Friday, June 26, 2020

Two Recommended Reads 6/26/17

The first one is for those who need a dose of optimism to cheer them up. It's by Conrad Black, who writes elegantly and reasons cogently--and has been in the belly of the Swamp Beast:

The Democrats Indulge in a Death Wish
Maybe voters should grant their wish.

The second is a real head shaker. In a way it works with Black's article, in that I just can't conceive that America is remotely ready for this. Andrea Widburg draws attention to what many of you have surely noticed:

In the maddened leftist world, it’s women who are taking the lead

Here's just the first few paragraphs--lots of goodness follows:
We’ve all been watching, stupefied, as increasing numbers of men insist that they are, in fact, women. Theories range from hormonal imbalances due to women taking the Pill before pregnancy, to missing fathers, to leftist social and cultural indoctrination. Watching the escalating madness from the American left, though, it is starting to look as if men want to be women because women on the left have all the power (a theory I advance with no small degree of sarcasm).
In a must-read post, Monica Showalter described the way in which white leftists are taking over the Black Lives Matter movement: 
According to a new study from Pew Research, blacks are far from the top racial minority group involved in these protests. 
Wow. Only one in six protestors is actually black, and based on the photos seen of anti-racism protests, it's a lot less than that, except of course, if they've put blacks at the back of the line or something. But in reality, it sounds like [BET Founder Robert] Johnson is right in that Blacks would rather not get involved. This is whitey's show.


  1. "How long will you go here and there, O faithless daughter? For the LORD has created a new thing in the earth-- A woman will encompass a man." (Jeremiah 31:22, NASB)

    Some translations say: "...A woman shall protect a man."

    Just sayin'...

  2. I noticed that in the pictures of the protests, the high amount of Whites. The video of the White Lady in Lulamon Lecturing a Black Lady Officer was very symbolic. Lots of virtue signaling.

    And I feel I am being hit over my head with the virtue signaling. The latest is Brooks Brothers.

    1. I think the hoax of BLM is starting to come out. Lots of time between now and the election, lots of truth to come out, too.

  3. The Newest Casus Belli reported by The NY Times via the National Security Council Per unnamed sources is the Russians paid a bounty for dead US Soldiers, that Trump knew of this for months, and Trump has done nothing!


    1. Trump betrays us troops
    2. Trump is a Russian Stooge
    3. Trump is a lousy President
    4. Trump is betraying US interests

    Feels like deja vu Russian Conspiracy from 4 years ago, with the goal of getting Obamagate out of the news.

    1. Do you know, I didn't even read that. I just saw the headline and thought, more of the same nonsense. Just for starters, we're now supposed to believe that peace would be busting out all over Afghanistan except for the Russians? This is probably a globalist fake news thing because they're worried Trump might pull troops--we have to stay to spite the Russians.

    2. So the Russians are doing essentially the same thing the CIA did back in the '80's, you know, when they basically jump-started al Qaeda.

      What are we supposed to do, nuke Putin's summer dacha?

      Willing to bet these so called bounties did not motivate the Taliban to mount/risk one operation that they wouldn't have anyway. They are not strategically or tactically stupid, they've only engaged in this type of warfare almost continually for about the last 2500 years. Taliban rational: If the Russians are chump enough to pay cash for what we're going to do anyway why not take it, if that fact discombobulates the Americans so much the better.

  4. In The True Believer, Eric Hoffer explains the role of women in mass movements.

  5. I just found this by accident, I have been following the case intermittently.

    I am amazed at the lack of coverage of what happened at the Trump Rallies 4 years ago. There seems to be a real double standard of justice in the US. I was hopeful about the lawsuit. I'm shocked at the outcome. I guess I am just naive. Amazing how long justice can be dragged on, if the victims were Trump rally attendees.

    People were assaulted at the San Jose Trump Rally, the Police stood by, and the City forced the Trump attendees to take a certain path, through demonstrators.

    Settlement was some training and an apology. 4 Years later! City Government and Police claimed immunity.

    San Jose: Lawsuit over violent Donald Trump rally settled

    1. Same tactics as Charlottesville. A legally permitted (peaceful) demonstration opposing the removal of a statue of R.E. Lee is allowed to fill to almost capacity, then a few minutes before the official start time it is suddenly declared by the police that the permit is revoked, with no basis, and everyone is forced to vacate the park through a single exit, through a gauntlet of neo-Storm Detachment. The police stand by, on orders from the Mayor and Governor to not interfere, while the "counter-protestors" attack with clubs and chains . A small percentage of the intended victims were themselves spoiling for a fight and the Left got the narrative they wanted. They hope to instigate the same at every event. Casualties are nothing compared to advancing the narrative, abetted by the MSM. George Floyd is the new Horst Wessel.