Friday, December 6, 2019

Schumer Tries To Resuscitate The Russia Hoax

Three GOP Senate committee chairmen--Chuck Grassley, Lindsey Graham, and Ron Johnson--are seeking transcripts of interviews that DNC operative Alexandra Chalupa had with Ukrainian officials during the 2016 election. See, these senators don't think the Ukraine Hoax--the reality that Ukraine was the Origin of the Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax--is a "conspiracy theory". How dare they!

This got Chuck Schumer's knickers totally in a knot, and he responded in predictable scoundrel fashion, as reported by Chad Pergram:

This desperate attempt to resuscitate the lifeless corpse of the Russia Hoax may play with the low info NeverTrump crowd--maybe--but it probably won't go down well as Schumer tries to negotiate with McConnell for favorable Senate impeachment trial rules. An eventuality that remains to be seen.


  1. So UpChuck Schumer has essentially accused three senators of being Russian assets doing the bidding of the Russian president. But remember, Trump is responsible for trashing the norms of conduct and propriety.

    Say what you will about Senatorial collegiality, decorum, and respect--but it's long gone.

  2. Someone should warn Schumer that providing cover for a Conspiracy to Commit a coup d' etat on a duly elected POTUS makes him a co-conspirator to sedition after the fact.

    It might even be an impeachable act for a US Senator.

    Perhaps his phone records should be subpoenaed, just for good measure, right Chucky?

  3. Moral and intellectual bankruptcy.

  4. " better secure our elections...."

    So Chucky is on board with voter id, paper ballots and killing the Motor Voter Act? Next he'll be singing the praises of Election Day voting. Who'lda thunk it? (Had to beat Spellcheck into submission to type that;-)
    Tom S.