Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Briefly Noted: What Have The Woke Awakened?

Are we finally seeing the American public reacting against the Woke? The Progs, CRTs, Antifa, BLM, etc.? Every day seems to bring fresh examples that suggest that that might be the case.

Yesterday we noted the surge in support for the death penalty--a decidedly unwoke position. Today we link to several stories over the last few days that suggest that people are fed up, they've had enough and don't want any more. In fact, they want to roll back what's been going on. So, just a sample:

[Federal] Judge approves suit alleging new Virginia high school admission policy discriminates against Asians

The judge said the school's admissions policy was not "race-neutral."

The SCOTUS has dodged the issue of discrimination masquerading as diversity in the guise of affirmative action for years. It may not be possible any longer, as Asians in particular are seeing the handwriting on the wall as it affects them where they live.

Why I Need an AR-15

A man disarmed by his government is not a citizen—he’s a subject.

2A is another issue that the SCOTUS has been dodging. Recently a federal judge in CA slapped down CA's "assault weapon" ban. Other anti-2A statutes have also been challenged. There is a renewed groundswell in support for defending 2A rights, fueled by through the roof gun sales and major rises in ownership. How long can the SCOTUS avoid these cases? In the linked article Dan Gelernter pushes it strongly:

I don’t need an AR-15 for hunting: It’s not even legal to take a deer with one in my state—the caliber is too small. I also don’t need an AR-15 for self-defense, though I’d want to have one if someone broke into my house. And I certainly don’t need one just because it’s a beautiful piece of engineering. I need an AR-15 because the government doesn’t want me to have one.

Governments hate private weapons, and have always hated them. In Europe, traditionally only gentlemen (that is, originally, only knights) were allowed to carry a sword. ... 


There are only two forms of government: One where the people are afraid of the government, and one where the government is afraid of the people. Whoever has the weapons is the ruling class, and there is only one case in all history, only in America, that the ruling class has actually been the common man. 

There's more to be said about gun ownership, but Gelernter gets to the bottom line. Arguments about gun ownership that lean on crimes committed with guns are transparently bogus when it comes to legal ownership. Anti-2A isn't about public safety, it's about safety for the rulers.

More than 170 Houston hospital workers suspended over refusing vaccine

The employees will be fired after two weeks if they don’t get vaccinated

The Covid Panic led--almost certainly not coincidentally--to the most serious challenges to basic civil liberties in America since Jim Crow and Japanese internment. People are fed up with all aspects of the regime, and IMO there is a very strong case--both scientific and constitutional--to be made against the mandates we're seeing being imposed by the Woke on Normals. I'm confident these mandates will be challenged. The more we learn about the deliberate deceit practiced against the citizenry, the more likely courts will slap these mandates down.

Don Surber has very full commentary on the usual spending follies in DC--but this year things are (sorta) different:

The Do Nothing president

Here's how he starts out, but follow the link for the rest:

How difficult is it to get 535 congressmen and senators to spend a trillion bucks? All senators have a little Bob Byrd in him and her. Bringing home the bacon gets your name on highways, bridges, courthouses, and buildings. Woo-hoo.

Surprisingly, Joe Biden cannot pull it off. 

Despite the best efforts of Republican Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, Biden turned down a trillion-dollar compromise.

A confused Associated Press sputtered in a headline, "Biden ends GOP infrastructure talks, starts new negotiations."

He won't negotiate with Republicans, so who are these new guys he is going to negotiate with? Whigs? Mugwumps? The Taliban?

Obviously, something out of the ordinary is going on here. My guess is that GOPers have heard from all those Trump voters--who will also be 2022 voters you betcha--and they've experienced a backbone transplant. For a while. These kind of transplants don't take permanently, but for now they know where they're campaign money is coming from. It's something they learned from the Orange Man. Pay attention to the voice of the people.

And I'm sure you've been reading about the Loudon County teacher who was reinstated by a judge after being fired for defying the Race Crits. Expect to see more such cases out there.

My expectation is that the SCOTUS is watching for the right cases as they develop in federal courts. What the Progs are trying to do--dismantle our entire constitutional order lock, stock, and barrel (!) by bullying the public and the courts--is likely to be a bridge too far for even the liberal justices.


  1. Regarding the Covid panic, Don Surber riffed on a Governor DeSantis tweet this morning.

    Faucism: The use of junk science to impose a totalitarian state on the people.


    1. I'm not a SCOTUS knows best kinda guy, but IMO it's just not possible that the justices haven't taken note of what's going on.

    2. My perspective on SCOTUS has been tarnished by their apparent timidness; or would that be shrewdness as you alluded to a few days ago? Perhaps the institution can redeem itself in the eyes of conservatives.

      I had also placed high hopes on William Barr and John Durham which is another of those 'what's going on' issues, but is no longer in the news. How does a major story that was top of fold for five years just disappear? Where's Captain Obvious?


  2. I've never understood the hunting and self defense pro second arguments. It's a bottom of the barrel argument that in it's self defeats the purpose before even starting to fight.

    I think the SCOTUS dodging has just been decades of not wanting to put the hamstrung to bed. One state could force this issue EASILY of they wished.

    The parties enjoy too much luxury where playing fiddles to their bases on 2A issues buys tons of votes. It behoves all of them to keep that carrot on the stick.

    There is no way the SCOTUS has not noticed that either. Like 240 years of election law, if you don't have it right by now, it's intentional!

  3. I frequently say there is indeed systematic racism in our country. Some people call it affirmative action.

  4. The Surber article was superb. So was this thoughtful comment after the article:

    Johnny from Cleveland June 9, 2021 at 12:29 PM

    Biden is President in name only. His chief of staff, Ron Klain, is likely making many of the policy decisions for Biden, or at least steering home where Klain wants him to go.

    This explains the assignment of Harris to the border issue. It’s a no win issue which will spotlight her rapidly emerging incompetence, thereby eliminating any push to have her replace Biden.

    If Biden is gone and replaced by Harris, Klain likely loses his position along with the attendant power. I believe Klain will do everything he can to expose Harris as a fool, helping him retain his power as long as Biden is alive.

    1. "Klain will do everything he can to expose Harris as a fool"

      Meaning, Everything that she doesn't do on her own? :-)

    2. Why should we believe that Klain is at all free to make "many of the policy decisions for Biden" or "at least steering him where Klain wants him to go"? Whole lot of woke agenda items are coming out of the Chicago playbook and points to Obama /Clyburn having a big say. And we're supposed to believe Klain engineered the election fraud or that the powers that did are just going to let him take the reigns? Gina's over there at the CIA taking marching orders from Ron? Doubtful. Mark A

  5. Just a thought, but maybe more Americans need to get a taste of what it is like to lose their liberty before they will be willing to stand up for it again. It's been so long since we have had to really fight hard to keep our basic rights, but whether it is the 2nd amendment or free speech, our fundamental freedoms are being challenged by the left more and more every day. Our threats today are internal as much as any external enemy has threatened our liberty. It is up to us Americans to decide whether we want to keep our liberty--I am hopeful that enough Americans still want that.

    1. This is why I'm seriously considering voting for the most radical progs possible if there's no America First candidates (rare to find in Maryland). I want the Express lane to destruction so there will still be survivors who remember liberty when it's time to rebuild.

  6. SCOTUS heard the Dems loud and clear. There is a reason for the unusual amount of unanimous decisions as of late.

    The Supreme Court only has power so long as the other two branches allow it. That may or may not be the exact intention of our founding, but it’s reality as Democrat President Andrew Jackson noted. Ya know, the guy who is considered the founder of the modern Democratic Party.

  7. Van Buren was the real founder, and he says a lot more about the character of the Democrats than Jackson.

    1. Uhhh ... ok ...

      Wiki ...

      “ Following the 1824 presidential election, Van Buren led to re-establish a two-party system with partisan differences based on ideology rather than personalities or sectional differences; he supported Jackson's candidacy in the 1828 presidential election with this goal in mind.”

      “ At Jackson's behest, the 1832 Democratic National Convention nominated Van Buren for vice president of the United States, and he took office after the Democratic ticket won the 1832 presidential election. With Jackson's strong support, Van Buren won the presidential nomination at the 1835 Democratic National Convention, and he defeated several Whig opponents in the 1836 presidential election.”

      So, yeah, he was his own man.

      Old Hickory made sure Buren occurred, but whatever.

      Thing is, Jackson at least gave a damn.

  8. Congressional GOP Overton window changers:

    - Trump is intervening in primaries.

    - proof of electoral fraud is becoming more well known, especially how eGOP aided and abetted it,

    - Trump is still a force, and is not silent.

    - China is being blamed for Covid, and Trumps enemies tried to cover this up. As well as make the Vovid crisis worse.