Monday, June 29, 2020

Slow Blogging

Newsworthy items were scarce yesterday. In addition, for several days I have been/will be cooperating with a project related to the usual topics covered here. Therefore, blogging may be scant for a few days. I will, of course, enable comments.


  1. Stuff that is not being covered by the MSM:

    1. Increased Shootings in Chicago and NYC. Second City Blog has heart breaking coverage on Chicago.

    Trump just sent a letter to the Chicago Mayor and the Illinois Governor, basically trolling them.

    2. The politics being played with Coronavirus numbers, as you hinted at in a from you comment. If I understand it correctly, is the results are getting politicized, and some states are mixing antibody test results (showing if you ever got coronavirus) with positive results (you have Coronavirus now). Which increases the number of positives. I'm curious on why the decrease in the death rate in the US overall.

    3. Something happened with the Oklahoma Trump Rally attendance, I am curious on what really happened.

    4. The settlement after 4 years for the Trump Rally in San Jose where people were attacked, and only result was an apology. I know, I have mentioned this before. This bothers me.

    5. Huge voter fraud in NJ. This is getting some coverage

    6. The Retirement of Police in Blue Cities. Probably related to increased shootings. Reduction in pro active policing. Atlanta and Minneapolis are poster children for this.

    7. The WAR by the Internet Giants against Trump, and any supporters. Twitter just did tricks to Sidney Powell. Reddit banned "The Donald".

    8. I have no idea what is going on with hydroxychloroquine. Are there other treatments that are effective? Is this impacting the death rate in the US? Why is the death rate in the US down? Seems some studies were stopped. But studies were not being done with Zinc?

    9. Trump stopped H1B. What impact will this have on hiring in Tech? From what I read H1B's run out soon as they start the yearly lottery. And the other type of visas. And there has been little air travel anyway.

    10. How is Trump's Wall doing? How many new miles, verses just replacing old wall. Only two sources I found that have some information:

    11. Why is the Judicial Confirmations going so slowly?

    McConnell is he threatened staying over the weekend, working Friday's, etc. could get a lot more confirmations done.

    12. How many police were injured in the protests? Numbers I read are between 600 to just under 1,000. What was the property damage?

    13. How many Federal Charges so far?

    14. More details on Antifa. From what I can tell there are chapters nationwide. And there seems to be some communication with European Antifa. Their may be instructions, 26 pages, given to each antifa member attending a protest, or may be it's a fake.

    15. Once Judge Sullivan finally clears Flynn. What is actual the chance of Flynn suing individuals responsible for what happened to him? Has anyone else successfully done this? It sounds like he can sue DOJ for lawyer fees.

    16. How many non Judicial Nominations are pending Senate approval? I have not been able to find a number anywhere.

    17. What is the politics on not giving Trump recess appointments? I think it only requires one Senator to make a stand.

    18. George Soros seems to have given a lot of funding to DA's to get elected. How many and where?

    1. Re #18, notable Soros-supported DAs include the one who is anti-death penalty in Florida and DA Foxx of Jussie Smollett infamy.

      Re #14, Antifa is an international “organization” with no hierarchy. Just branches or outposts or whatever scattered across the world and our country. More information can be found via search.

      #10, the MSM isn’t keen on reporting anything positive about the wall, but building continues. Here is a current article that talks about other wall-related issues:

      As for your other questions, those can probably found by searching around through news sites, etc.

    2. I think there is a hierarchy, and a lot of cross communication. It seems partially set up on a cell / chapter basis.

      From what I read of the European one, they even had bar coded tickets to get on a bus.

      I spent a bit of time looking, and I got lots of hints on something larger. It’s amazing how the press is ignoring this. Nadler even claimed they did not exist. Instead the press is talking of Hawaiian shirt clad extremists, bugaboos or something. Strange!

      >14, Antifa is an international “organization” with no

    3. Barr's on the case and he's gonna find out all about how it's run and who's behind it.

    4. Ray, on "the press is talking of Hawaiian shirt clad extremists, bugaboos or something. Strange!"

      Not strange at all. Expect more of the same, 'til the Leftist juggernaut gets total power, or is soundly beaten.

  2. One more for your list:

    19. Supreme Court approves back-alley abortions

    1. #20

      Some polls show Biden leading Trump by 10 points. Other polls show Trump ahead in battleground states. Which polls are reliable and why? What are the problems with the differing poll methodologies?


      Biden seems to have an accelerating case of dementia. Has he undergone a medical checkup recently? Is he medically fit to commence a term as President at age 78? What do the experts say?


      Recently released FBI notes show that Obama and Biden met with top officials in their Administration in early January 2017 to discuss surveillance of General Flynn. Biden apparently suggested prosecution of Flynn under the Logan Act. What did he mean? What did he think the crime was? Who recommended raising the Logan Act question? Has anybody asked him? Obama apparently suggested follow up surveillance on Flynn with the "right people". Has anybody asked him what he meant? Did he mean a criminal investigation? Why did Comey send agents to interview Flynn after the meeting with Obama? Did Obama order a criminal investigation of Flynn?


      When did Chinese officials learn that COVID-19 made people very sick, that it was spreading and it was transmissible by human contact? What did they do when they learned?

    2. @ Cassander, on # 20:
      The differing poll methodologies relate mostly, to estimates of turnout of various demographics, all of which is, of necessity, guesswork.
      Turnout, after all, hinges much on fluctuating moods, which figure to be esp. volatile in the current environment.
      Generally speaking, the higher the (white) turnout, the better for DJT.

    3. The extent to which media simply refuses now to report news is quite amazing.

  3. 24. Why Democrats think protests will help them.

    That puzzled me, but this articles hypothesis is the Democrats believe it will mobilize the youth vote.

    1. The loser vote just isn't that large.

    2. The loser vote could be large enough, if the rest of the country isn't appalled by this crass appeal to that demographic.
      But, if Barr can show key links, between Dem brass/ SpyGate plotters and rioters, I'll bet that the country indeed becomes appalled by this crass appeal.

    3. However, the Dems seem to be hell-bent on beating Barr to the punch (on appalling the rest of the country), as they whine about Mt. Rushmore's purported pushing of "white supremacy", see buzz about the recent DNC tweet, e.g. at .

      It's as if the Babylon Bee has infiltrated the DNC!