case where the paid agents in the Executive Branch and other NGOs will pay off for China.

  5. My swag is they need somebody to blame, scapegoat for all the Covid theater that went on in mostly blue states. Choices are the Democratic Governors, or Fauci and company…

    I agree their is deliberate engineering of the new narrative, my only is question what is trying to be hidden.

  6. They lie until they can no longer lie, and then they begin to spin.

  7. My concern is that the Swamp and its press will tag the events to the Trump Administration. After all, it happened on his watch. Untruths can be powerful and motivating, as the Floyd fiasco shows us all.

  8. This Chinese "threat" to increase their nuclear arsenal in order to stall an investigation in CV 19 origins is pure bluff. What are are they realistically going to do? Reduce their biggest customer to ashes? They don't want their country to be a radioactive wasteland until the end of time any more than we do ours. Better to face the Sino-bully straight up and give the BS "diplomacy" a good long rest.

    Unfortunately, this advice is like pissing into the wind with
    the present group of commie/pu&&ies in this faux administration. May they all rot in hell for their treason and perfidy - the sooner the better.