Monday, December 9, 2019

UPDATED: "Just Good People Trying To Protect America"

That would be James Comey's version of the Horowitz Dossier.

Zerohedge's version is: "The world's loudest wrist slap."

Don Surber says (once again): No excitement without indictments.

But how about this? Isn't the fact that Comey can even semi-credibly make such a laughable statement in public an indictment in and of itself? An indictment of Michael Horowitz, the pretend IG?

In the meantime, John Solomon wants you to know about The Comey FBI's 17 Worst Failures, Inaccuracies, & Omissions Flagged In The FISA Report. Which would seem to be a pretty tall order, but Solomon takes the bit between his teeth, and he does pretty well.

Here's the short version: The FBI systematically lied about almost everything to do with presenting a case for the FISAs on Carter Page. The FBI lied both by omission and commission.

UPDATE 1: Regarding lies by omission, Techno Fog gives you the documentation, just so you know that the idea that "mistakes were made" doesn't pass the laugh test:

UPDATE 2: I quoted Don Surber above without having read his blog by that name: No excitement without an indictment. Do yourself a favor and read it. Excerpt:

The Inspector General's report reveals Obama used the FBI to spy on Donald John Trump. 
Big deal. 
We already knew that. 
Who is going to jail for this? 
Republican Congressman Mark Meadows said, "Some former FBI and DOJ officials are about to have some serious explaining to do. 
Oh no! Not explaining to do. Anything but that. 
Hillary got away with laundering bribes through her Fake Charity and sending classified email to a server in Red China. 
Quid Pro Joe got away with putting the arm on Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who was making trouble for Biden's coke-addled womanizing son. 
And now Obama has gotten away with spying on President Trump. 
Let us reserve our energies for battles we can win: appointing conservative judges, rolling back regulations, downsizing the bureaucracy, tax cuts, trade agreements that are not written by sellout politicians, and making America great again.

I'll still wait to see what Barr/Durham come up with.


  1. The FBI lied because the Small Group - McCabe, Strzok, Page - and others - were clearly very biased. No one can read those texts (I read far too many of them) and come up with any other conclusion. Horowitz flunked bigly…

    Victoria Toensing - “the facts speak for themselves, they don’t need an IG opinion”… DiGenova is calling this “Horowitz’s failure (once again) to pull the trigger…” (paraphrased)

    1. Link? The first part was from memory. I read the texts when they were released.

      As for Toensing and DiGenova, they were on Lou Dobbs tonight. Once again, from my memory within seconds after they spoke. Hence the (paraphrased).

      I missed the Latin phrase she spoke before she said “the facts speak for themselves”, but it must have been this.

  2. This piece from John Solomon is pretty good too. 51 violations and 9 false statements in the FISA warrant app.

    1. Hey, what's a few "mistakes" among fellow bureaucrats?

  3. We were told the reason why the report was delayed for so long was because people were coming forward, ready to spill some beans, because they were so scared. And every time someone spoke up, IG needed to investigate some more.

    I guess nobody came forward after all. They were just delaying.

    1. Yeah, I picked up on that, too. Instead we're told everyone seemed to have bad memories.

  4. "Hey, what's a few 'mistakes' among fellow bureaucrats?"

    Especially if the mistakes involve deplorables who have it coming.

  5. When I was a boy I was big into Batman and Robin. They had a villain, Two Face, who was handsome until he was scarred on one side of his face via a vial of acid thrown at him.

    He went crazy and one side of his suit was well-groomed and the other side of his suit was garish. He sat halfway between two sides of a room and one side was neat and tidy and the other side was in disarray.

    That's the way that I see our news coverage today. If I'm reading here, I read about the lies and abuses. If I read CNN or other fake news, Comey,, were exonerated. And Donald Trump should be impeached.

    Two Face would be impressed.

    1. CTH is onto something in highlighting the date redactions on the Carter Page FISA applications and subsequent renewals. Why would Horowitz do that? What is the national scty need?

      Talk about a willing tool.

    2. I read that this morning and like it very much. However ...

      I don't buy that DoJ is forever and ever compromised by that. That doesn't makes sense. Rosenstein is gone, Barr is his own man. I agree with CTH to this extent, that Barr has so much on his plate at this point that he is unlikely to reopen that case any time soon. However, he is likely very much aware of it and will deal with SSCI accordingly.

  6. "the pee tape was known to be unfounded since January 2017"

    Narrator: They were neither "good" nor trying to protect "America"

    1. Which is why Barr told Durham to spend as much time from 1/17 forward as on the origins.