Wednesday, December 4, 2019

MULTIPLE UPDATES: Talk About Dodging A Bullet!

This loon was actually mentioned as a possible Hillary SCOTUS pick:

Did I miss something in law school? When did law profs get the idea that the nation should listen to them rant about ... stuff? Or is being a big time political donor what makes her feel entitled?

Now we learn something about the quality of thinking that goes on at Harvard Law:

Thank goodness the outside lawyers Nadler brought in to advise on impeachment are all clearly committed to an impartial process:

UPDATES: This is like self parody:

Try this article about Noah Feldman's views on impeachment:

A Harvard Law professor thinks Trump could be impeached over “fake news” accusations

That's right. The Harvard Law prof is Feldman. That's some constitutional scholarship. But it's where our law schools are now.

More Noah Feldman (h/t TGP), who is a big admirer of Shariah Law but not so much of Western civilization:

In fact, for most of its history, Islamic law offered the most liberal and humane legal principles available anywhere in the world. Today, when we invoke the harsh punishments prescribed by Shariah for a handful of offenses, we rarely acknowledge the high standards of proof necessary for their implementation. Before an adultery conviction can typically be obtained, for example, the accused must confess four times or four adult male witnesses of good character must testify that they directly observed the sex act. The extremes of our own legal system — like life sentences for relatively minor drug crimes, in some cases — are routinely ignored. We neglect to mention the recent vintage of our tentative improvements in family law. It sometimes seems as if we need Shariah as Westerners have long needed Islam: as a canvas on which to project our ideas of the horrible, and as a foil to make us look good.

Good for Melania--dignified response. You can think anything you want about Mr. and Mrs. Trump and their private life, but what does Barron have to do with anything? Karlan was clearly using a rehearsed line she thought was clever:

Sundance gets this perfectly:

Professor Pamela Karlan of Stanford Law School became the pompous face of the academic impeachment panel today when she ridiculed the son of President Trump in an effort to highlight her resistance bona-fides. Imagine the hate that necessarily exists in the heart of a witness who would rehearse such a line to gain tribal cheer.

Professor Karlan’s tone-deaf effort is a result of a life in an echo-chamber of far-left liberalism. However, the exhibited hatred did more to support the argument of the impeachment opposition than a thousand hours of granular testimony.  Karlan’s disposition during her diatribe is a case study in Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Of course Pam Karlan's dishonesty was on full display at the hearing today. Jim Jordan eviscerated her beautifully:

And Christian Adams, who worked a voting rights case opposite Karlan, documents her persistent dishonesty: Dishonest Witness Pam Karlan, Latest Act at Impeachment Circus.


  1. This puts meat on the bones of the famous Buckley quote that he would rather be governed by the first 2000 names in the Boston phone book than the faculty of Harvard.
    Tom S.

  2. Yet another significant reason to be thankful that Hillary is not our president. At least Matt Gaetz got a few good licks in. And Karlan may indeed live to regret her statement about wiretapping.


  3. Here is Noah Feldman, Harvard Law’s finest - from last May:


    Harvard Law School professor Noah Feldman, one of the Democrats’ star witnesses called to testify before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, authored an op-ed in May lamenting the lack of seriousness surrounding efforts to impeach President Trump, and admitting that House Democrats “made it painfully clear that discussing impeachment is primarily or even exclusively a tool to weaken Trump’s chances in 2020.”

    Feldman authored an op-ed featured in Bloomberg in May titled, “It’s Hard to Take Impeachment Seriously Now” and suggested that many of the ongoing discussions of impeaching Trump treat the action as a “trivialized gambit within the ordinary game of electoral politics.”

    Impeaching Trump Has Become Too Political to Take Seriously – Bloomberg

    — Noah Feldman (@NoahRFeldman) May 26, 2019

    “Impeachment was intended by the constitutional framers as a highly serious option reserved for only the most extraordinary, egregious violations of the rule of law,” he wrote.

    “Today’s discussion treats impeachment as a trivialized gambit within the ordinary game of electoral politics. The undermining of the constitutional ideal is near-total,” he continued, calling it “almost laughable.”

    Much more at the link.

    It seems that Noah “I’m Ready for My Closeup, Mr. DeMille” Feldman speaks with a forked tongue…

  4. Karlan's lecture to DJT about his son's name may become an utter classic tutorial to Normies, on the core of the SJW mentality.
    BTW, Bratmela Karlan, the Brits spell the noble rank "Baron", not "Barron".

    1. And, Bratmela, I'll bet DJT didn't expect to be POTUS, when he (& wife) picked a name for his son, 13+ years ago.

      Unlike a similar tantrum by the Left about N. Sandmann, this one was seen LIVE on TV.
      I can hardly wait for Tucker's response tonite!

  5. Feldman's views on Islam and Sharia Law are staggeringly uninformed. Where do these people come from? And Karlan, my word. We have to arm the Ukrainians so they can fight the Russians over there, so we won't have to fight them over here? Is she some kind of cartoon idiot?

    Trump armed the Ukrainians, not Obama.

    And fight the Russians? Do these left wing cowards actually want war with Russia? I can give you a dozen reasons why we want, in the long run, Russia on our side. A war with them would kill us all.

    Of course, that would bring America down a lot faster than this impeachment sideshow.

    Hatred has made relatively intelligent people into moral imbeciles. I'm so tired of all this I just want to go listen to music--until I'm dead.

    Sidebar: one of the things Trump has done is to not simply expose the deep state, but to expose the fraudulent weak-minded jerks who run the show.

    That's another reason they hate him. He has exposed them--hello, John Kerry climate change Hollywood person--for fools.

    His street corner Queens talk foreign policy is light years better for America than their Kennedy School of Government self-loathing on our knees nonsense.

    He put the light on them. And like the cockroaches they are, they scatter and fume.

    Thank God for Trump.

    1. "Where do these people come from?"

      The "best" schools.

  6. Is this the "bread" (feeding the networks) or "circuses" (free entertainment) part of civilizational decline...because these witnesses are actively going about destroying the civilization.

    1. You don't think we'd be better off under the humane Sharia Law that Feldman thinks so highly of?

  7. These people (Feldman, Karlan, etc.) have been 'making up' the law for so long that they now believe we'll buy whatever they're selling. Anything.

    Its been going on at least since Roe v. Wade, where they made up Constitutional rights out of thin air.

    I suspect this doesn't end well.

  8. Any normal Americans even casually interested in this are getting quite the education, as in many myths destroyed: Yes Virginia, there is a Deep State. No Billy, your college professor that seemed so "cool" was almost certainly not the smartest person in the room, or any room for that matter.

    Americans traditionally have a natural distrust of "institutions". It's one of the cultural quirks that sets us apart from Europeans. We instinctively sense that they are too easily hijacked by hustlers, grifters and politicians (but I repeat myself), riding tickets printed on other's accomplishments and reputations. Unfortunately too many are dazzled by the mythology of the edifice and allow it to over-ride their better instincts.
    Tom S.

    1. Tucker Carlson's takedown of the crazy professors was brilliant.

    2. These brats throw their weight around like Hitler did (before becoming Chancellor), but none of them can sport his Iron Cross, 1st Class (showing that he was talking talk, only after he'd walked a bunch of walk).
      They're becoming caricatures of themselves, and seem to have no clue, as to how revolting they are to us Deplorables.
      Maybe DJT should come up with some quip, about how Karlan should run for the 2024 GOP nomination!

  9. I liked whoever described Noah Feldman as a “fop”. An old word, not seen much anymore. Perfect.


    Perhaps Dinesh D'Souza says it better...

    1. I wrote "Perhaps Dinesh...says it better" because I had tried to reply here to Titan 28's comment: "Thank God for Trump." My reply to Titan apparently got lost in the ether. Then I saw Dinesh's tweet-thread where he reflected some of my thoughts.

      What I had tried to say is that I agree wholeheartedly with Titan. I started out a Trump skeptic (who couldn't... after listening to him tell us repeatedly that he would build the Wall and Mexico would pay for it). Like Prof Turley, I didn't vote for him (I most certainly did not vote for his Dem opponent...Fortunately I live in a Deep Red state where I felt confident I could throw away my vote without the risk that She could possibly win). After the election I began to listen more carefully to the substance of Trump's policies and watch his actions.

      I can say today that I whole-heartedly support President Trump. I believe his policies in respect of China, North Korea, and Iran are in our best interests. I believe he is right about NATO funding and he is absolutely right and justified to wonder how corrupt the recipients of our foreign aid are. I look forward to the adoption of USMCA and I certainly appreciate the appreciation in my IRA since his election as well as his tax cut. I believe that what he has accomplished in respect of black and Hispanic employment is historic. He stepped into quagmires (not of his making) in terms of illegal immigration and the Endless War in the Middle East when he was elected and I deeply appreciate and support his courageous efforts to solve both these problems.

      But like Titan, my appreciation runs deeper.

      Trump is a lightning rod that every day exposes our national hypocrisy and the forces that seek to destroy our country. We have for years watched the elitist, globalist, sanctimonious, power hungry Left tear down and take over the bedrock institutions of our country so that today they would control our Newspapers, Networks and Social Media, our Financial Institutions, our Intelligence Community, and our Universities. If they have their druthers they will take over and pre-empt our Electoral Process and Constitution, too.

      Until Trump, the Left was winning a war of attrition and, as is often said on this site, we have been playing by Queensbury rules...and losing. I often think of my alma mater, a distinguished and ancient New England liberal arts college which over the last forty years has become an unrecognizable cess pool of illiberal Leftist ideology, often making headlines for repressing free speech and open debate.

      Trump -- the courageous lightning rod -- is changing all of this. At Nadler's pathetic hearing Wednesday he paraded forth three liberal 'professors', supposedly of Constitutional Law, who were actually low political hacks and surrogates. The perhaps unintended consequence of Trump, however, is that he is the medium by which they are exposed for the whole country to see. Harvard and Stanford...have no clothes!

      Other examples abound. Where the left accuses Trump of, for example, racism, they expose their own deep and unapologetic discrimination. Where they accuse Trump of being an authoritarian, they expose their own intolerance for the political power of anyone except themselves.

      I could go on, but, yes, Titan, I totally agree:

      Thank God for Trump.

    2. Very eloquent. Sorry if I goofed up on your other comment. I know I have had some slip ups.

      I've been trying to "get my arms around" some issues, like the Schiff subpoenas. Hopefully making some progress.

    3. Another thought.

      I started out simply opposing Mrs Clinton because she was individually repulsive. I pretty much couldn't see past her.

      The election and presidency of Donald Trump has exposed -- and is exposing -- the deep and pervasive and existential danger posed by the Left.

      I'll say it again.

      Thank God for Trump.

  11. Jonathan Turley 'inundated with threatening messages' after testimony opposing Trump impeachmentJonathan Turley 'inundated with threatening messages' after testimony opposing Trump impeachment

  12. "Before an adultery conviction can typically be obtained, for example, the accused must confess four times or four adult male witnesses of good character must testify that they directly observed the sex act."

    Feldman is crazy. Is he actually arguing that a system of law which imposes the death penalty for adultery is actually just because four witnesses must testify in order to convict?

    This kind of thinking is sophistry. Sounds impressive coming from the august Harvard Law School Professor, but it is very dangerous.

    Or so I think...

    1. It has absolutely nothing to do with legal thinking. It's about hating Western civilization. Blind hatred.

  13. And the "four witnesses" is just nonsense. They just need a cousin or two and an uncle or three. In any case, that's just theory. Mostly they don't need anyone else.

    Wonder what he says about honour killing?