Friday, June 5, 2020

Understanding What's Going On--It's Another Coup Attempt

If it weren't another coup attempt, ask yourself this: Then why is the mayor of Washington, DC, pulling this stunt (via TGP):

There are reports that One Million leftists will converge on Washington DC this weekend to resume their protests over the death of George Floyd. 
This comes after Washington DC Mayor Bowser kicked out ALL of the National Guard troops that were sent there to restore peace after leftists rioting and vandalized the city last weekend. 
Washington DC Mayor Bowser announced on Thursday she was examining every legal question about the Presidents’ authority to send troops, even National Guard from other states, to the District of Columbia. 
Mayor Bowser said, “I have the authority and have not requested guard from any state.” 
The DC Mayor then later evicted ALL NATIONAL GUARD from any Washington DC hotel.

Tucker Carlson has his usual good analysis. While he focuses quite a bit of attention on the key Leftist demand to "defund and dismantle" police forces, he also gets to the nub of what's really going on--the goal, and not just the tactics: The riots are not about George Floyd or racial justice. They're about Trump and seizing power.

Most of us haven't been able to step back far enough to ask even the obvious questions. The most obvious, of course, is what is this really about? What do the mobs want?
Well, thugs looting the Apple Store can't answer that question. They have no idea. They just want free iPads. But what about Apple itself and the rest of corporate America, which is enthusiastically supporting the rioters? What about members of Congress, the media figures, the celebrities, the tech titans, all of whom are cheering this on. What do they want out of it? 
Well, they haven't said. That's the central mystery. 
Now suddenly, it is obvious. It should have been obvious on the first day. This is about Donald Trump. Of course, it is. We just couldn't see it. 
In everything they do, their overriding goal is to remove Donald Trump from office. And that's exactly what they're trying to do now. That's what these riots are about. The most privileged in our society are using the most desperate in our society to seize power from everyone else. 
Got that? That's the nub of it. The most privileged are using the most desperate to seize power from the rest of us. They are not seeking racial justice. If they were seeking racial justice, they wouldn't be denouncing their fellow Americans for their race, which they are. It has nothing to do with it. 
What they are seeking is total control of the country. And it goes without saying that none of this has anything to do with George Floyd. Shame on those who pretended that it did -- those who fell for the lie and those who knew better but played along because they are cowards. There are many of those. You know who they are, and someday we will look back on all of them with contempt. 
Meanwhile, the many people promoting this chaos remain clear-eyed. They are not lying to themselves. They never do. They know exactly what's going on, and they know what they hope to achieve by it. With every night of rioting, they grow bolder. Now, they are openly defending violence on television.

There's another article out today, by Ryan Bomberger, that offers even more perspective: Top 10 Reasons I Won't Support the #BlackLivesMatter Movement. What's so useful about this article is that, if you take the 10 reasons (which he explains) they provide the agenda for the Left--it helps you see that BLM is simply a Leftist front group and has nothing whatsoever to do with Black people. Check out the 10 reasons--even without the explanations you'll get a good idea of what that agenda really is:

The premise isn’t true. [America and its police isn't racist, but the Left needs to get LE under their heel so they will have total power.] 
There is no goal of forgiveness or reconciliation. None. It’s never mentioned on their sites. You can’t talk about the sins of the past and expect to move forward if there is no intention of forgiveness. ... 
It’s all about Black Power.
They heavily promote homosexuality and transgenderism. “We foster a queer-affirming network. When we gather, we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking.” I’m not embracing confusion. Loving every human being is not the same as loving every human doing. 
They completely ignore fatherhood. From BLMF: “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.” [IOW, Socialism.] 
They demand reparations. [It's about the power to break all dissent.]
They want to abolish prisons and police forces. And…cue utter chaos. [But only as a step to seizing--and exercising--total power.] 
They are anti-capitalism.
Colin Kaepernick supports it.  
Apparently, not all black lives matter. Pro-abortion BLMF declared: “We deserve and thus we demand reproductive justice [aka abortion] that gives us autonomy over our bodies and our identities while ensuring that our children and families are supported, safe, and able to thrive.” Aborted children don’t thrive. 

Read it all. It's all about power over others and the exercise of power.

I remain convinced that this will backfire big time.

ADDENDUM: John Daniel Davidson gets it:

‘Abolish The Police’ Is A Slogan For The Destruction Of America
Calls to defund or abolish the police are not about restoring an open and liberal society, they are about tearing it down and seizing power.
The concluding sentences:

But calls to abolish the police are not about police reform. ...
They are about power. And once the police are out of the way, those who called for abolishing them intend to wield it.


  1. That explains why Mayor Bowser used city employees and contracted (by the taxpayers) “muralists” to paint in huge yellow letters on the street heading to the White House…Black Lives Matter. And renamed the area “Black Lives Matter Plaza":

    Mayor Bowser has 'Black Lives Matter' painted on street leading to White House

    And then the DC chapter of BLM came out with a statement that it did not approve of this, calling it “performative” and “a distraction”.

    1. Undercover Huber

      Great jobs report. Has anyone thanked Obama yet?

      8:02 AM · Jun 5, 2020

  2. The Minnedishu city council is vowing to abolish the PD and replace it with some kind of Sharia— I mean "community strategies" body. It could be almost funny to see how all these radicals there and around the country react when they learn that they can't abolish the sheriff ... and why.

    1. I'm looking forward to seeing these crazies running Blue cities. I think that's exactly what the country's voters need to see in the buildup to Election 2020.

    2. The Left has consistently demonstrated that they are exceptionally competent at running cities ... into the ground.

    3. "replace it with some kind of Sharia", or with rule by Crips, Bloods, or new competitors.

    4. Let it ride. When it devolves into a John Carpenter horror movie, put a wall around it and toss career criminals in for life.

  3. When German police were unable to control the rioting Marxists in the early 1930s, the Sturm Abteilung showed up in their brown shirts to restore control. It led to the election of Adolf Hitler.

    Am I the only one who sees the parallels?

    If they shut down the police, the police will be replaced by SOMETHING -- drug gangs, Obama-trained OfA goons, BLM/ANTIFA "militia" -- take your pick. They will be the equivalent of brown shirts.

    1. Nobody I can think of who isn't one of their true believers has ever accused the Left in the US of being farsighted.

      There's a big difference between the Blue cities of 21st century America and the cities of mid 20th century Germany.

    2. Don't overlook the fact that right wing groups will step up, too. They will have to.

      While necessary, that won't be a good development. To the media-fed observer it will literally look like brown coats fighting antifa.

    3. EZ - technical point: Hitler wasn’t “elected” but appointed Chancellor by then Reichpr√§sident Paul von Hindenburg who died shortly thereafter opening the way for Hitler engineer his supreme authority.

      As far as “defunding the police” - go ahead & watch how fast American cities morph into Mogadishu with armed gangs warring against one another to see who’s going to be top dog.

    4. The Left, the true Left, is vastly outnumbered. Plus, count on it, they'll be eating their own.

    5. Black Lives Matter, except if those black lives are cops, Republicans, Republican elected officials, Soldiers, and conservatives. BLM considers them traitors.

    6. "Tucked away near the end of the book Ten Blocks From the White House, by reporter Ben Gilbert and the staff of the Washington Post, is a theme that has reverberated through urban riots for more than fifty years. That theme is Marxism."

      Marxist Rage, Not ‘Justice,’ Fueled Riots in 1968 and Again in 2020

  4. The only Constitutionally sanctioned replacement for the police are the militia of the several states. The state militias were a continuation of the colonial militias and were active until after the civil war. The national guard are national armed forces reserves and not the same as the state militias (e.g., unlike the guard, the militias cannot be deployed overseas). Congress has the explicit duty to fund and maintain the militias of the several states but has ignored that duty for many decades, in violation of their oaths. The President is the commander in chief of the state militias when called into federal duty to suppress insurrection, repel invasion or maintain order. If they existed, the President and/or the Governors could use them to maintain order in the current situation in support of the police.

    To see a full analysis of the Constitutional militia of the several states read Dr. Edwin Vieira Jr's book "The Sword and Sovereignty".

    1. All Preseident Trump has to do is nationalize the Guard and they get to stay. The true leaders of DC is Congress.

  5. A million people in D.C. this weekend? Probably not, but they might drum up a couple of hundred thousand. Would a hardened cadre attempt an assault on the WH with a backfield full on thousands of peaceful protesters, using them essentially as human shields? Nah, Antifa has to much respect for human life.

    The assault on the WH a few nights ago couldn't have been a dress rehearsal to test reaction/response to better focus on weak points or fine tune tactics could it? Nah, that kind of stuff only happens in movies.

    The Gaultier of D.C. wouldn't have any reason, other than posturing, to clear out any relief force that is not directly under her control would she? Nah, that's just a conspiracy theory, besides no one's ever actually done anything like that before.

    The other side has been playing the long game for a very long time. Whomever has set all this in motion (I don't believe it's spontaneous, to many resources prepositioned and ready to go) has been working on this for a long time. They have an endgame that is still obscured, and it has nothing to do with George Floyd or social justice.
    Tom S.

  6. As the Deep State gets more desperate, their tactics get increasingly more extreme. People are now dying because of the escalation that will continue until there is affirmative push-back. That used to be the role of the police, but they have been effectively neutralized. The Joints Chiefs of Staff taken the US military off the table and now the National Guard has been banished from many areas, including DC. Most of the remaining options that could involve alternative LEOs (such as the Marshals Service, DEA, or Secret Service) may also trigger unintended consequences, up to and including lethal collateral damage. Standing by and watching it burn is also a very bad alternative.

    So what should be done? What is the next best option that doesn't put lethal force at the tip of the spear?

    How about some high profile arrests and prosecutions. DOJ/FBI have over a 100,000 employees. Is there any chance that maybe you can reallocate some of these resources and stage a few of those Manafort style arrests in some upscale neighborhoods in LA or NYC. That would get everyone's attention.

    The house is on fire. I think it's time for DOJ/FBI to get off its ass and do something other than attempted coups.


    Trump’s speech to video

    - TexasDude

  8. A comment on "The house is on fire", from Andrei Raevsky (The Saker), at :

    "For a society... a number of factors that make up the social contract need to be present.... they would typically include
    some kind of *social consensus*, the acceptance by most people of the legitimacy of the government and its institutions, often a unifying ideology or, at least, common values,
    the presence of a *stable middle-class*, the reasonable hope for a functioning “social life”, educational institutions etc.
    Finally, and cynically, it always helps the ruling elites if they can provide enough *circuses* (TV) and *bread* (food) to most citizens. This is even true of so-called authoritarian/totalitarian societies which... typically do enjoy the support of a large segment of the population (if only because these regimes are often more capable, of providing for the basic needs of society).

    Right now, I would argue, that the US government has almost completely *lost its ability* to deliver any of those factors, or act to repair the *broken social* contract.
    In fact, what we can observe is the exact opposite: the US society is highly divided, as is *the US ruling class* (which is even more important). Not only that, but ever since the election of Trump, all the vociferous Trump-haters have been *undermining the legitimacy*, not only of Trump himself, but of *the political system* which made his election possible.
    I have been saying that for years: by saying “not my President” the Trump-haters have de-legitimized not only Trump personally, but also de-legitimized the Executive branch as such."

    1. It's the 60s and 70s. The young people of those times are the 'educators' who indoctrinated the youth of today. It's bearing fruit.

    2. Today I saw Dana Perino on Fox interviewing and lauding a 16-year-old activist protest leader… Yes, they get them when they are young.

    3. Right. Get 'em before they have any actual knowledge of life. Course, some never learn ...

    4. Linen said, "Give me a child for 4 years and I will put down roots that can never be torn out."
      Tom S.

    5. If my sheets start spouting communist propaganda, I'm frog marching them down to the basement and shooting them.

    6. It's that Commie fabric softener. Brings out the Lenin every time.
      Tom S. ;-)

  9. Each of these above outtakes, esp "10 reasons" feature the theme about liberalism that Mark has written about over time. Liberalism has no natural limits, no limiting principle. It is not about making compromises with opponents, or securing your consent--it is about your submission, your surrender to their will and whim.

    1. The Left's understanding of "compromise" has always been that it's when you agree with them and all of their demands.


    1. Priceless to us, but true! My good friend, an American expat in Nairobi (and a flaming Liberal) has to hire her own armed guard for her home. And she has an iron gate between her bedroom and the rest of her house. (I immediately thought “but what about fire?” but decided she had enough to worry about… A far cry from her lovely previous home in Maryland. Do we really want to go backward???

  11. From the BLM Wiki page. Interesting.

    Inclusivity of the movement
    Black Lives Matter incorporates those traditionally on the margins of black freedom movements.[13] The organization's website, for instance, states that Black Lives Matter is "a unique contribution that goes beyond extrajudicial killings of Black people by police and vigilantes" and, embracing intersectionality, that "Black Lives Matter affirms the lives of Black queer and trans folks, disabled folks, black-undocumented folks, folks with records, women, and all Black lives along the gender spectrum."[26] All three founders of the Black Lives Matter movement are women, and Garza and Cullors identify as queer.[27] Additionally, Elle Hearns, one of the founding organizers of the global network, is a transgender woman.[28] The founders believe that their backgrounds have paved the way for Black Lives Matter to be an intersectional movement. Several hashtags such as #BlackWomenMatter, #BlackGirlsMatter, #BlackQueerLivesMatter, and #BlackTransLivesMatter have surfaced on the BLM website and throughout social media networks. Marcia Chatelain, associate professor of history at Georgetown University, has praised BLM for allowing "young, queer women [to] play a central role" in the movement.[29]

  12. "Meanwhile @TheAtlantic, having failed to unseat the democratically elected president with Russiagate, impeachment, etc., is now preparing the ground for something harder."

    N.B. Foer was The Atlantic propagandist who laundered the Clinton campaign / Perkins Coie / FusionGPS lie about Trump computer servers secretly communicating with the Kremlin via Alfa Bank in Moscow. The Atlantic is also the rag that just published Mattis's anti-Trump op-ed.

    1. Wow! Let's see, it was the US Deep State that overthrew Ukraine's government (example from the article). So is Foer suggesting that our Deep State is also behind the riots? Fascinating.

    2. The Atlantic is owned by the widow Jobs. Nine out of ten articles are prog-left agitprop. The only reason to read it is learn the prog-left's latest talking point.

      It's laughable. But then you need to see their point. For every person on the right who objects to fabricated nonsense, there's someone on the left who buys into it as it supports The Narrative they're sure is true.

      Facts don't matter, feelings do.

  13. "The only reason to read it is learn the prog-left's latest talking point."

    That actually is the only reason I ever read any leftwing sources. It's not easy forcibly subjecting oneself to their insanity.