Wednesday, June 17, 2020

She Better Lawyer Up Already

FoxNews in Atlanta came out with new and very clear photos of the female who started the fire at the Wendy's. Who believes she did this to help black lives? We should be hearing of her arrest--soon. I'm also guessing that the Atlanta FBI will take an interest in her past travels and activities.

Portia Bruner
@ATLFireRescue Investigators release new & clearer photos of the woman suspected of starting the fire at the Wendy's where #RayshardBrooks was killed by police Friday night. Investigators will give an update soon. Follow
@aungeliquefox5  proctor for details.

2:26 PM · Jun 16, 2020


  1. watching local coverage that night- a great reporter in WSB channel 2 (Audrey) was giving very factual coverage. Just giving a chronological report, she stated how the crowd was 'lead' from Pryor St. adjacent to the freeway, to go up and block the interstate. She said there was limited police presence at that time, and they all went up to try to block the highway. Then, while the police were distracted, the fire at Wendy's was started, and right after that, there were enough 'demonstrators' to block the road leading to Wendys so the firefighters couldn't get access. A fire chief said they arrived while the flames were still completely inside the building, but had to watch it burn cause they were withdrawn when their access was blocked. Just hearing it presented in a nice chronological order made it seem pretty well-planned...and not really any part of the demonstration that was vocal, but totally non-confrontational with the police. In fact, after the fire was put out, there was a lot of coverage showing police and protesters talking and interacting with each other for a fairly extended time. Draw your own conclusions...

    News reports here (ATL) say they have pics of two women, that there were others, and they poured more than one type of accelerant into the building before torching. One video shows a woman going up to a door or drive through window and pouring liquid from a container about the size of a water bottle into the Wendy's through a slot, and standing at 'arms length' from it while she poured.

  2. One of my favorite TV shows is See No Evil on the Investigation Discovery cable-TV channel. The show is a true-crime series that shows how crimes are solved by the use of surveillance cameras.

  3. Yeah, that's what I would do if I can't get a double stack and chocolate frosty late night.

  4. Amazingly, the woman appears tattoo-free. Crazy chicks always have tattoos. But I'll wager she has a tramp stamp...