Saturday, June 12, 2021

UPDATED: Briefly Noted: Joe Manchin's Role In The Senate

I counted at least three articles about Joe Manchin at Red State yesterday. However, the prize for hands down best would have to go to shipwreckedcrew's 

Democrat Self-Interest in Re-Election Overtakes Desire to Pass the Socialist-Progressive Legislative Agenda

SWC offers a lucid explanation for why the Left simply has zero leverage over Manchin--their childish attacks on him do Manchin nothing but good in West Virginia. If he hopes to live out his days as senator from West Virginia that's all that matters. Indeed, as SWC suggests, Manchin might be tempted to 

send a bus to pick up AOC, Rashida Talib [sic], and Cori Bush and bring them to Charleston and Wheeling to campaign against him.

However, SWC's main point, as we have also emphasized, is that Manchin's role is actually to be the front man for non-radical Left Dems. In other words, he fronts for several other senators (not just Kyrsten Sinema) with similar views. They're not all completely on the same page, but they're close enough that they'll hang together. Now that Diane Feinstein (a surprise) has come out, I count five--including, unsurprisingly, both AZ senators. Remember, there's an election audit going on in AZ, so any expectation of those two going out on a far Left wing is ridiculous. Neither are the ideologues that some other senators are, and there is the possibility of their elections being ruled invalid.

SWC goes on to point out why Schumer--just like McConnell--is highly unlikely to draw any hard and fast lines that exclude wayward Dems. With a 50-50 Senate he has to be concerned for maintaining even that precarious grasp on his position--not, as SWC says, paying "fealty to the nutjobs in the House."

That nevertheless puts Schumer in an unenviable position. The Dem agenda has gone down in flames. It's fine for SWC to deride the "nutjobs in te House"--and nutjobs they are--but Schumer was fool enough to identify with much of their agenda (Court packing prominently among them). That agenda is deeply unpopular around the country. So the Dems will be running on no accomplishments and an unpopular agenda. Meanwhile, the country is in turmoil fomented by the Loony Left, with increasing grass roots led resistance springing up. And inflation--absolutely do not discount the effect that will have.

So, while the country does a slow burn, voters will be treated to the spectacle of internecine warfare on the Left while nothing productive gets done. They will also be treated to the spectacle we're already seeing of a barely--if that--compos mentis geriatric case occupying the White House while election fraud audits proceed. And an utterly incompetent and deeply unlikeable Kama Sutra in the wings:

The battle is now joined — inside the Democrat party.  ...

The GOP has more Senate seats to defend in 2022, but the election won’t be about Donald Trump, it will be about Joe Biden and the Democrat party’s first two years in office.

But even that is not accurate — it will be about Joe Biden and the Democrats’ first 12-14 months in office because one year from now some states will already be conducting primary elections for the November 2022 midterm election.

Meanwhile, Trump is about to launch--or be associated with the launch--of a new social media platform that bids fair to be a wild success against the despised Tech Titans. As Trump pointed out yesterday with iron logic:

They are shutting down an entire group of people. Not just me. They are shutting down the voice of a much more powerful and a much larger group.

That's exactly why I expect a huge percentage of Trump voters to turn to the new platform. That will be another thing the Wokesters have awakened. A mass movement that will have an unstoppable social media presence--one that they will not be able to marginalize.

UPDATE: Oh my! SWC noted in his article that Manchin is Catholic. I generally take that with a grain of salt these days, but Don Surber had this in his highlights this morning:

ITEM 12: National Review reported, "Senator Joe Manchin (D., W.Va.) said he would continue to support the Hyde amendment, in comments to Bloomberg Government on Thursday."

The amendment bans federally funded abortions.

The story said, "Because Manchin sits on the Senate Appropriations Committee, which is evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans, Manchin could require the Hyde amendment to be included in any spending bill to reach the Senate floor."

Manchin is rising to the occasion.

This is getting to be fun!


  1. Also popping up yesterday were articles on AG Garland's DOJ trying to muscle in on the Maricopa audit. I think it was Thomas Lifson at American Thinker who stated the democrats are getting nervous. Another 'rumor' was that Garland and his cohorts are wrestling with whether they want to step into the Maricopa recount (on what grounds would be the obvious question) or feel the wrath of more than 70 million (that we know of) Trump voters if he does.

    As I see it, with all the other state congressional visits to AZ to see how the audit is being conducted, if the fraud is as bad as many suspect it will be a watershed event. And that cannot be allowed to happen by the Deep State...


    1. Dem polling already shows Trump voters remain energized. Garland trying to muscle in would, IMO, only be a delaying tactic at best. The states are on solid constitutional grounds and the SCOTUS has already shown no inclination to maintain a federal role--with more such decisions likely to come in the near future. Turnout is usually much lower in midterms, so enraging an already energized conservative basis will do nothing to improve Dem turnout as they fight each other. They thought cheating Trump would depress conservatives, but it had the opposite effect.

    2. Surely Garland knows better. And more states are joining in with their own audiits…

      The more repressive the Dems become, the lower their chances of retaining power at many governmental levels. Our side won’t let it happen.

    3. I'd be surprised if Garland accomplishes anything. I suspect this is to keep Lefties happy. There was a SCOTUS case only a year or so ago in which the SCOTUS decided it was time to let Southern states out from under blanket suspicion re elections. That's part of why I think Roberts' strategy is to let states be within reason, i.e., unless there is some very glaring constitutional issue. Moreover the SCOTUS is showing itself rather hostile toward prelim injunctions these days. I realize these wouldn't be nation wide injunctions, but this is an area in which the constitution explicitly gives the states authority. Without a very strong showing that they will win, DoJ probably won't have a chance.

    4. Mark, you may have seen this 22h hour old tweet by now:

      Matthew S. DePerno, Esq. @mdeperno
      "A source tells me Merrick Garland and the DOJ are weighing two options: 1️⃣shut down the AZ audit by seizing everything now or 2️⃣allowing the results to be published. They are debating the anger of 72 million voters vs. the potential decertification of multiple states."

      I am surprised that they think they might have some sort of basis to "seize everything." Or maybe they wouldn't care about legality. Thank you for giving your thoughts on Garland.

    5. Any attempt to "seize everything" would be immediately challenged. I don't see the basis. The constitution gives authority in these matters specifically to the state legislatures. Disputes should ordinarily be handled in the states. I can see an appeal of anything of the sort being fast tracked to the SCOTUS and DoJ losing.

    6. > 1️⃣shut down the AZ audit by seizing everything

      I wonder if it could be seized under the pretext of a doj “investigation”.

      Investigation is the standard process for burying negative news. See Hunter Biden’s Laptop, Hillarys emails, Durham investigation, etc.

    7. It is a fascinating question. One aspect is the utility of a seizure. What, precisely can be seized at this point now that the ballots have all been counted and audited? Surely it's too late to bar the door now.

      Beyond the physical ballots, the information and knowledge is already in the hands and heads of the auditors and likely the state senators. What would DOJ do? Try a gag order? Throw senators in jail? Talk about gangster government!

      My SWAG is that they are counting on the Propaganda Media and Big Tech to discredit, debunk, and deplatform any general dissemination of the results. "Oh those crackpot, racist, Trumpers! Bitter about the election, can't move on etc..."

      I would be shocked if any other states can muster the courage and perseverance AZ did to audit results. You can bet that the Oligarchy is nusy buying off and intimidating the necessary people in PA, MI, WI, and GA to stop or neuter any effective audit.


    8. My view, too. And if you read the DoJ statement, all it's really saying is, hey, we'll review the laws. Well, they get paid for doing that, I guess, and that'll keep the left crazies happy for a while, but it doesn't really go anywhere. They'll be in front of a judge almost instantly. Seize? You need a warrant. That will get overturned in short order, IMO.

  2. @DJL

    Watershed is the right word.

    The Overton Window on fraud keeps on moving to election fraud impacted the 2020 election per polls. Gut feeling - polls are under counting this opinion, and people are afraid to say their true opinion, so they don’t get labeled a “conspiracy theory nut”. The Overton Window went from there is a little fraud, to OMG level fraud.

    And our friends the Internet Giants are helping fully censoring this view.

    And Dominion is ready to sue at any hint their machines have issues. They remember how their precursor was destroyed due to counting issues.

    There seems to have been a wide variety of methods used, and due to Trumps landslide they were forced to take even more extreme emergency measures.

  3. Things are certainly getting hot

    "Arizona state Senator Wendy Rogers is warning Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland to stay out of the election audit taking place in her state unless he wants to spend time in prison there."

    “You will not touch Arizona ballots or machines unless you want to spend time in an Arizona prison. Maybe you should focus on stopping terrorism. The Justice Department is one of the most corrupt institutions in the USA,” she tweeted."


    1. I want her as my representative.

    2. Anon, couldn’t agree more. Former fighter pilot? Guts Galore...

    3. Good for you, Senator Wendy Rogers. Brava. Her courage is what needs to be mandatory.

      Garland was the protege of Abner Mikva, a champion of the Black Panthers and mentor for Barack Obama. The rest is history.

  4. I believe it would do them well to continue not only to maintain radio silence on the current process, but before anyone gets a chance to try to shut down any reporting of the results, they should spring a preliminary/initial report with the intent on follow up of a much more in-depth report in few weeks to follow. That way the information is out on the wire before anyone is able to completely shut it down (though I am sure the evil socialist media will do their best to suppress) and during the time everyone is waiting for the final report I’m sure there’s going to be a tremendous amount of buzz. Just my two cents on dealing with hacks and getting the jump on them before they get one over on you.

    1. Yes, I agree, spring a preliminary report and have Mike Pence call a presser to read it.