Friday, December 6, 2019

About The OMB Number That Giuliani Didn't Call

H/T to Kaslin at FR, who posted an excerpt of Rush Limbaugh explaining the what the Giuliani-Called-OMB hoax is all about, in this wonderful exploding Impeachment Hoax:

RUSH: The Wall Street Journal had to make up a story that Trump was sending 14,000 troops to Mideast. It’s a totally made-up story. Oh, speaking of the Wall Street Journal, a brief diversion. It’s not… This will work. I thought I had it here set aside. 
The Wall Street Journal has reported that Adam Schiff’s phone records… Have you heard about this? Schiff in his report revealed that Rudy Giuliani had called people in Ukraine or some such place to further the investigation of whatever. The Wall Street Journal said: No, no, no, no. This number that Rudy called is not Ukraine. Schiff is totally wrong about this. “Key Piece of Democrats’ Evidence in Impeachment Appears to Fall Apart,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

Here’s what it is: “Schiff’s committee claimed that Giuliani had a 12-minute phone call on August 8 with a number that Democrats claimed was OMB,” Office of Management and Budget. OMB has control over the aid money to Ukraine. So Adam Schiff’s report claims that Giuliani called the OMB for 12 minutes to arrange for them to withhold or send — depending on what was desired — money to Ukraine, and Schiff’s making a big deal out of it. 
“This shows that Trump is guilty! It shows that Giuliani is guilty!” 
But the Wall Street Journal has found the number that Adam Schiff claims belongs to the OMB is not the OMB. The Wall Street “Journal noted that OMB officials stated that Giuliani did not speak with on one their staff and … White House call logs do not match up with phone records of acting chief of staff and budget office director Mick Mulvaney.” So, in other words, Adam Schiff is lying through his teeth again. 
He releases phone records and claims that Giuliani… They only have metadata. They don’t have the actual transcripts of the call. But Schiff is saying, “See? Here Rudy called OMB. He’s doubtless arranging for money to be withheld or sent to Ukraine. Rudy’s guilty! Trump’s guilty!” The Wall Street Journal called the number. CNN didn’t call the number. MSNBC didn’t call the number. The New York Times didn’t call the number. Wall Street Journal called the number. It’s not to the OMB. 
OMB said, “Well, we never talked to Rudy. Rudy’s never called.” This is a big piece of the impeachment report that Schiff put out, and it itself is filled with lies. Here’s the other story I was gonna mention. This is the Washington Post: “Wall-to-Wall Impeachment Coverage Is Not Changing Any Minds.” It’s by Margaret Sullivan, media columnist, Washington Post. Before that she was a public editor of the New York Times. 
She has a piece admitting that the public still does not support impeaching Trump despite the best efforts of the media and the Democrats. They are floundering with this.

You can find a more detailed account here: Key Piece Of Democrats’ Evidence In Impeachment Appears To Fall Apart, Report Says.

And this exchange is priceless--Dems seem to claim that if the President contests their subpoenas in court they can feel free to simply make stuff up:

That's an interesting concept, but I don't think it'll play well--not in the Senate and not with the public.


  1. Don't keep me is suspense...Who answered the phone?

    1. Didn't give the office name but a certain Lt Col testified, in secret, that he heard from a Hooters waiter that heard from a parking valet who overheard two constitutional scholars talking about when you dial that number you get a recorded voice saying, "Vlad speaking; whose your daddy?" and forwarding the caller to a 1-900 number for a mere $2.99 a minute. Seems the "scholars" were maxing their credit cards in "pursuit of truth". Rumor has it that Schiff (D-Ca) has it on speed dial.
      Tom S.

  2. it was 1-800 Epsteindidn'tkillhimself

    Rob S

  3. According to anonymous sources familiar with Adam Schiff's embraces with domesticated barnyard animals, when the putative OMB number was called, a recorded message was heard: "... be sure to drink your Ovaltine."

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