Monday, December 9, 2019

OH! So Maybe This Is Why The Flynn Hearing Was Delayed

Recall that the government, i.e., Team Mueller lawyer van Grack, decided to ask that the hearing on Flynn's motion for release of Brady material be delayed. The cited reason was that there would be information in the forthcoming Horowitz Dossier that would be relevant to the Flynn case. Van Grack is probably hoping that this will allow the case to be thrown out without getting into the issue of his own misconduct. Get a load of this:

So, in other words: Get us dirt on Flynn and we'll give you significant amounts of money. Horowitz's writeup--and, look, Horowitz is an experienced prosecutor, so he knows what he's saying--clearly states that the FBI informed Steele that they were ready to pay--for dirt.

Does that sound to you like an open invitation for someone based outside US jurisdiction to, like, make stuff up? It sure sounds like it to me. I guaran-damn-tee you, I never spoke to a source like that. Does that sound like evidence of "improper motives" to you? Like, the FBI really wanted to "get" Flynn? Yeah.

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