Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Barr: Important Watershed In Durham Probe Late Spring, Early Summer

That's what AG Bill Barr said (beginning about the 23:00 minute mark) when pressed by Pete Williams as to how long John Durham's investigation would continue. First he stated that people who expect Durham's investigation to be completed "overnight" are simply people who don't understand how investigations work. I agree. He also stressed that no corners would be cut. Then he stated, when pressed for a time frame, that he sees the investigation reaching "an important watershed" in the "late Spring, early Summer." What's an important watershed in an investigation. To me it's when indictments are sought. Of course there are points in an investigation that can be considered turning points, but when you're speaking from a perspective that's more or less six months out and you talk about a "watershed moment," that means to me that you expect to be ready to seek indictments at that point. The fact that Barr was willing to offer that time frame strongly suggests that he has a good handle on what's been accomplished to this point and where things are heading. Nobody who listens to him can think that he's just running off at the mouth.


  1. This delay will only spur those (e.g. on CTH) who fear that he really is about delaying this justice forever.

    See e.g. :

    Boots says: December 10, 2019 at 7:13 am
    "I think only a hot war, and the removal thereby of the coup participants, as well as the supporting cast of SES and other bureaucrats, is the only thing that can stop this, reverse it, mitigate the damage, and restore the Republic."

  2. I'm hoping Barr is giving all the suspects a "head fake" on the timing, and that Durham is well ahead of that schedule; otherwise, the Bad Guys will orchestrate some sort of diversion, like yet another impeachment for another imaginary, made up offense.

    A first round of indictments in January ought to catch them flat-footed. No reason Durham can't have multiple rounds of indictments all through 2020.

    1. There's no doubt that they'll continue to try to orchestrate diversions, but that clearly hasn't slowed Barr down, and there's no reason to think it will in the future.

      Re multiple rounds of indictments, while possible I don't know anywhere near enough of the specifics to have an informed opinion. I agree, of course, that sooner is better than later--all else being equal. An alternative might be release/declass of more materials to keep morale up.

    2. Time out.

      Let's look at which side is desperately trying to throw something on the wall and hoping it will stick. I think our side is the one with the facts and the tide is, or will, turn to us.

    3. "that clearly hasn't slowed Barr down".

      Slowing him down from making speeches/ interviews figured to be unlikely, but slowing him down from bringing public charges may be much easier.
      For starters, getting Lefties to riot to sabotage trials figures to be harder to gin up in the dead of winter, than in the warmth of summer.

  3. I've been trying to put into perspective just how egregious the errors were that the FBI committed.

    Consider this:

    Suppose, if you will, making 17 errors of omission, deception, and misrepresentation like what the FBI did in the FISA application on Carter Page.... except you do it on your TAX RETURN, and the IRS catches you.

    How many years do you think the IRS would ask the court to send you to prison for that?

    1. You're comparing apples and oranges. Taking it easy on fellow bureaucrats is one thing. Letting the ordinary Joe off easy is completely different. It would be subversive of the whole system. What are you, some kind of anarchist? :-)

    2. Oh, I forgot; the "Lois Lerner Exemption!"