Saturday, June 27, 2020

A Liberal's Full Throated Defense Of Barr

I'll pretty much just point to the article in question. It's by Jonathan Turley, one of the few liberals left with a sense of decency and who also values basic constitutional values and the rule of law:

Think twice about why the media attacks William Barr

What Turley has to say about Barr's personality and character in general fits in well with what I consider to have been the very positive impression made in his interview with Senator Ted Cruz. Nobody who knows anything about Barr questions his dedication and determination, which matches his legal acumen. Like Turley some may disagree with Barr on particular issues--that's to be expected--but no one doubts his commitment to staying the course when he takes on a task. Here are a few excerpts that touch on that:

Piling on Barr has never been more popular — but the basis for this criticism has never been weaker. Three particular news stories seemed to break entirely free from any factual or legal moorings, and no one seemed to care.
Legitimate objections can be raised about Barr’s policies; I’ve criticized him for some of those, and we have disagreed for decades over constitutional law and executive branch power. However, I’ve never known a more honest, direct person in Washington. Barr’s real flaw is his lack of concern over the optics of his actions; he spends much time thinking about the right action to take and little time about how it is presented or perceived.

 The three particular cases that have recently been raised in impugning Barr's judgment but more particularly his integrity--and which Turly examines in some detail--are these:

The Flynn case

The Berman matter

The Cohen matter

If any of that interests you, follow the link.


  1. "Barr’s real flaw is his lack of concern over the optics of his actions; he spends much time thinking about the right action to take and little time about how it is presented or perceived."

    In other words: Honey Badger doesn't give a f#&%

  2. Very good & on point. Respect Mr Turley very much as I do Professor Alan Dershowitz.

    One thing though, I made the mistake of looking over the comments section: Turley is being skewered because he says something complimentary about AG Barr. How these people can exist in this world full of such viscous hatred for another human being defies my comprehension; it’s just sheer, rank poison.

  3. The link above goes to The Hill, with a 404 error message. Page not found. I did find this MSM link:

  4. The current link to the Turley article gets "404: page not found." I searched the site and I believe this is the correct link:

  5. Replies
    1. I'm just relieved that they didn't memory-hole the article altogether. That would have indicated a new and even more alarming level of "wokeness."

  6. Shipwreckedcrew has an article on Red State today addressing Barr's interview by NPR's Steve Inskeep - which I hadn't heard about. What Barr does so impressively is that he never accepts the premise these liberals always form when asking a question. That is the first component in rebutting most liberals I've crossed swords with - do not accept their premise. I first heard that advice from Rush; and he could not have been more correct. It just sets them back on the heels.


    1. Barr is very impressive. First of all, he's miles ahead of these people intellectually. Most reporters have only the sketchiest notions about law and the constitution, many incorrect. Every question he gets, before he answers he makes sure that the question is framed properly, then he lays out his answer to precisely that question, saying only as much as he wants to say and always staying strictly on topic. And when he'd done, he stops talking. And if the premise is incorrect he stops everything until there's an agreed upon premise. He refuses to play their game. Just because he doesn't raise his voice doesn't make him a pushover.

    2. "he stops everything until there's an agreed upon premise."
      Incl., that they back off of their straw-man ploys.

  7. The only thing keeping the faint hope of justice alive within me are the attacks on Barr. He must be perceived as a threat to the D.C. plantation. Now if they would just start attacking Durham I would actually have real hope.

  8. "Barr’s real flaw is his lack of concern over the optics of his actions; he spends much time thinking about the right action to take and little time about how it is presented or perceived."

    I beg to differ. I believe this is a strength of his. His ability to anticipate multiple scenarios / options that may unfold, have strategies to address these and adapt on the fly are very evident. He doesn't have the MSM on his side like the previous administration willing to partner on messaging and optics and that is why it seems so difficult, but he knows this and calculates this in his every move. Latest example being the recent Strzok hand-written note released on the same day as Gen Flynn's Appellate Court decision. Oh, he knows what he's doing alright. He just has no MSM support to count on to facilitate it.

  9. Barr is attacked by media because he is over the right target.

    Rob S