Monday, June 14, 2021

Three Way Squeeze

That's the title of a thought provoking post by James Howard Kunstler today (h/t aNanyMouse). The idea behind the title is that the Zhou Baiden regime--a regime for which Zhou himself is merely the frontman for others, probably in the Obama camp--is finding itself squeezed from three separate directions, but with all three factors working toward the imminent downfall of the regime. What makes these three factors so potent is that they rest upon Three Big Lies. When those lies are exposed--and the exposure of all three is proceeding apace--the result, Kunstler argues, will spell the end of the regime.

What are these three Big Lies?

The first is a complex of lies surrounding the Covid Panic. Among those Kunstler lists are those surrounding 1) Covid origins and Chinese intent, 2) the existence of effective treatments (which pulls in the Emergency Use Authorization for the genetic medications from Big Pharma), and 3) the witting creation of a Casedemic through the misuse of PCR testing. The result?

... more deaths and “adverse events” in aggregate than all the other vaccines medicine has developed over the past thirty years. Let that sink in. You will also hear Dr. Malone describe the spike protein, which is the chief mechanism activated by the vaccines, as a “toxic” agent.

This cannot be good news for the millions who gave their consent to be vaccinated. We have no idea what the long-term effects will be, but it’s apparently the case that the toxic spike protein does not behave the way it was supposed to. That is, it does not remain in the intramuscular vaccination site, but rather migrates all through the body, with a special affinity for causing cardiovascular mischief, neuromuscular disorders, and damage to reproductive organs.

In this context, consider these numbers that I presented recently:

VAERS COVID Vaccine Data (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, USA)

329,021 Reports Through June 4, 2021
DEATHS: 5,888
Urgent Care: 43,891

Life Threatening: 5,885
Heart Attacks: 2,190
Myocarditis/Pericarditis: 1,087
Thrombocytopenia/Low Platelet 1,564
Miscarriages: 652
Severe Allergic Reaction: 15,052
Disabled: 4,583

If we were to apply these numbers to any of our military adventures, we'd be looking at something like 6,000 deaths and 63,000 wounded--in just six months. And that doesn't include the MIA's who haven't made it to the voluntary VAERS reporting system. These kinds of numbers will not be ignored indefinitely, and especially as long term harm emerges. Consider this story: Vaccinated Los Angeles doctor diagnosed with COVID-19, warns about breakthrough cases. The article states that the vax effectiveness is at 90% after two weeks. OK, but this doctor--and his wife--were vaxxed six months ago. What kind of vax is effective for only six months? The answer is, NO kind of vax. This is genetic therapy, and the future is unknown.

Interestingly, and very relevantly to these considerations, Dr. Robert K. Malone--who invented the mRNA process used in the current genetic medications--tweeted this today:

Robert W Malone, MD



This deserves a bump.  I have been told by colleague @US_FDA that there will not be federal mandates for COVID vaccination of adolescents and children using these experimental EUA vaccines.  If so, I think that may be a win for the bioethics argument.

The second of the Big Lies, says Kunstler, is the narrative that Zhou actually "won" Election 2020. We've noted many times that polling confirms that that narrative has not persuaded enough of the public to assure the regime of true legitimacy. Further, the audit process is proceeding and looks to be producing results. This will continue.

And finally:

The third “Big Lie” is that the US economy is “recovering” from the Covid-19 disruptions. The US economy has been a Potemkin village since 2008, held together with the baling wire and duct tape of Federal Reserve money games and, more so lately, US government fiscal recklessness — i.e., spending vast amounts of borrowed money on direct payments to broke citizens, broke businesses, and, apparently an equal number of outright crooks who just gamed the various bailout categories.

For now, many places are supposedly caught up in the exuberant reopening of daily life activities: restaurants, travel-and-leisure businesses, big league sports. Sounds good, maybe, but the frothy feeling is belied by the still-boarded-up shopfronts and the expanding homeless campgrounds of the big cities and by the noises made by big corporations laying off thousands of employees. One narrative says that many service jobs go begging because too many people still receive government handouts that add up to more than such jobs pay. And some businesses, such as restaurants, say they are offering much higher wages than they used to in a desperate effort to keep operating.

[Also cf. People Are Quitting Their Jobs At A Record Rate: What's Going On?]


To all of which he adds the prospect of continued extreme levels of urban violence and--I would add--the increasingly open and heated cultural conflicts centering especially around schools. The whole argument that this will lead to regime downfall is worth considering seriously.


  1. In this context, watch the price of gold, despite it's (esp. recent) history of being gamed.
    It's now c. 1865, and may soon get down briefly to 1800, but once it closes above 1950+, smart money (those in the Real Know) will likely see that as a harbinger of "interesting times".
    Even more so, if it closes above 2063+.

  2. Illegitimate regimes around the world last often times for generations. I would love to see the end of the Biden regimen but the US is now a nation of cowards and will go along to get along IMHO. I doubt my grandkids will ever live free again.

    1. “ I doubt my grandkids will ever live free again.”

      Might be us very soon and, anyways, that’s the plan all along. Ya know, the negative rights the Constitution has, etc.

    2. A large part of me agrees with you completely! I wish it didn't!

    3. That Illegitimate regimes around the world last is often quite true, until enough cracks appear inside the edifice of intimidation/ surveillance.
      When those cracks start to widen, will the Regime go "nuclear"?
      The Sov brass didn't in 1991, but this crowd might.

  3. And, look for whether the premiums for coins are rising, e.g. for new Maples, see .
    Today such Maples are 1984, so 19 above "spot".

    If premiums get to multiples above what they are now, it'll suggest that the crisis atmosphere is getting such, that the paper price is being overshadowed by the physical price.
    If physical dealers are mostly Out of Stock, even if (or esp. if) the paper price gets to near zero, it'll be overwhelming evidence that a huge crisis is at hand.

    1. Today such Maples are AT 1984, so 19 above "spot".


    Violence in cities only happens as long as the local government allows it. And it’s seen as politically useful. I see blm falling apart as a political force as they fight over the spoils.

    Crt opposition I see as a dark horse, but a game changer.

    1. I will add that BLM and Antifa will only rampage as long as they are funded.

      Given the coming backlash against all things COVID, the backlash against CRT (which I agree is HUGE and is already happening all over the country) and the stagflation economy, the Republicans are being set up for a romp in the 2022 elections - even they are not likely to blow it. If that happens, look for the Dems to send out their storm troopers in all of the blue ("government allows it") cities. We ain't seen nothing yet. But 75 Million + of us won't put up with it in OUR backyards.

  5. A fourth factor is the regime continues to be terrified of President Donald J. Trump. They are pushing the 'insurrection', criminal charges and persecution of anyone associated with Trump. Are they on to something? Has he evidence of wrong-doing on the part of many powerful people? Is he biding his time, waiting for the ideal moment to spring the biggest tiger trap in history? Or maybe he is just waiting to be put back in the White House, when they can expect he will play hardball.

  6. Following the Science

    A sorta humorous addendum to Kunstler -he says

    "For the moment, “Joe Biden” is overseas, dazzling the leaders of foreign lands with his charm and perspicacity. I wonder if he’s heard the new caution from the CDC that people who have been “vaccinated” should not fly in airplanes for more than four hours at a time due to the possibility of developing harmful blood clots (deep vein thrombosis) at altitude. “Joe Biden” suffered a cranial aneurysm, 1988, requiring a 13-hour brain surgery. “Joe Biden” has been vaccinated. Just sayin’."

    “More than 300 million people travel on long-distance flights (generally more than four hours) each year.1 Blood clots, also called deep vein thrombosis (DVT), can be a serious risk for some long-distance travelers. Most information about blood clots and long-distance travel comes from information that has been gathered about air travel. However, anyone traveling more than four hours, whether by air, car, bus, or train, can be at risk for blood clots.”



    1. That IS humorous. I spent a lot of time listening to Dr. Robert K. Malone, who said he got vaxxed simply to be able to fly transatlantic. Woops!

      He did have a lot of fascinating things to say.

  7. Steve Bannon (who may know of which he speaks) suggests a 4th major turning now addition to the three Kunstler identifies...which is the exposure of the corruption of Wall Street...the corruption of our financial Elites:

    1. Hey, c'mon--I can only handle so much disillusion in a single day! LOL!