Thursday, December 5, 2019

Quick Hits

More trouble for the FBI:

Bill Barr and his pal "Bob", the butt of his jokes:

Nancy's Speech for the Ages:


  1. Does Bill Barr strike you as the kind of person who would ’mercilessly’ needle someone? Bob Mueller, who would not have risen to the heights that he did if he were not more mentally adroit than he showed in his Congressional testimony?

    I don’t know him, but he seems highly intelligent and compassionate based on two of the best public speeches I have heard in the last decade given by Barr in the previous two months.

    It seems like more of an effort to taint the cop who is going to preside over some bad days for the ‘smart’ people in Washington in the near future.

    Also, I heard yesterday somewhere, some radio show or something, that Barr would be producing a report, does that sound plausible.

    1. Barr has said that the American people deserve to know what happened in 2016, so it's possible that he will do a report at the conclusion of the Durham investigation.

    2. New York Magazine is part of the same prog-lefty universe as the NYT and WaPo, as The Resistance and the opposition. Reinforcement of The Narrative is important: Orange Man Bad, so that means Barr gets slandered.

      It's unlikely anyone on the prog-left watched or read Barr's speeches, as you've cited. They didn't need to, to arrive as their preordained conclusions re: Barr.

  2. Catching up on Meaning in History is always something that I enjoy.

    Mr. Wauck,

    I hope that you don't mind me sharing a quick story since the title of your blog is Meaning in History.

    Yesterday I told you about installing a brace in the attic so that I could hang a ceiling fan for my 13-year-old niece. Today I returned to my sister and brother-in-law’s house to finish the job. My brother-in-law has a bad heart so can’t do these types of projects.

    I’m on leave this week using up my use-or-lose vacation time before the leave year ends. There’s plenty of things that need doing at our own house.

    I’m fairly handy but not fast. Very few projects go smoothly. I forget a tool and have to return home, need to go to the hardware store, etc. This job was no exception and it tried my patience. I can take a lot but have a limit and then I start muttering and lose my temper. I was there almost five hours but I did finish.

    The fan is working as are the lights.

    My niece (and goddaughter) came in to see the completed fan. She was so happy. “Oh it’s so pretty”, I love the color”, “Look at the flowers in the globe”, “My room is now so bright”, etc.

    It makes all the time and frustration worth it.

    1. Yeah, I always saved my leave and took it at the end of the year, when family would be gathered. I have three grandkids now, which makes this time of year especially ... special.

    2. Now we have 24/7/365 'leave'...Feast or famine!

    3. I seem to have fallen into a 24/7 volunteer gig. The perils of retirement.

  3. I’m retired. Working harder than ever. Recovering from total hip replacement. Meaning and Mark and the rest of you have made it much more pleasant and interesting. Joe and Mark, I’ll call you and raise you two great-grandchildren...

    1. We got a very slow start, for our family. Among my siblings those three grandkids of mine are among ~65 grandkids. So far only one of that generation is married, but the great-greats should be on the way soon.

  4. Ah, I see. What a marvelous extended family!

    I began my family when I was three. :-)

  5. Blessings to you both on your family. My wife and I don't have any children but we do enjoy the nephews, nieces and the grandnephews and nieces.

    Cassander, I am fully eligible to retire and plan to do so on December 31 of next year. I am fortunate to enjoy my job and the people with whom I work.

    I have been using the last several years to discern what to do with my life during retirement. My 89 year-old mother is still alive and I will spend more time with her. We are active at our small inner-city parish. Some volunteer work is a possibility.